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Ironman Lake Placid Race Report

Get comfortable kiddos, this race report might be longer than the actual race.


When I woke up on race day morning, I expected to be crippled with nerves and paralyzed by fear of trying to finish the Ironman, but I wasn’t. I was excited. So excited to finally be racing something that I’ve worked over a year to reach.


When I decided to do an Ironman last summer, there was no question about which one I would do. I did not spend hours researching course profiles. I did not assess which event would be most convenient to travel to from DC. I did not consider how scenic the location was, nor how friendly and enthusiastic the spectators would be. No, the one thing that impacted my decision to do Lake Placid was knowing it is a short 2 hour drive from Vermont and my family would be there on race day morning.


Best. Decision. Ever.

My family was not just there, they were there decked out in hot pink shirts, ready to cheer their hearts out to help me get through 140.6 miles of tough racing.


I won’t ruin the ending of this race report, but believe me, their presence on the race course got me across that finish line.

Because there is nothing I hate more than arriving at the race with 2 minutes before transition area closes, I made sure we were at the Olympic Oval with plenty of time to spare for body marking, body lubing and dropping off my special needs bags.


Even after I’d done all my race morning chores, I had over an hour to chill out on the shore before the cannon would go off for the race start.


While we were on the shore, I heard the announcement that the race would be wetsuit optional. As a fairly confident swimmer with a strong hatred for wetsuits, I never thought I would see the day where I would opt to wear one if given the choice.


But between not wanting to flash everyone in my lululemon-definitely-not-tri-top sports bra and wanting a little extra protection in the wrestling match of a 3,000 athlete mass start, I opted to don the wetsuit.


For those of you not fluent in triathlon rules, deciding to wear a wetsuit made me ineligible for prize money or a Kona slot. I’m sure the competitors in my age group were extremely relieved when they found out this sweaty beast was out of the running.


(Sarcasm people, sarcasm.)

Once the swim area was opened to competitors, I filed over with the masses and got ready to stake out my spot in the chaos of 3,000 athletes all fighting for precious real estate at the swim start. IMG_4023

I floated over to the wide edge of the lake and made friends with a guy from Vermont who was treading water beside me. Lucky for me, this guy had done lots of research on the course (something I was entirely too busy to do amidst all my cupcake consumption and not showering) and gave me some helpful tips for finding a hole in the crowd that would afford me the opportunity to start my swim with a few less elbows to the face.


When the gun went off, it felt like a current was propelling me towards the first buoy. Apparently 3,000 athletes all charging towards the same, very small spot, will cause that effect.


I avoided getting kicked in the face by constantly touching feet in front of me, both in hopes of finding nice competitors who would find it in their hearts to avoid pummeling me with their heels and in an attempt to shield myself from any rogue feet.

The Lake Placid swim course is lined with an underwater cable that runs between the buoys and makes it easy for swimmers to swim in a straight line and avoid sighting throughout the race. Sounds great, right?

Well, add thousands of competitive beasts all vying for a spot on this cable and it’s not so great. I decided to avoid the gladiator match and remained a few meters out from the blood bath.

However, with 3,000 swimmers in a small lake, there’s only so much wrestling one can avoid. So I kept trying to find holes in the chaos and work myself into a smooth rhythm. Outside of  a few elbows to the head, I was largely successful.

Once I got going, I found myself really enjoying the swim. Mirror Lake is truly a gem of a venue for a triathlon race


The swim is a two loop course, so halfway through you need to run over a mat and then jump back into the water. When I came out and saw my brother wading in the water beside the shore, I couldn’t control my excitement. I was not expecting to spot any of my family members and I certainly did not expect them to be able to pick me out of the hundreds of women all wearing the exact same pink cap and black wetsuit.


My split at the 1.2 mile mark was just under 35 minutes, well within the goal time I set for the swim. I decided fist pumping and yelling to my baby bro was much more important than cutting a few more seconds off my swim time.


I think I made the right choice. Ironman should start awarding bonus points for athlete enthusiasm. I mean, you can get penalized for dropping f-bombs on the course, why not reward competitors who make a fool of themselves with excessive cheering and positivity?

The second loop of the swim course was even better than the first. The crowds had thinned out and it was easier to find open water to swim through. I focused on maintaining my own rhythm, pulling strong and using just enough energy to get a good warmup out of the swim without zapping myself for the next two legs.

While I was the most panicked about the swim leg going into the event
(due solely to the mass start), it was not nearly as terrifying as I expected it to be and I truly LOVED the swim portion of the day.

I thought for sure my time would be slower after my first split, but I came out of the water at 1:11.11, nearly even splitting my swim time.


As soon as I came out of the water, a wetsuit stripper was on top of me to help me tear it off. Just in case I wasn’t already sold on the IMLP swim course being the best ever, Team Ironman threw in a butt load of awesome volunteers to help really seal the deal.

Swim: 1:11.11


The transition from swim to bike at IMLP is a bit tedious. You need to run 800 meters between the water and the Olympic Oval (where the transition area is) before you reach your gear and bike.

My family staggered themselves throughout the path from the lake to the Oval, so I kept seeing hot pink shirts cheering excitedly for me as I made the run up the hill.


Once in the transition area, I was greeted by more awesome volunteers. It’s really incredible how easy Team Ironman makes your transitions. You’re immediately greeted by a volunteer who will bellow your bib number to the next volunteer, who will grab your gear and escort you to the changing tent for your gender. Once in the tent, they strip you, lube you, sunscreen you and get you back out on the course as fast and with as much enthusiasm as humanly possible. I would like to propose a lifetime athlete/volunteer marriage to every soul who helped me on race day. Words cannot express how amazing these people were.

Transition 1: 6:28


I have no idea how they did it, but somehow my family took a page from Harry Potter and apparated from the swim course to the bike exit to see me off on lap one of my ride.

My race plan for the bike was to ride “stupid easy” for the first lap. My friend, and LP course expert Jon advised me that starting stupid easy was the key to surviving all 112 miles of biking.


So I left town focused on pedaling without much effort. As soon as you leave the village of Lake Placid, you hit a couple of hills, and one particularly nasty one before hitting the legendary screaming descent into Keene. I kept my bike in a low gear and watched many, many athletes pass me as I climbed steadily up and up and up.


When I visited Lake Placid in May, I practiced the 6 mile descent into Keene, marked by truck low gear sign after truck low gear sign and was positively terrified by it. You can’t hold your brakes on the way down because it will burn them out by the bottom. The best strategy is to feather, hold your ride steady and pray you won’t fall off.

Well, on race day, it was not so terrifying. I don’t know if it was the head wind or the comfort of all the athletes surrounding me, but I felt much more confident making this descent. I let myself hit speeds over 35mph, which compared to the 50 mph some fools plummet down in, may not seem all that impressive, but for me, it was huge!


After eating the downhill for breakfast, we hit a stretch of rollers. Again, I kept repeating to myself “stupid easy” “stupid easy” “stupid easy” and really tried to adhere to pedaling smooth and not letting my adrenaline beat my sensibility.

One of my favorite parts of the ride was an out and back portion that allowed me to see friends on the bike course as one of us pedaled out while the other pedaled back. I decided craning my neck and losing some aero position was worth it for the camaraderie of cheering on my buds.

