Back in the Saddle

Remember how I used to teach spin? Probably not. That was forever and 3000 miles ago. But I did. Back in DC, I had a 7am class on Friday mornings at my neighborhood YMCA. And before that, I taught all over Burlington while I was figuring out what to do with my life after my […] more

12 Day Test

A little bit ago, I filled you all in on the basics of metabolic efficiency and why I’m going to experiment with it this training cycle. (ICYMI, metabolic efficiency is the use of exercise and nutrition to become better at burning fat. Which in turn, can help you become a more efficient and stronger endurance […] more


30 for 30

So I’m officially in a new age group. Which yes, I did verify on ultra signup this morning. Those bastards don’t wait a single second to out you. Which is actually fine. I haven’t had a single panic attack about turning 30. As someone who has always been on the young side of my class/group […] more


Catching Up & 30 for 30

For the first time since August, I feel like I’m actually training again. Which is exciting! We can talk about something other than tapering and recovering and what to do during the off season. Tomorrow marks 15 weeks out from my next big race, so the timing is ideal to be easing back into harder […] more


Solo Fast ‘14

On Friday night, I headed deep into the Diamond Peak Wilderness for a weekend of solo camping and fasting. The goal was to lose all of life’s distractions for a couple of days in order to find an outlet for a little introspection and a little confidence building. Obviously I survived. Yes, it was scary. […] more

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