Next Stop: Rainier!

In less than an hour, I’ll be in a car on my way to Washington to run the Wonderland Trail (!!!!) ICYMI: I’m running 93 miles around a very big mountain. It’s tough to convey just how excited I am for this run. I know it’s not that rare for me to go frolic on […] more

Bib Practice

There were three main reasons that I signed up for a race over the weekend. First, for practice. Because I really did pull some embarrassingly dumb shit at Lake Sonoma. Like buying a bottle the night before the race because I left mine at home, switching the shoelaces on my Hokas on the way to […] more

iTrainFor Mountain Running

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The North Face for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Last weekend, I volunteered at a 24 hour race just outside of Eugene. The way this kind of race works, is that runners try to complete the same 1.05 mile loop as many times […] more

Catching Up on June

I ran into the grocery store on my way home last night to grab a few cartons of eggs (aka a two day supply) and a few bags of chips (aka a two day supply), and as I was walking past the frozen veggie, I bumped into one of my yoga instructors. “Steve! How are […] more


An In Tents Rundown

I think the theme of my summer is going to be “why unpack?” As soon as I get back from one trip, it’s time to get ready for another and there’s really no point in unloading the various pieces of camping equipment and running shoes that are crammed into the trunk of my car. (The […] more

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