I was shocked to find myself loving the bike course. It was a BEAUTIFUL day in the Adirondacks, the scenery was breathtaking, the other athletes were so fun and constantly cheering for one another and the spectators along the course were amazing: equipped with car stereos blaring music, buckets or mailboxes to drum on, and giant foam hands to slap you with a high five as you struggled to get up a tough hill. I cannot say enough good things about the outpouring of support from folks in the region.

The one problem I had on the first loop of the bike course was hydration. My water bottles, stocked with nuun, both fell off my bike early on in the course. I didn’t worry about it because I knew the IM aid stations had fluids that would fit in my cages. Or so I thought…Turns out the Poland Springs bottles that the IM course distributes do not in fact, fit in my apparently gigantic bottle cages. I, unfortunately, did not realize this until I was a few minutes past the aid station when all my hydration went flying off as I rounded a sharp corner.

I knew the Ironman Perform sports drink bottles would fit on my bike, but I also knew I was far away from the next aid station where I could pick some up. I started desperately hawking every bike that went past me to see if other bikers had hydration to spare.

This hydration catastrophe occurred on the toughest part of the Lake Placid race course which starts 14 miles before heading into town. It’s a long, slow climb before you hit 5 hills known as “little cherry” “big cherry” “mama bear” “baby bear” and “papa bear”

I knew even if an aid station was 10 miles away, it might take me an hour to get there. And it was getting hotter and hotter. With all my recent dehydration issues, I knew I could not afford to play it fast and loose with my fluid intake so early on in the race. So I did something a little sketch: I saw a discarded bike water bottle on the side of the road that had clearly flown off someone’s bike and I stopped, picked it up and thanked the bike gods for saving my day.

Don’t judge me. Dehydration desperation leads a girl to make questionable decisions.

Shortly after I found my savior of a plastic water bottle, I hit the 5 climbs. I thought this would be the worst part of the course, but as I headed up mama bear, I saw a group of people holding a sign that read: “smile if you pee on a bike,” so I started beaming enthusiastically, obviously…As I got closer, I saw that this group of girls contained some DC friends! My already ear to ear grin got even wider as one pal nearly high fived me off my bike with her hearty slap.

281364_2262368125403_1434458649_32599837_5893145_n (1)

Then I hit Papa bear, the final beast of a hill on lap one, and saw more friends along with tons of other spectators waving signs, ringing bells and cheering at the top of their lungs to get us bikers up that hill. Seeing this outpouring of support for us was the first thing that triggered tears during the race. Happy tears! But still, there were tears. I could not control a huge grin as I rounded the corner and pedaled the last bit into town.


Once in town, the course is lined with thousands of people. Luckily, the hot pink shirts my fam and The Rocketship were wearing were easy to find, I cheered loudly at them as they excitedly waved, shouted and fist pumped me on to my second lap.


It’s impossible for me to put into words how happy I was when I finished that first loop of the course. And if you couldn’t tell by the sheer length of this race report, I’m a very wordy girl, so that’s saying something.


I hit the halfway point around 3:30, well within the bike time I hoped to achieve on race day.

The second loop was much quieter for me. Many of the athletes who swim slower than me had passed me long ago. But I still managed to make friends with a lot of people out on the course. If anyone was wearing something even remotely related to Vermont, I would strike up a conversation with them, and I was lucky enough to see a few blogging friends out killing the day. Our Ironman bibs have our names printed on them, which really helps both spectators and athletes cheer each other on.


I continued to feel good and steady on the second loop until I hit about Mile 80. At this point, my legs began to feel a bit tired and were not so excited to hit the final stretch of long, slow hills before I could get off the bike.  Add a friendly dose of inability to pee on the bike to the mix and I was ready to get off Big Red and get started on my run.

During one particularly long, tough stretch that many spectators had abandoned after the faster athletes flew by hours ago, I came across a group of 20 IM fans who were cheering for us slower cyclists as if we were winning the Tour De France. Music blared, streamers were blowing in the wind, and these people must have been close to losing their voice with the volume and enthusiasm they cheered us on with. Cue second time Sweaty Emily had happy tears during the race.

I kept going steady and knew I could still finish the bike course under 7:30 if I kept going at my current pace.

And then I heard the sound that every rider dreads on race day: the vicious hissing of a tire going flat.

I pulled over to the side of the climb I had been ascending and told myself to stay calm, not panic and get the tire changed as quickly as possible.

I tried to take off the front tire and I couldn’t! I was TOO SWEATY. The girl who lives, eats and breathes for sweat was TOO SWEATY to get the tire off. I stood there paralyzed, watching rider after rider going by offering to lend me a tool, but not help.

And then my hero appeared. My good friend from DC pulled up beside me and immediately started to help me change my tire. I pleaded with him to not worry about me and keep doing his own race, but he is apparently the nicest person in the entire world and would have none of it. He helped me until the official IM support crew came along and took over for him.

Once I had a new tire on Big Red, I hit the road again, surprisingly not traumatized by the flat and the time loss it caused. I knew I needed to just accept that it had happened and continue to have the best race that I possibly could.

As I neared the end of the bike, I started to really think about the run. Yes, I love to run off the bike. I love running during triathlons. But a full marathon? As a girl who has done 12 full marathons in my life, I felt incredibly daunted by the feat that lay ahead of me.

I made it up the final hill, cheered on once again by amazing volunteers and spectators and looped back through town to head out on the run.


As I passed my family, I tried to tell them I had flatted but was ready to kill it on the run. but I thought they were cheering too loudly to listen to anything I was saying. When I read my brother and The Rocketship’s tweets after the race, I realized they had in fact heard me yelling at them.


I was definitely tired and ready to get off the bike by the end of the 112 miles but I felt like the day was mine. Yes, a full marathon is tough, but running is my strength and I knew I was going to finish this Ironman.

Bike: 7:42.49


Once in the transition area, I was once again greeted by amazing volunteers. I, however, was not in such amazing shape. I managed to grab my bike bag instead of my run bag, and as much as I wanted to run a full marathon in my wetsuit and bike shoes, I allowed a volunteer to go scrambling after my correct bag. Between this err and the flat, I decided to take my time in transition and change into my full running ensemble before heading out for the marathon.

Transition 2: 7:17

While my legs had felt tight walking my bike into transition, as soon as I started to run, I felt fresh, light and ready to just crush the marathon.


My Garmin of course could not find satellites during transition, so I decided to run blind and use just the stop watch that had been ticking away since the gun went off at 7am.


I saw my family and The Rocketship as I was leaving town. It is impossible to convey the sheer excitement I felt every time I spotted my merry crew of cheerleaders.


While I had no idea what my pace was, I assumed it was in the 9 minute/mile range.


I was shocked when I reached the 2 mile mark and realized I was averaging about an 8:10 min/mile, but I felt great and felt I was running a sustainable pace, so I continued to run by feel and not worry about the clock.

Shortly after we left town, we ran past the Olympic Ski Jumps, truly one of the most breathtaking spots on the IMLP course. You are instantly reminded of the incredible athletic feats that others have accomplished in the town and are instantly surged with fresh motivation to power through your own race.

photo (77)

And then I hit Mile 3 and tried to take a Gu to adhere to my strategy of fueling every 30-45 minutes on the run and that’s when disaster hit. As soon as I took the gu in, it was ready to go right back out of me. I desperately sprinted to a porta potty as my stomach revolted.

