Over Being Over Winter

Tweet I’ve spent approximately 2.24 summers in the Pacific Northwest, with each one wowing me a little bit more than the one before. Which is lovely. New trails! Bigger and grander adventures! MORE mind-blowing running! MOUNTAINS, MOUNTAINS, MOUNTAINS! Unfortunately, the better the summers get, the more devastated I am when they end. This phenomenon turned […] more


The First Rundown of 2016

Tweet Clearly “blogging more” was not one of my resolutions for 2016. Actually, it kind of was. Well, not blogging specifically, but writing. Although, one of my writing-related resolutions is to write about things other than beer and running, so blogging less might actually be one of my resolutions.  Since we last chatted, I’ve racked […] more


In Transition

Tweet While I was out on a little jog last weekend, I realized it’s been almost four months since Cascade Crest. FOUR MONTHS. That’s probably plenty sufficient for an off season, huh? Especially since the next race on my calendar is now only 6 weeks away (lol), and the first adventure run just a few […] more


Comin’ In Red Hot

Tweet For something like the fourth week in a row, I’ve declared that “THIS week, I start training again.” But then shit gets in the way and that doesn’t actually happen. Shit like work. And life. And running moderately unplanned, unofficial road marathons that require a lot of recovery. Because pavement hurts as much as […] more


The Upside of Rejection

Tweet Lottery Season 2014 was a stressful one. I was delusional in my optimism about getting into Hardrock or Western States, despite the fact that I was only slightly less likely to get struck by lightning while watching the lotteries. On the morning of the two drawings, I anxiously listened to each name called, certain […] more

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