Picking it Back Up

61. That was the temperature during my “winter” run on Saturday. And also the number of miles I ran last week. Which officially brings my mileage back up to a normal(ish) total, for the first time since the Bitch Ribs attacked back in December. Which is exciting! Even if my lack of fitness makes me […] more


Weekending in Bend

This weekend, I headed up over the mountain to spend time at my vacation home #inBend. AKA the House of Lime. (ICYMI: one of my favorite friends made the best decision of her life and moved from California to Oregon at the end of November.) It had been almost three weeks since I’d frolicked around […] more



Let’s chat about something other than my bitch ribs. (Which, PS, continue to improve! I THINK I even went on a couple of pain-free runs this week. Although, I can’t be 100% sure. It’s been a while.) The last time we chatted about non-rib related business, we rehashed 2014 and the many reasons it was […] more


Rib Watch 2015

I’m always hesitant to talk about making progress with an injury. I don’t want to jinx myself back into greater pain and misery. BUT, after knocking on every available wooden surface, I’m optimistically ready to report that my bitch ribs seem to be improving. At least a little. Yoga is getting less awkward and less […] more


Bump in the Road

A little over two weeks ago, I started to feel a small twinge in my right side. At first, I thought I might have strained an oblique while pretending to be a yogi who can twist her way into advanced binds and balancing poses, instead of the runner who still struggles to touch the floor […] more

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