I exited in hopes that the problem lay solely with the Gu and other types of nutrition would mesh better with my stomach. I saw someone handing out grapes at the next aid station and thought they sounded like a genius idea, so I grabbed a handful and bit into one. I spit that thing out as fast as it went into my mouth and chucked the remainder of the grapes onto the side of the road. I knew then that I was in serious trouble.

I could barely make it between porta potty stops and was forced to walk on numerous occasions to avoid stomach catastrophe. When I could run, my legs felt so strong, but my stomach was cramping, filled with shooting pains and unable to hold any food or fuel down. I cannot tell you how frustrating it was to know that my legs had a great marathon in them, but to have to walk to avoid collapsing with crippling stomach pains or getting sick all over the race course.

After exiting one of the many porta potties that got graced with my presence, I ran into one of my friends who is a certified bad ass Ironman. She was well on her way to a huge PR and an 11:05 finish when she ran up beside me. I told her what was happening and she encouraged me to run with her for a bit. Her pace (around an 8 min/mile) felt perfect and I loved the distraction and motivation of running beside her. But once again, my stomach couldn’t keep up with my legs and I had to painfully say goodbye to her as I ran for another bathroom and slowed down to a walk again.

Amazingly, I did not cry at all as this was happening. I kept trying to solve the  problem and move on: I tried drinking coke, just water, whatever might make a difference with my stomach. But nothing worked. I truly could not keep ANY food, fluid or water down. So I gave up and tried to walk/run as best I could to finish my first lap.

I knew my family and The Rocketship were probably wondering where I was and thinking that I hit a wall. I was well above my target pace for the marathon and with the many, many bathroom stops, was averaging a pace that was pretty much unheard of for me.


When I looped into town and saw them standing there around mile 11, I ran over to them and told them what was happening and I lost it. As I choked out the words “I can’t keep any food or fluid down” I burst into tears and started to sob. I felt terribly for breaking down and losing strength in front of them, but I couldn’t contain it. It was hot, my body was not working and I still had 15 long miles to go before I reached the finish line.


I will never forget the looks on their faces as worry instantly washed over them. My mom urged me to not finish if it wasn’t safe and they all hugged me and said anything they thought might help me carry on as safely as possible.

I left them behind, still crying behind my sunglasses and tried to muster up strength to make it to the turnaround point for the first loop but it was still too painful to hold a run so I walked most of the rest of the first lap before running wordlessly past my stoic family as I headed out on the second loop of the course.


I wanted them to think I was okay and not worry about me as I left for the next 13 miles of running. But in my head, I did not know how I was going to finish the marathon.

I decided the best strategy was to stop even trying to drink water. For a while I had been combining cups of ice with water and it was the best tasting thing ever. But I would last about 30 seconds before I would have to sprint to a bathroom or the woods, and after every bathroom incident, my stomach would be too bothered to handle the impact of running. So I stopped putting anything in my body and used the cold sponges from aid stations to at least keep my body cool during the peak heat of the day.

Once I stopped giving anything to my stomach for it to revolt against, it started to calm down and I was able to run again. Unfortunately, running a marathon with absolutely no food or water is hard enough, but running a marathon with no food or water after swimming 2.4 and biking 112 miles is nearly impossible. I held the best pace I could while allowing myself to walk up hills.

I never doubted that I would finish the race, but thoughts of collapsing on the race course crept into my head. I told myself to take it one mile at a time and do the best I could, in the safest way possible. I thought about all of the days of sweat that I had poured into training for the race and all of my friends who were battling their own challenges, and overcoming them, to reach the finish line. I thought about Mike Reilly, bellowing my name and telling me that I AM an Ironman, and how there was no obstacle too great to keep me away from that moment.

As I headed back into town, I saw my mom way before I expected to see her. If you read her report from the day, you’ll find she was incredibly worried about me, even though I thought I was actually holding a good pace since I was running steady again. I had gotten myself that far in the race by telling myself that soon I would see my family and The Rocketship, seeing my mom appear minutes before I expected to sent a wave of relief over me.

As soon as she saw me, she started to run beside me, making sure I was okay and telling me I could do it. When we rounded the next corner into town, we saw my dad waiting, who joined us, offering his own words of support to me as I headed to my final two miles of the course.


The Rocketship and my brother were going crazy as I ran past them. They knew I could do it, and they sent me off without a doubt in my mind that the finish line would be mine.

I kept running, with my dad beside me (in his clogs!), and tackled the last two miles. My body, with no food or water in it for miles, was beyond done, but I pushed it, willing it to just finish those last few minutes of the race.


As I looked at my watch, I knew I could still finish the race under 14 hours if I kept running and didn’t slow to a walk, and believe me, I was not about to miss that opportunity.

When I got to half a mile to go, I surged with every ounce of energy I had left. As I flew past a guy, he asked a volunteer how much distance was left, when she responded “not much!” he sprinted ahead to avoid getting chicked at the finish. Well, let me tell you, I did not give a shit if this asshole finished before me. ALL I cared about was hearing Mike Reilly say my name and I was not about to risk crossing the finish line in a mad race against some jerk when I could let him go ahead and get my own glory cross.


Believe me, having my own moment at the finish was 100 percent worth it. Rounding the corner and being surrounded by deafening cheers and seeing that finish line was one of the best moments of my life.

And actually crossing the finish, and hearing Mike Reilly bellow: “EMILY HALNON, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!” was easily the best moment of my life.


Sure, having a great race and crossing that finish line still would have felt glorious. But pushing through the hardest race of my life and overcoming every obstacle Lake Placid could throw at me? A finish line never tasted so sweet.



(That’s a sub-14 in case you don’t speak bad ass sibling sign language)


Ironman Finish: 13:53.44гугл поиск системаpagehack отзывы о программе

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  31. Amazing recap….and you have so much to be proud of! You got through the toughest of the tough! Congrats!
    Would you consider writing a post one day giving tips on getting through a mass swim start? Sounds like you’re an expert by now!

  32. WOW!!!! Congrats to you. This is so inspiring – it almost made me want to be like – eff yeah, I wanna be an Ironman, too! Then I remembered I would drown on the swim and a marathon seems really long to me. What an accomplishment – not only the race itself, but the year leading up to it training for it. I cannot tell you how inspired I am by the post. It’ll make me work a little harder on my run today (training for NYC 26.2 in November). CONGRATS!

  33. Emily — just read the WHOLE thing (and that’s saying a lot for a girl who usually lasts 30 seconds on a long post!). Amazing! You’ve been very inspiring…thinking about sprint. I dont’ know how you did a whole but…wonderful job. I can’t imagine!


  34. Congratulations IRONMAN EMILY! You made me laugh and tear up. You are amazing and inspire me to want to do one of these bad boys one day.

  35. Emily! What a beautiful post. Silly question: how come you body glide under your ponytail/on your neck? What other rules are there on the course (ie, you mentioned no swearing…)? Thanks for sharing! Anamarie (Washington, DC @amarietweets)

  36. Forget Ironman, girl you are a super hero! I can’t even imagine doing this on a good day, let alone a bad one! You are so amazing and inspiring and I’m just so freaking proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, I’m with everyone else, those pics with your parents… my god is that the way to finish the race or what?!?!? Totally choked up! Love it! You have the best support crew ever!

