Coasting through the Weekend

I made it back to Eugene after a long weekend in the Bay Area. Barely. I survived many perils during my three days there, and it’s tough to decide which was the most impressive: Driving through the hills of San Francisco in a stick shift. (Which is even more impressive if you know my dad […] more


Climbing out of the Comfort Zone

“Don’t forget your ice axe, helmet and crampons. And prayer beads. KIDDING. Unless you’re into that kind of thing. In which case, they could be helpful.” Source. Of picture. Not of terror-inducing packing list. It’s been a while since I thrust myself firmly outside of my comfort zone. Like I said last week, my confidence […] more


The Rundown 5.4-5.10

When I hit the jackpot and won myself 24+ hours of sweating through the Washington Cascades, it seemed like I wasn’t going to be redeeming that prize for a very, very, very long time. But all of a sudden, Cascade Crest seems REALLY soon. And I’ve gone from feeling like I’m not really even training […] more


YOLO: So Solo Responsibly

A few weeks ago, I packed two left shoes for a group long run that started two hours from home. As unfortunate as that incident was, and as much as it sucked to drive all the way back to Eugene to fetch the right shoe (pun intended. For the nineteenth time I’ve told this story.), […] more


Recovery Rundown

My stoke level coming off of Lake Sonoma was precariously high. I had fun out there! So much fun that I crossed the finish just wanting MORE miles and MORE trails. Instead of craving a much-needed break for my worked quads, I craved hill repeats and hours in the mountains to ramp it up for […] more

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