100 Miles

For twenty eight hours and ten minutes of the weekend, I got to join close to 200 other runners, to do one of the things we all love the most, with hundreds of friends and strangers there to support us. Over the course of two sunrises and a sunset, a pair of severely blistered feet […] more


Final Thoughts

With LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO GO, shit is getting real! Yesterday kind of sucked. It was my last day at work before taking off for Southern Oregon and I felt a little overwhelmed with all of the shit left to do. Add all of my pent up energy/taper crazies to the mix and you […] more


100 Miles of Gear

This week has been a crazy one because it’s hop harvest in the PNW and I’ve had to work a few 11-12 hour days taking field trips to some of the local farms. But I can’t really complain since harvest chaos definitely beats the election chaos I’ve dealt with during every other fall of an […] more


The Road to Williams

Back when I was choosing a 100 miler to do, I asked the Eugene ultra crew for their thoughts on whether I should run Pine to Palm. I got a variety of responses from them, none of which were “STOP THINKING, GO SIGN UP, YOU’VE GOT THIS.” “When’s Vermont?” asked one friend. “It’s really hard…” […] more


Single Digits

We’ve officially reached single digit territory! We’ve also officially reached the stage of training when I go insane. Because like most other runners, I detest taper and all of my excess energy turns to pure crazy. But I’m forcing myself to execute a good one because I know that I need very large amounts of […] more

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