  37. 1.Whattup Ali
    2.Amazing race report, and looking through the pictures was just awesome. Mini Dragon and Rocketship crushed the photography. I think I may deserve some extra credit for posing as a photographer and wading in water to blast 3 magnificent photos of you. (note to self, nice cameras=credentials.)
    3.I teared up reading mom’s post and had to hold it back this time (supervisor, floor director and director have been making laps by my office)
    4.Just unreal, so inspiring, I may end up having to blog a race report from my perspective even though I’m 6+ months out since my last post.
    5.Holy crap you are badass! I want to just put your website on my resume and say that we share blood. Will that get me a job managing the Boston Celtic dance team?

  38. Damn. My eyes started watering before you even got out of the water! I love your family and friends, and the way you describe them. Well done on the physical and mental fortitude — super, super job!

  39. Wow. You’re officially the most BAMF I know. (Not that that was ever really a question.) It’s one thing to fight through it in a shorter race and finish, but you gutted out a freaking Ironman! I’m sure it would have felt amazing to finish either way, but you earned some serious glory overcoming such a tough race when your body wasn’t working with you.

    And I just read your mom’s recap, too, and Team Halnon has me in serious tears at my computer. I am so so proud of you and can’t wait to buy you 4 million drinks the next time I see you. And I agree with Ali–your brother is hot. I’m single. Just sayin’…

  40. This was amazing. Loved it. I have a feeling you’ll be an Ironman several times over…you had an amazing experience despite the dehydration issues and we’re all so proud!!!

  41. Seriously crying for you – so incredibly happy! You deserved every bit of this and more. Excited to see what’s up for you next!

  42. You are even more badass than I had thought you were before!
    My coach just got into IMLP next year …. I am so going to support her.

  43. You are clearly the most amazing person I “know.” You give me strength that I don’t have. When i have a bad day, you empower me. Thank you. I don’t even have the words necessary to put into what you have done and the awesomeness of your accomplishment. Congrats!

  44. You are so incredible!

  45. Your race report made me ugly cry in the office. God I love Andrea and Steve! I am sorry I could not be there ringing my cow bell for you (and drinking mimosas for you). Much love and respect for crushing it!

  46. I loved reading this race report! You knew you had it in you to fight to the finish and that is what you did!

  47. So so so amazing!! Way to go girl That is seriously so impressive. I got all choked up at the end when he announced your name that must have been so amazing!!

  48. you are seriously my hero! What an emotional rollarcoaster but an absolutely amazing day for you! I want to sign up for one after reading this.

    WOW, you are an IRONMAN. That is so cool.

  49. Wow. That’s just insane. You are one badass athlete!! I’ve only run one full marathon, and couldn’t wait to be at the finish line after 23 miles. I can’t imagine what you were going through!


  50. halnon, you are EPIC!!!! team larsen is so proud of you. so incredibly, incredibly AWESOME. amazing post, amazing accomplishment. wow.

  51. Killer race report, I teared up and got the chills and was so happy for you all at the same time! Emily, you are absolutely amazing. I love the photo of you running with your parents, what a great support system you have in Team Halnon! Yes it would have been perfect and fantastic if everything went smoothly for your race. But the fact that it didn’t and you STILL kicked ass and went sub 14 is freaking AWESOME! You are so badass and such an inspiration to me. I hope you hang on to this feeling you have right now for a really long time – you deserve it, you’re a GD Ironman!! So happy for you, and proud of you for powering through such a tough race. Congrats again :)

  52. ok now i just went to read your mom’s post…incredible hearing it from the spectator’s (and a mom’s) perspective too! i’d hug you if we weren’t in the office right now! congrats again ironwoman!!!

  53. Congrats again! You inspire us all to be better athletes and to push harder than we know is possible because we see how you do it everyday. Keep doing what you’re doing! Just think how fast your next ironman will be with no flats and no stomach issues! Great race report….you had me laughing and crying through out!

  54. Tears are flowing down my face! You are nothing short of amazing! How you finished a marathon without eating or drinking is such a miracle.

    My husband did an IM last year and had a kickass swim and bike, but then had the same stomach issues you did on the run. It was awful watching him but sooooo inspirational that he finished. I’m just as proud of you and cannot wait to share this race report with him!

    You are forever an ironman, girl :)

  55. Such an inspiring and emotional story. So glad your family was there to offer support. You really are an Ironman!! Geesh. I can’t believe you ran a marathon (after biking and swimming your heart out) without any fuel! Did you have any issues after the race or were you able to eat and drink again?

    • And I loved all the amazing pictures you now have to document the whole experience! The very first one is AWESOME! And the ones during the race are so inspiring. And the ones with your parents running with you are the best! Go Ironman Emily, go!

  56. Emily, you rock. Not only are you an IRONMAN, but probably the toughest one out there. You’re an inspiration. Also, I was 15 minutes late to an orthodontist appointment because I was so wrapped up in reading this. I told them I was late because I was reading about Sweaty Emily becoming an IRONMAN… they were totes impressed too. :)

    If I wasn’t married and I was into girls I’d totally ask you to marry me.

  57. I enjoyed every word of this race report. Congratulations on an incredible accomplishment!! I can’t believe you finished that run without food or water. You are AMAZING!!

    I can’t wait to meet you next month at HTC!!

  58. totally crying reading this. Emily you have been inspiring me for ages now, but this was lovely and wonderful and amazing to read. You are such a wonderful person from the inside out and I think that carried you through this race.

    congrats on an amazing feat!!!!

  59. Serious WOW girl! You crushed that course! I have never once in my life believed I could even attempt an ironman but you are truly an inspiration and gave me that little bit of hope that maybe someday I can! I hope you are enjoying some amazing R&R this week because you deserve it.

  60. Great race recap!!! I got teary eyed just reading it!!!

  61. I’ve said it a hundred times but I’ll say it again, I’m so proud of you! Congratulations too-sweaty Emily =)

  62. You are amazing. Inspiring. Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing this, and congratulations! To say you earned this is beyond an understatement.

  63. So glad I just happened to come into work early this morning – gave me time to read this! I’m in tears sitting here. What you did last weekend – and how you did it – is something many in our lives would never even think about attempting…and you KILLED it. Like, cut that shit up with a sword, grilled over a fire, and ate it killed it.

    If I were in DC I would show up on your doorstep with wine and bread. :D

  64. What an amazing re-cap! I love that you posted all the pictures and details along the way. And now… CONGRATS GIRL!! That totally rocks.

  65. Ah, I got so many chills reading this! I was right there with you every second of the report (and actually had a similar experience in Wisconsin, if you sub out ‘too sweaty to change the tire’ with ‘bringing the wrong size tube’ and ‘crippling stomach issues’ with ‘crippling IT pain from cramping up on the side of the bike course as I waited for a spare tube’) and I almost cheered out loud in my living room when you reached the finish line.

    Way to rock it!!

  66. Woke up this morning hoping that your race report would be here! What an incredible experience. You are SO STRONG….mentally and physically. Way to go! I have to go read your mom’s side of it now! :)

  67. I’ve been at work for 44 minutes. I’ve spent have of it completely absorbed in your report. That was AMAZING!!! I seriously got teary at the end of that. What an accomplishment and struggle, and you did it … and looked totally cute the whole time! So freaking awesome that you have this great support team, too! Wow, awesome awesome awesome. Congrats again!!

