Sonoma Bound

Third time’s the charm, people. The lottery gods finally threw me a bone and I’ll be heading to Lake Sonoma to run 50 miles on April 11th! I was more-than-a-little excited this morning when I found out I got into this race for a number of reasons*: *not listed in order of importance **except for […] more


Choosing a Goal Race

The start of this week was a little rough for me because I spent close to the entirety of my weekend holiday partying. And not just holiday partying, but brewery holiday partying. Which, my friends, adds a whole new level of fun and exhaustion to the typical seasonal soiree. My brewery made sure to make […] more


Scratch That

When I was out on the McKenzie River Trail this weekend, all I could think about was the 2015 race season. Well, that and the fact that it’s running shorts weather in December and I’m loving it. One of the most immediate thoughts I had about 2015 is why the heck am I racing a […] more


You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play the Game

Eugene is not a large city. It’s hard to go anywhere in this town without running into someone you know. Which I like. I’m a big fan of small towns full of trails and bars where everybody knows your name. So when Tim Twietmeyer and his 25 silver buckles announced that the next winner in […] more


Lottery Fun Facts

IT’S FINALLY HERE. Lottery weekend! Or, as I like to call it: #RejectionDay2014 Starting at 9am tomorrow, I’ll be watching both the Western States Lottery livestream and the Hardrock twitter account to see if my name gets pulled to run one of these races in 2015. I’ll also be closely stalking the feeds for all […] more

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