Training Rundown 9/28-10/4

Last week was weird. First, the woods ate my debit card while I was crewing Gordo’s 100 miler, and left me stranded with an empty tank of gas and no method of payment two hours from home. Obviously, I made it back to Eugene. But only thanks to the generosity of a total stranger in […] more


Off Seasoning

There are some people who LOVE the off season. I am not one of those people. After both of my 100s, I’ve discovered that my stoke level is SKY HIGH and the last thing I want to do is not run. I want to sign up for Cascade Crest 2016 and get the next training […] more


CCC100: The Threes

On August 19th, I celebrated my two year anniversary at the brewery. I don’t know how many more anniversaries I’ll mark with Ninkasi, but I’m quite confident there will be several. I adore my job, and the people that I work with, and the beer we brew (obviously) and the communities we support, and the […] more


Ask ANYTHING: CCC100 Edition

My Cascade Crest 100 recap took several days, 4,227 words, and many, many beers to write and I still don’t feel like I scratched the surface of the race. Like, how did I not mention that I probably consumed an entire pound of bacon before Mile 50? Or that I had a collective 23 miles […] more


Cascade Crest 100 Race Report

It took five runners, two engineers, three hours, two coffee makers, four unsuccessful attempts and one near panic attack from a very sweaty girl before there was a cup of hot coffee in our cabin on race morning. And that was the toughest low we faced all day. Regardless of your dependency on a strong […] more

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