  68. You are a true Rockstar!!! amazing, inspiring, awesome whatever.. you rocked it Emily.. and you truly deserve this…

  69. Truly one of the best race reports I’ve ever read. You are an Ironman! Thanks for sharing your hard work and sacrifice with us!

  70. I read every last word of this report and I laughed and teared up while reading it (I laughed SO HARD when you said you were TOO SWEATY lol). You are so so amazing and inspirational. Thank you for such a detailed description of your day, I really felt like I was right there with you!

    Congrats again Emily!!

  71. That is amazing!! Brought tears to my eyes!! You have ann amazing support system there. Hope you were able to over come your stomach issues by now and have a great after party!

  72. You have me in tears! I am so happy for you – you are such an inspiration. Congratulations on staying calm, accepting what they day threw your way, and finishing strong as an IRONMAN! What a tremendous accomplishment – you should be soo proud.

    Congrats and thank you for sharing your journey and your IM story!!

  73. This is truly one of the most intense, emotional, and inspirational posts I have read. You are an Ironman! You overcame so many obstacles and maintained such a strong and positive outlook. You worked so hard for this and deserve every ounce of glory it brings – and wine and cupcakes, too! I hope you are happily resting and recovering, rockstar!

  74. There are truly no words. I am sitting here at my desk in tears reading this. You are so incredibly inspiring, Emily!! I seriously can’t even explain to you how amazing I think you are right now. To read about all the crap you pushed through to finish was incredible. And to hear of the support you received from the fans, volunteers, and especially your family was what really got me. I cried reading about how your mom and dad jumped in with you at the end. So amazing!!

    I’m sorry you struggled so much on the run and I can’t imagine finishing a marathon in that condition. But you are an Ironman!! And the fact that you didn’t let the course or conditions defeat you means even more!! A million and one congratulations!!!

    And now I can’t wait to celebrate with you by staying up all night running through Oregon… ;)

  75. In awe. That’s all.

  76. AMAZING JOB! I can’t believe you ran through that and still did so well. You should be so, so proud of yourself.

  77. Congratulations! Loved the report! So moving! You are just amazing pushing through the race when things got so tough and way to still keep a smile on your face!!! I will use you as inspiration in my marathon next month :)

  78. Enormous congratulations, Emily! And that picture of you and the Rocketship from the previous post is definitely one for the wedding slideshow.

  79. Great race report! Inspiring and honest. Way to push through the pain and hiccups to kick major booty.

    You ARE an IRONMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. You are so hard core! Congrats again for rocking out such an amazing accomplishment. I love that you got your dudes to rock those hot pink shirts. Just awesomeness all around! Enjoy this feeling that you have right now.

  81. omgosh, I got emotional reading this. totally amazing. now the question is, are you going to do another one?!

  82. Oh Emily. How do I best express how proud I am of you and your IronManning skillz? I suppose through song, that will get my point across. Try to really hear my French Canadian voice as you are reading these lyrics…

    Let the rain come down and wash away my tears
    Let it fill my soul and drown my fears
    Let it shatter the walls for a new sun
    A new day has come, oh

    Where it was dark now there’s light
    Where there was pain now there’s joy
    Where there was weakness, I found my strength
    All in the eyes of a boy

    Replace “boy” with “Sweaty Emily” and you will understand the power you make me feel. Congratulations.

    Also, Center Stage.

    • It’s weird that that photo of a girl named Ali showed up next to my post. I’m flattered. But we’ve sadly never met in person. So this baffles me…

  83. what an amazing accomplishment in a beautiful setting! and so inspiring! you looked great doing it and what great storytelling!

  84. This will definitely always be a memorable experience for you, not just because it was your first IM, BUT because it was a hard fought battle. That’s the thing with the ironman race – sooo much happens over 140.6 miles and you can never know what your body will do or how it will react, you can only respond and adapt and that is exactly what you did! You were determined and TOUGH and you soooo deserve that Ironman title. Congrats girl – you are sooo amazing <3

  85. What an amazing experience and you wrote about so beautifully. Thank you for the detailed recap…I truly felt like I was right there along with your family cheering you on! :) Congratulations, Emily, you are an Ironman and no one will ever be able to take that away from you!

  86. Holy crap. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but this is the first time I’ve commented. I don’t even know you but I’m at my desk crying.

    Such a great recap. Congratulations. In every possible way.

  87. Congrats Emily!!! What an absolutely amazing accomplishment! LOVE the recap, the pics, and how awesome for you that you had such a great support system on race day!!! You had the tears flowing a couple times in the recap! Great job! Way to push through the trouble on the bike and run and finish!! Way to go!! You are an IRONMAN!!!! CONGRATS again! You are a rockstar!

  88. Again, congratulations on a fantastic finish! Way to persevere when you had the option to quit. You and everyone else who set out on that journey on Sunday are true heros in my book! And seeing you at the finish line, I can say that I never would have guessed that you had difficulty. You were positively glowing! Congrats!

  89. Wow – amazing story and race! The pictures of your parents running with you brought tears to my eyes. Congrats and enjoy it!

  90. Wow – what an awesome experience! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – you are truly an inspiration! I can’t imagine how much it took for you to push through that 26.2 with no fuel – and after the swim & bike! You did a truly amazing job & how wonderful that your family was there to offer so much support!
    I can’t say I’d ever have the desire to attempt an Ironman (I’m still working my way up to Olympic distance tris) but this recap definitely makes me want to witness one someday!
    Congratulations Emily!

  91. I read every word… You are so inspiring Emily! The highs, the lows, the family, the support, the volunteers.. WOW!!

    I love that you channeled your training and found ways to keep moving one step further to the Finish. I hate that things like flat tires and GI issues can cripple an otherwise perfect experience. You really never know what race day will bring and with the DISTANCE and time you cover in an Ironman it is such a ???? CONGRATS!! See you in August, cant wait to hear all about it in person.

  92. Awesome recap, Emily! You totally rocked that race. Those are some tough dehydration issues you were dealing with and a flat…oh that would just ruin me. I would go into panic mode. Way to do it up rock star style!!! :)

  93. Great report Emily. You truly are inspiring. I’ve been thinking about you all week anytime I fell myself slacking off! So happy for you ironman!

  94. You are such a inspiration! Loved the recap and definitely was in tears by the end because it is such an amazing accomplishment. Congrats Emily!

  95. The pain of a regular marathon will be nothing for you from now on. I had stomach issues in a HIM 1/2 marathon, and barely made it to the finish. I can only imagine the agony of having to run a marathon like that. You problem solved and adapted and raced a very smart and tough race! Congrats bada$$!

  96. Congrats!! Seriously amazing…I still have goosebumps! And I love your fam for jumping in there to run with you. You are truly inspiring and a badass!

  97. congrats lady! You are such an inspiration, and truly bad ass!

  98. A big, big congrats!!!! This is the first triathlon race recap I have ever read and it may always be the best one. I admire you for what you have accomplished and in the end, your persistence and endless support from friends and family paid off. Congrats, Emily!

