Grand Canyon Gear

On Monday morning, my coworker sent me her list of suggestions for my upcoming jog around the Grand Canyon. It included really helpful and very practical tips like: “1. You will wear a parachute in case you trip2. You have anti-venom in a temperature controlled backpack3. You don’t owe any money to the people you’re […] more


Peterson 40+

There are several reasons why I think racing frequently is a very beneficial training strategy. You’re pretty much guaranteed a great workout, it’s insanely fun, you get to explore running routes you might never set foot on, and you get to work out all of the kinks before race day. But when you don’t put […] more


Three Things Thursday

1. One of my friends shared this post on facebook today and I <3 it big time.   I don’t know if it’s all the yoga, or all the big life changes in the last year, or just growing up, but the idea of living with intention has been on my mind (and hopefully reflected […] more


First Race Week of 2014

So I’m running 40 miles on Sunday. Which is equal parts hilarious and terrifying. But as much as I’m still not entirely convinced I’m ready to rock 40 miles, I’m actually REALLY excited to put on a bib for the first time in 2014 and run around on some new trails. Since this is most […] more


All Downhill From Here

The Grand Canyon trip is now officially less than a month away. Which is crazy. And terrifying. And thrilling. And crazy. And did I mention terrifying yet? Source. (ICYMI: I’m running across the Grand Canyon (and back) in 25 days(!!)) Whenever I have a big run coming up (usually a race, but the Grand Canyon […] more

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