Recovery Week Juju

I’m not an extremely superstitious person. When it comes to pre-race rituals, I really only have one: drinking beer that was brewed close to whatever start line I’m headed to. I like to think I’m getting some kind of good juju from this weird habit. Although, my definition of “close” is pretty loose. I got […] more

Lake Sonoma 50

On Saturday, I ran Lake Sonoma 50. If you look at the results, you might think I had a terrible race. 9:37.25 and 25th woman. Definitely my slowest and lowest finish to date. (I guess technically, it would be my highest finish to date. But that always sounds wrong. And also doesn’t rhyme with “slowest.”) […] more


Pre-Race Rambles and “Goals”

On Saturday, I’m racing my fourth 50 miler. It will be, by far, the hardest and most competitive one I’ve run to date. And I am, by far, the least ready and least fit I’ve ever been. So there’s that. For a little comparison, here’s a quick rundown of my three other 50s: #1) Can […] more


The Trail Running Film Fest

Back in high school, our go-to social activity involved an hour long drive to Vermont’s biggest “city” to see whatever was playing at the movies. And by “whatever”, I really do mean whatever. After we cycled through the big hits, we’d settle for horror films that were so bad they doubled as comedies, flicks about […] more


9 out from 50

In 9 days, I’m racing 50 miles through wine country in Northern California. Which is funny. Mostly because that injured rib cage outlasted its welcome by a good two months, and did not exactly gift me with an ideal training cycle. Which means I’m not exactly in ideal 50 miler shape right now. BUT as […] more

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