Solo Fast ‘14

On Friday night, I headed deep into the Diamond Peak Wilderness for a weekend of solo camping and fasting. The goal was to lose all of life’s distractions for a couple of days in order to find an outlet for a little introspection and a little confidence building. Obviously I survived. Yes, it was scary. […] more


Into the Woods

Let me preface this post by stating that no one in my life thinks what I’m about to tell you sounds like a good and/or fun plan. Everyone who has asked what I’m up to this weekend has responded with either a) a blank stare b) a confused “WHYYYYYY??” c) an “are you FUCKING CRAZY?” […] more


10 Steps to a Productive Off Season

This past weekend, I was dying to get out of town for a little adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Eugene, but I also LOVE exploring Oregon. And it’d been a little while, because I’ve been doing silly things like tapering and resting for the last several weeks. Which means I’ve been stuck catching […] more

Metabolic Efficiency 101

Written for beginnings, by a beginner. After I posted my new and improved training plan, a lot of you wanted to know more about this Metabolic Efficiency Training (MET) business. Which I’m happy to share with you. Just keep in mind that my background is in politics and I currently work at a brewery. If […] more


The New and Improved Training Plan

Now that I know what my first race of 2015 will be, I’ve been working on establishing some essential components for my “training plan”. (As always, my training plan is not a spreadsheet with 16 weeks of workouts mapped out, but rather a series of principles that will guide my physical activity and recovery until […] more

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