  99. Oh my gosh – it is a sob fest here between your post and your moms. Just so amazing to have support like that from family! Congrats on preserving through the race and finishing in an awesome time! I hope next year I can be in LP to spectate!

  100. #1) thanks for giving me something to fill my afternoon at work :)
    #2) a-maz-ing!!! i was definitely tearing up, especially at the end. you inspire me to want to do an ironman… (until i remember my hatred for swimming in lakes)

    congrats girl!!! i am so proud of you and all your hard work!

  101. This is the best race recap ever! I love that your family was so supportive. I mean jumping in and running with you…awesome. Such an amazing accomplishment!
    You’re truly an inspiration! Congratulations Sweaty Emily!

  102. I am sitting at my desk, wiping tears off my face – what an amazing accomplishment. thank you for not giving up. the next time i feel like doing so, i will honestly think of you and your journey.

    congratulations, IRONMAN!

  103. CONGRATULATIONS.. like everyone else said you did awesome to push thru.. my friend did IRONMAN Frankfurt last weekend and had her own share of issues… like she said.. no IM is easy but you got your moneys worth…LOL. Well done.

  104. I had been looking forward to this post since Sunday! I was so thankful that your brother was tweeting for you. The Ironman Live site was having problems so it wasn’t tracking properly. I think you need to add a disclaimer to the top of your post for people not to read at work. I looked like a hot mess sitting at my desk with tears streaming down my eyes! Such an awesome accomplishment! I’m in awe of you and I thank you for taking all of us along for the journey, both the training and the race.

  105. You are not only an Ironman, you are an awesome one as well. Huge congratulations on toughing it out. You are an inspiration.

  106. What an amazing accomplishment Emily! You kick ass Ironman!

  107. Wow, that’s a great report. Stomach issues are the #1 concern right now, scaring the living shit out of me as I’m getting ready to run IMFL this year. I’m glad to know you survived! Great race, you put up a fantastic time. My goal is also to break 14 hours and just finish.

  108. You are amazing, Ironman!Emily. Just read this at work, and have tears running down my face. You are so lucky to have such a supportive family. Simply phenomenal.

  109. I loved reading your Mom’s report yesterday and your story is great Emily! When I read these Ironman stories it really does inspire me! You are a great athlete!

  110. You are amazing. I cried reading this.

  111. Oh Emily, I don’t even know if I could leave a comment that would do this amazing race recap justice. First, I started reading this in the dentist’s chair this morning. Thanks for keeping me amused because I hate the dentist! Then I finished it while walking to work and let me just tell you, I was in tears. Like borderline hysterical walking into work.

    You are such an inspiration you have no idea. I cannot believe you pushed through a marathon AFTER biking 100+ miles and swimming 2+ miles, with a stomach that was revolting against you. You are seriously the most amazing athlete I’ve ever met! And I feel so proud that we’re friends!!! I love your blog and I love this recap- I could really feel your emotions while reading this post. Those pictures of your parents jumping in were absolutely fabulous.

    Congrats Em. You are my hero.

  112. I seriously just cried through that whole thing. You are so amazingly strong and determined. Completely inspirational!

  113. Wow! You are truly amazing!

  114. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and have never commented, but I think this warrants a comment. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!! You seriously make me want to do an Ironman (and I have only ever run ONE marathon, and am not a good swimmer, so that is quite a feat).

    I can’t even tell you how impressed and proud (not creepy even though I don’t know you…) I am of you – you are such an amazing, amazing strong BADASS person. Congratulations again on being an IRONMAN!!!!!

  115. Unbelievable and believable all at the same time.

    This was an epic race and thank you for sharing it with us.

    I am inspired by your courage and motivated by your fearlessness to finish.


  116. never had a doubt you wouldn’t pull through and finish. it’s an insane accomplishment. your race report was great, well worth the wait! i love that your family was there for you during the experience, i can only imagine how much more special it was because of them. congrat, ironman.

  117. Congratulations! It’s been amazing following you through your training. Such an amazing feat and I can’t wait to read about your next adventure!

    Super proud of you for gutting it out like that. You did it. Unreal determination and will to find the finish chute.
    Was thrilled to run into you and your mom at SBux on Saturday:) That was cool.
    Also like I said, has been great for me to have your enthusiasm and joy for running rub off on me. Big Time help. Thanks for that.
    Great report


  119. my friend/teammate had the same issues on the run, except he was barfing up all of his nutrition. I’m not sure if he has figured out why.. but my guess is maybe lack of enough fluids/nutrition on the bike (especially since you were launching your bottles). I’m clearly no expert.. but I think even on a good day a good marathoner can expect to run probably 45 minutes slower than their open marathon time. doesn’t matter how good of a runner you are, the body just doesn’t have the durability to throw down the same time in an Ironman unless you are a pro who trains 30+ hrs a week. so add to that the nutrition issues, and I think you did GREAT! I wish I had seen you out there!!! you did so awesome! :)

  120. I read this recap on my phone at the gym — it seemed appropriate to be sweating while reading. You’re amazing, your family is adorable, and I can’t believe you managed to smile in every single one of those pictures! I’m another total lurker who never comments but just had to pop up to say how kick-ass and inspiring this all is. IRONMAN!

  121. Told you I’d cry. Congrats again Emily!

  122. Congrats! You should be so proud of yourself. It’s an amazing story, thanks for sharing.

  123. Hi emily! I’ve been reading your blog like a creep for a bit. What an AMAZING recap! It made me cry, I was just so happy for you. Awesome job, what an amazing feeling you must till have!

  124. CONGRATULATIONS! You’re my hero. Seriously. I could never do what you did.
    This was probably the best race report I’ve ever read. It make me tear up! I felt like I was there.
    Good luck with recovery and I hope you’re stomach is feeling better!

  125. Great race report, Emily!!! SO thorough! thank you! I really enjoyed reading it!!! wow, isn’t seeing your family out there like the best thing EVER. I try to explain that to my mom and dad about my races but they don’t believe me. You looked amazingly strong in every picture! Holy crap, those ski jump ramps are SCARY!!!!! cool pic, thanks for posting it. Congratulations! I hope you keep posting pictures and maybe your finish video?? I tried to watch you finish live the video was not working properly, it kept replaying the same 1 minute segment. Congrats again! sub 14 is amazing!! (and i totally got the sub-14 hour sign language picture! after all, i am a sign language interpreter.) nice job to you and your family!!!! I want to hang out with the Halnons!!!

  126. So amazing, Emily. Congratulations!!! I almost started crying while reading this—so inspirational!!

  127. Um…I don’t know you, but I am incredibly proud of you!!!

    I was tearing up reading this report and was totally riveted the whole time. Amazing! :)

  128. PS: Love the part where you were too sweaty to change your tire! So glad someone was there to help ya out.

  129. Best race report I’ve ever read, hands down. You are beyond inspiring, Emily! I loved reading every word and reliving your experience (even though I also tweet-stalked you on Sunday). I think this is the only race report that ever caused me to tear up. Well done, lady. Super, huge, giant congrats!

  130. I read every single word of this recap and had goosebumps the entire way through. What an amazing story of courage, strength, and determination! A huge congrats to you for pushing through every obstacle and hardship to be called an Ironman! You are a serious inspiration!

  131. chills.
    chill & tears.

    amazing. inspiring. awesome.
    in awe.

    congrats to you IM Emily.

