Messing Around with Life

Tweet So. It’s been a long time. I actually had to press pause on this draft to swing on over to the internet to make sure my blog’s still there. It wasn’t. But after my host and I had a lovely little chat about technical shit that’s over my head, it’s back online. (Whoops.) More […] more



Tweet It took me 6.5 hours to run 34 miles through some red rocks in Moab. The next race on my calendar is 6 miles longer, but took 30 minutes less than my jog around Moab when I ran it two years ago. Even with a few bonus miles. When I go back to Sisters […] more


“Racing” in Moab

Tweet Last weekend, I picked up a bib to see if I still know how to use it. On the other side of 55 kilometers through some insanely beautiful terrain, the verdict: not so much. But, like, insanely beautiful. It’d been a good six months since my last pinning, and there were more than a […] more


Over Being Over Winter

Tweet I’ve spent approximately 2.24 summers in the Pacific Northwest, with each one wowing me a little bit more than the one before. Which is lovely. New trails! Bigger and grander adventures! MORE mind-blowing running! MOUNTAINS, MOUNTAINS, MOUNTAINS! Unfortunately, the better the summers get, the more devastated I am when they end. This phenomenon turned […] more


The First Rundown of 2016

Tweet Clearly “blogging more” was not one of my resolutions for 2016. Actually, it kind of was. Well, not blogging specifically, but writing. Although, one of my writing-related resolutions is to write about things other than beer and running, so blogging less might actually be one of my resolutions.  Since we last chatted, I’ve racked […] more

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