Eugene Marathon Weekend

It’s Eugene Marathon weekend! If you’re coming to town for the race this weekend weekend, you can check out my “Guide to Eugene” on the Oiselle blog. Just keep in mind that I don’t really ever go out, so my best recommendations are the ones related to beer and running. (Kidding, they’re all legit. I […] more


More Fun on the MRT

So last week was obviously a stepback week to recover from my 50 miler. I ran A LOT less than my normal volume (and reduced my typical weekly/long run mileage by more than half). But since “stepback” does not = ZERO running, I still got to take advantage of a free Sunday to enjoy just […] more


This Week’s Randomness

It was a REALLY weird week. In the last seven days, I went from running 50 miles around Mt Hood To watching a rocket launch in the middle of the Black Rock desert. That’s right. ROCKET LAUNCH. Because that’s a normal thing to do at 7:30 on a weekday morning. I learned a lot of […] more


Mt Hood 50

So I ran 50 miles on Saturday. It feels like it happened a million years ago because I left for a work trip to the desert at 7 am the next morning. The last few days have involved a lot of sun, very little sleep and absolutely no running. I knew going into the work […] more


The Goal Post

Tomorrow’s 50 miler might not be a goal race, but I still have some goals for it. None of them are really time related since I’m pretty much guaranteed a PW for the distance. This course has more elevation and tougher terrain than the other two extremely runnable 50s that I’ve done, so my time […] more

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