  132. This is the most amazing thing I have ever read! I teared up just reading it!!! I love how your family stuck by you the whole time, and you are such an inspiration for finishing! You are an IRONMAN and that is ridiculously awesome!

  133. What an amazing day that must have been for you! I loved reading about it. It’s funny… I’ve never wanted to do a full marathon (running my first 2 halfs this year) but I’ve had a secret desire to do an Ironman ever since I ran my first sprint tri a few years ago. Probably should do a few fulls first though, huh??

    You’re an impressive girl and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  134. Congrats, Emily! Loved your race report and got a bit weepy when you mentioned that you got weepy, lol. Awesome race. You totally rocked the course. So proud of you!

  135. I was sobbing when I saw and read about your mom running with you for the last miles of the ironman. Congratulations! You are an ironman and a badass!!!

  136. crying at my desk at work. absolutely wordless. girl, you are beyond amazing! you are an ironman!!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!

  137. Wow. What a first day to read your blog!

    In 2009, my good friend did Ironman Arizona, and just spectating that made me completely exhausted. 140.6 is unfathomable to me. You are a rockstar!

  138. AMAZING!! You’re race report was fantastic and your family is awesome! I cried when you told about your mom and dad running beside you. WOW!

  139. Congrats on becoming an Ironman, a great accomplishment. As for your profanity laced tweet, a woman should be classy and lady like

    • Hey Shannon – If you followed Emily’s tweets throughout her Ironman it should have occured to you that she wasn’t actually sending out tweets herself during the race because obviously that would be ridiculous. I sent out the majority of the race updates via Twitter because so many people were intereseted in tracking her status. So yes, the blame for the wildly inappropriate language falls on my shoulders (obvious sarcasm). Next time you finish an Ironman you can send out more children appropriate messages.

  140. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but I’ve been reading throughout your training, and I just have to tell you that I am SO PROUD of you! I was dying to read your race report for the past few days… and I actually cried when I read it. You have accomplished something AMAZING. So proud of you!!

  141. You got a lot of great comments on here though I like your brothers the best!
    So here goes my two cents.
    1. Lake Placid was a great choice!
    2.My favorite picture is the one of you waving from the swim start. Why? You look a bit like the little girl you once were with an excited smile on your face anticipating a great adventure.
    3. Jameson was a rock star spectator at the swim for sure.
    4. Athlete enthusiasm should be worth large prize money.
    5.Your whole family and Rocketship were rock star spectators getting around the course to see you in many spots.
    6.I don’t know what apparated is. Do I need to have read Harry Potter? OKay I just looked it up. Yes, it is a HP word.
    7. The girl who won’t eat anything approaching an expiration date drinks water from a water bottle found on the road. I guess an Ironman does what an Ironman has to do.
    8.I lOVED reading about the Tour de France cheer squad.
    9. When I found you you did tell me you thought you were doing really well. It amazed me but I was so glad you were doing so well.
    10. Watching you complete this Ironman through all the problems you had with your grit and determination = one of the best days of my life!

  142. AMAZING. I knew you could do it, but battling through the issues that you did only speaks to the kind of athlete and IronMan you are. Some people probably would have said uncle and walked the rest of the way, getting in just before 18hrs, but you pushed through.


  143. You should print out all of these comments to keep with you. When you are having a bad day read a few of them. They are amazing.

  144. Emily this is the most inspiring race recap I have ever read. Your mindset throughout the race is beyond my comprehension. And how you kept going while getting sick over and over and being in constant pain is just amazing. I LOVE that you did not have one ounce of disappointment in you as you finished. Although perhaps on a day with a cooperating stomach things would have gone differently, you seriously battled through it the best you possibly could and that is just downright amazing.
    I am in such awe that YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!!! So insanely happy for you!!

  145. Truly inspiring!!!! A fantastic race, a great finish and having family there is awesome. I would love to have that support that you had there. It made all the difference to have them there which is great. Now, what’s the tattoo going to look like? Haha! Congrats!

  146. I was one of those volunteers out there on Sunday, thank you for thanking me but you are the reason was there…11 friends did the race and everyone finished and I had the time of my life support all of you!!!’

  147. Holy freaking moly!!! Congrats! This totally made me cry. In the best possible way.

  148. Great recap…and great job to you! Sounds like quite the day! And you did completely amazing for powering through with all the issues you had on the run!

    Congrats Ironman! :D

  149. Oh my goodness!! I had no idea about your stomach issues!! You are amazing for overcoming that and finishing strong. I love the photos of your Mom & Dad running with you… you created some great memories not only for yourself but for your family. CONGRATULATIONS Ironman!!!

  150. […] excited to get back to the gym after a bit of a hiatus.  And I was also inspired after reading Emily’s Ironman Race Report.  So, I decided to put on a DIY […]

  151. Congrats Emily! I read your Mom’s recap yesterday and it was so awesome to see the pic in your recap of you running with both your parents. Hope your recovery is going okay.

  152. Congrats, Ironman!! What a great report! I can’t imagine having such terrible stomach issues and still pushing through like a champ. Amazing! Love love love love the family support. :)

  153. You are phenomenal IM Emily! What a day. Congrats on a momentous achievement!
    Props to J and the entire chase team for the awesome play by play on twitter. Loved it.
    Love the pic of you running with the rents too!

  154. I am crying right now from reading your report!!!
    Simply incredible, stunning, beautiful story…loved every word of it as well as the pictures!!
    You’re an IRONMAN!!!

  155. EMILY,
    Fantastic race report for an epic race. Here’s to you and your perseverance! Rest up, enjoy the glory of being an ironman and SIGN UP FOR CDA! See you in the pool!

  156. well I cried reading that! So incredibly bad ass! You’re an IRONMAN!

  157. Volunteers are soo awesome!! :)

    Such a great race re-cap!! You did great! Way 2 stick with it and finish strong!! “WAY 2 GO!!”

  158. Congratulations! You are a true inspiration!!

  159. You totally kicked butt, took names, and showed true strength!

    You EARNED that ironman title, wear it proudly!

    Also, your mom’s recap made me bawl all over again.

  160. Hi there! I’ve been reading (stalking) your blog for a while but never commented. Just wanted to add my voice to the congratulations – reading your story was so inspiring and made me smile and brought tears to my eyes.

  161. AMAZING!! You’re race report was fantastic and your family is awesome!…….. Really like your all activities.

  162. I really appreciated with your report!!!
    Simply incredible, stunning, beautiful story…loved every word of it as well as the pictures!!

  163. First, congrats Ironman Emily!! It was so awesome to get to meet you!!

    I totally agree IM should give out points for being enthusiastic! I love the HUGE smiles throughout this entire report (OK even in most of the run pics, when you are suffering so much, you are smiling)!

    The volunteers were amazing.

    I agree about the descent being way less scary during the race. Holy crap that sucks about your hydration!! I totally would have done what you did BTW. That freaking sucks about the tire.

    The marathon freaked me out too – I had done 5 before, I think it speaks to our respect of the distance. Oh man, that sounds like such a tough tough run for you, way to tough it out!!

