Confessions of an Ultra Runner

Remember these? Probably not. But if you’ve been suffering through my blog for long enough, you might remember that before I retired from triathlon, I used to confess all kinds of shit to the internet on a very regular basis. Which, I suppose I still do, but it’s in way a less organized format these […] more


P2P Course Scouting Rematch

The first time I checked out the Pine to Palm course did not go especially well. My solo run through bear country was a little too hairy (and scaly) for me and I ended up audibly whimpering on the trail when I got sandwiched between a freshly deposited mound of bear scat and a large […] more


The Final Push

22 days people. 22 days. Shit is getting real. And I’m actually getting really freakin’ excited to do this thing. Yesterday, I got to have lunch with AJ, the other half of my Western States pacing team (who got a little tricked into signing up for Pine to Palm during Western States weekend). We both […] more



Waldo Lake was, as always, an amazing place to spend the weekend. I fall a little bit harder in love with this part of Oregon every time I make the trek up Willamette Pass. The main focus of this trip was to pace Jason during the Waldo 100k and to support all of our other […] more


Weekending at Waldo

This weekend, I’m heading back out to Waldo Lake to crew/pace my friend Jason to his first 100k finish. This will be his second time starting Waldo, but he had a rough race last year and dropped about half way through. I’ve heard A LOT about his need for redemption on this course so pressure’s […] more

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