Colorado Peaking

Hey friends! It’s been a while. I’ve been all kinds of busy drowning in work in Colorado. Which is actually only kind of a joke. This trip has been absolutely insane. I know it’s probably hard to believe that brewery related travel can be stressful and chaotic, but holy shit, I’ve had approximately .5 seconds […] more

The Rundown 3/2-3/8

‘Sup, friends. I’m a few days late on this whole weekly recap thing and flirted with not posting anything at all, but since last week was actually a really good week, I still want to talk about it, even if I am tardy for the party. The Rundown: 70ish miles, 12.5k’ of going in an […] more


The Rundown 2/23-3/1

I went into last week straight off a phenomenal seven days of training, easily the best week I’ve run, not just since the rib injury, but definitely since well before my 100 miler last September. So my biggest priority for last week was to simply repeat the awesome, with sufficient rest to handle the work. […] more


The Story of the Summit Couch

A few months ago, my friend Jason sent around a link to a piece in Outside Magazine about a “secret, punishing ritual” known as Misogi. This concept, based on some cleansing ritual that originated in Japan a few thousand years ago, is currently getting some attention because a few professional athletes are using it to […] more


The Rundown 2/17-2/22

Good morning, friends! Happy Monday and all that jazz. I’m awake obscenely early because I went to bed at 7pm last night after tuckering myself out playing hostess to my favorite new resident of Bend. It was a pretty standard weekend for the two of us: lots of good beer, a few brewery patios, and […] more

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