  164. […] I am blown away by how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many supportive people. The comments on my Ironman Lake Placid Race Report gave me chills and made me tear up for the 1,471,913 time this week. Well, mostly anyway. A few of […]

  165. Even though the run isn’t what you had envisioned, I think it just makes that medal all the more meaningful!!! What an inspiring post. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. This is a great race recap! you are an amazing athlete with unbelievable determination! i wish i could be more like you when i grow up :). congratulations, ironman!

  167. […] Emily’s amazing race this past weekend at Ironman Lake Placid. If you have not checked out her race recap, get over to her blog and check it […]

    • Great Job Ironman! I came across your race report when searching for race reports from the race. I completed my first IM in Lake Placid last year. As I was reading your race report, it reminded me a lot of that day. We had very similar experiences, especially on the bike. Congrats on finishing in under 14 hours. I only wish I was that fast. My run was full of issues that took more time out of a marathon that I was looking forward to running. I too run marathons and was looking forward to killing it! But who cares right, 13 hours or more…we are still Ironwoman!! Congrats!

  168. Loved reading this report! You are awesome!!

  169. Emily, I was crying just reading your report…you are such an amazing athlete and an inspiration to so many. INCREDIBLE job in Lake Placid! Now it’s time to put your feet up and eat as many cupcakes as humanly possible!!!!!!!!!

  170. Congratulations, Miss Ironman!!! I hope you are reveling in it!

  171. By the way, everyone enjoyed reading your race report on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Swimbikemom... and everyone said “CONGRATS EMILY” – so I felt like I should pass that along! :) :)

  172. Wow. This post is so amazing and inspirational!! I got goosebumps as I read it. This just solidified my goal of someday being another “Iron-Emily”!!!

  173. Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for a while but never commented before, and I couldn’t NOT comment on this one.

    1. I made the mistake of reading this in my cube at work, where I had to take at least one break in order to regroup and find tissues. You are AMAZING! Congratulations on your huge accomplishment, and on overcoming all the bumps in the road!

    2. I read your mother’s recap last night, at home, and was smart enough to have tissues at hand before I started that time! :)

    3. I saw your post this morning and I know this isn’t news, but that brother of yours is super cute!

  174. What an awesome race report! It was very interested (and informative!) Someday, I’m going to be an Ironman… but even knowing that someday I will do it, it still seems like such an incredible and AWESOME feat! It sounds like you definitely had some struggles during the race, but you pushed through them and finished, which is AMAZING! So glad you were able to get past those challenges and still finish. GREAT JOB!

    PS – I loved the long post, it was totally worth it.

  175. I just found your blog about a week ago and it was so exciting to read this report. It immediately brings that “oh damn I want to do this” reaction. One marathon, some halves, a few sprint tris… I have some work to do but someday, I hope. I can’t even imagine a marathon without fuel/water by itself. Good work!!

  176. You had me crying by the time I finished reading this! So inspirational! Congratulations!! :)

  177. Great race report and again, congratulations! You are amazing! I’m so sorry for the stomach trauma, I’ve definitely been there in a marathon and can only imagine what it took to get to the finish line of an IRONMAN with that going on. Way to go!

  178. Thanks to Ali on the Run, I stumbled across your blog today. What a day to read it! I found your experience to be amazing and powerful! It made me cry. Not just tear up, but actually cry. Congratulations on finishing your Ironman!

  179. This is incredible! And I read your mom’ s post too, so sweet & moving! It has been fun (and inspiring!) to read about your training – my sister and best friend have been reading it too, we are all so impressed. KUDOS to you, even with the hardships, what you did was awesome!

  180. Awesome race report Em! I’m so pysched for you and I absolutely cannot wait to tackle my IM. This was so motivating (as was all the rest of your training) and you are a badass ironwoman. You go girl!

  181. EMILY! I still get chills reading this. You are such an inspiration and commend you for going through all of that and STILL finishing. Bad ass does not even begin to describe it.


  182. […] I read Emily’s race report of Lake Placid yesterday, I was on the edge of my seat.  I was right there with her as she swam, […]

  183. Hi, My friend Susan (http://www.preheat262.com/) sent my the link to your report. It was very inspirational. I was cheering and crying all the way through. I volunteered this year at the mile 1 aid station on Station St. It was a lot of fun, and I am officially signed up for next year. Ah! So excited and terrified. I hope my race goes as well as yours, maybe without some of the scary drama that you battled through. Thanks for posting this, it made my day. I love reading about other peoples adventures. Congratulations you are an Ironman!

  184. What an amazing experience…I loved this recap and totally teared up! You are such a strong and determined woman, I can’t believe you ran that marathon without water and fueling and crossed the finish line with that gorgeous smile. You are definitely an Ironman! Congratulations Emily!

  185. […] Ironman Lake Placid Race Report – @emilysweats has written of the best race reports ever. Worth your time […]

  186. Wow..great race report…on the edge of my imaginary bike seat !
    Not sure I could run a marathon on no food and water…even without the preamble!
    Congrats on finishing and being an IM! 8)

  187. Congratulations, Emily!! Your mom made me cry with her spectator report, and now you did with your race report. What an amazing accomplishment! I’m in awe of what you pushed through to get to the finish line…and that hill would scare the crap out of me. Your line about athlete enthusiasm made me laugh, too. That was my big goal in my marathon…to have fun and make noise and full-on enjoy the experience. I’m so happy for you and so impressed. Way to go!

  188. Emily, you are amazing :)

  189. Your story is so inspiring! I cannot believe that it is physically possible for someone to do something like this. I’m in awe of your dedication. Congratulations!!!

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  196. I had to mention you and your mom’s reports on my blog today! Loved both of them SO much!


  197. I had to mention you and your mom’s race reports today on my blog. I loved them both SO much!


  198. oh my gosh, how amazing!! first off, congrats ironman :) i just found your blog on sunday when everyone was tweeting about you, and i’m so glad i popped over to read! such a great race recap, i hope to get there… someday!

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  205. Congratulations! This was an AWESOME race report and I’m so appreciative of all the information as I’m heading into my first Ironman at the end of August – IM Canada. You’re an inspiration!

  206. Congratulations! Ive been reading your journey and Im impressed!! The way you pulled through with the stomach problems shows your great willpower and determination. You are an inspiration!

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  208. I know I’m late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS, EMILY! I don’t know how you did it with the stummy issues during the run – so amazing! I dropped out of the Chicago Marathon last summer after hitting the porta potties at every aid station (crying at every stop, I’m tough like that). I can’t imagine finishing a marathon AFTER the swim and the bike in those conditions. YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!!!!! …and a huge badass! :)

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  211. I am a new reader but recently went back and read about you training. I think you’re amazing and congratulations on becoming an Ironman!

  212. […] The most inspirational person that kept me going this week was, without a doubt, Sweaty Emily.  The girl is a freaking IRONMAN (Ironwoman?).  There are numerous people in the blog world and beyond that inspire me to be a better, stronger athlete.  Emily is definitely one of those people.  Be sure to go read her recap from the Ironman Lake Placid. […]

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  215. love LOVE lOVE the report!!!! What an inspiration for pushing through!

    Quick question – if you have a second – what type of bike do you have? It looks like you have aero bars on a road bike. I am thinking of doing a 70.3, but I am always looking for info on bikes :)

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    If any of your other pictures show a girl with white running shirt and blue shorts with a white/red greyhound in it…..that’s me!

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