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Racing one weekend and then not racing the next really made me realize just how empty my weekends feel when I’m not fueling my competitive drive by toeing a start line.


I feel extreme envy when I wake up on a Saturday morning and see a stream of tweets take over my laptop, broadcasting the fact that everyone and their mother is off to the races for the day. While some people may dread the idea of a 4am wake up call on a weekend morning, I live for the excitement of waking up before dawn to start my race day routine and head out the door for a healthy dose of adrenaline.

Last weekend was especially difficult to sit idly by while my girl Ali dominated the asphalt out of her first marathon. While I was super excited for her to be racing, I was also a little tempted to drive to the Hamptons, knock the girl out and steal her bib to relive my first big M.

No amount of exercise last weekend could calm my overwhelming desire to be at a race, ANY race, which led me to make a very important decision: I’m declaring this next month RACEtober. Super original, I know.


See, October happens to be my birth month. And while I’m not usually the type of girl to throw lavish celebrations to mark my birthday, I think a race-filled month is the perfect way to ease the pain of turning one year closer to entering the dreadfully more competitive 30-34 age group.

To properly celebrate RACEtober, I’m going to attempt to participate in a race every weekend (please note the very intentional use of the word participate instead of race.) I’ll use each race as one of my workouts of the week, depending on what I still need to accomplish by race day. Some will be tempos, others run at marathon goal pace and some might be fun and easy recovery runs.

To kick off RACEtober, I’m heading to the Run for the Parks 10k on Sunday morning.


And I’m bringing my dear friend and former roommate with me.

winter 253_thumb[1]

Tris was the best roommate ever back when we both lived in Burlington, Vermont and I was training for my first marathon. Though he had zero races on his calendar, he spent every weekend doing every mile of my long runs with me so I had company for the hours of time I spent pounding pavement. And as if that wasn’t enough to win him Roommate of the Century, he spent the evening before our long runs cooking me something carbtastic and delicious. I KNOW.

I haven’t formulated a plan for Sunday’s race yet, as I’m running 18+ miles tomorrow, and I think I’ll see how my legs feel after that destruction before setting any killer goals for the 10k.


Happy Racetober to everyone! I hope you all have race-filled weekends to appropriately celebrate!

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29 Responses to RACEtober

  1. Racetober – I LOVE IT!!!

  2. I totally understand the need to race. I’m hoping to be recovered from my marathon in time to make November filled with races.

  3. I love this idea! I’ve already gotten 2 on my race calendar for the month and I’m probably going to make it 3! Have fun with your 10K this weekend!

  4. Oh awesome, so you want to kick my ass? That’s fine.

    Work on your jumping photos and jazz hands, and then we’ll talk.

  5. Fun! I have one marathon in October but I think after I might look for some smaller races to do before NYC. I agree. Weekends with races are just more fun.

  6. I’m going to be at that race too! My friend is running her first 10k and I’m going to be there to cheer her on. I’m also hoping this will make her want to run the Shamrock Half Marathon with me in March.

  7. I love it!! Good luck this weekend and the next and the next! Hope you have a great time :)

  8. Why is the 30-34 bracket so much more competitive? I would think you’d rock it b/c you’d be on the bottom end of the age spectrum. I am clearly a newbie to racing, but I understand the Race Bug and how easily it bites! Have a blast with RACEtober!

  9. Such a fun idea!!! Good luck this weekend :)

  10. LOVE the idea of Racetober! I know you’ll still have killer times even though you’re in the middle of marathon training!

  11. You crazy girl — and I like it! Go get em!

  12. Lower humidity and cooler temps makes the legs feel unstopable after a hot summer! Your enthusiasm to get out there and race is awesome.

  13. Go, Emily! You are a racing machine! And don’t worry about being in a more competitive age group one day… you will be faster then and do awesomely :) Have fun with all of your races! I only have one race this month… Long Beach half on the 9th.

  14. Girl,

    You Rock my socks! I am running a 10k today and was starting to worry because tomorrow I have a 12 mile long run. Then I see you’re doing an 18+ and then a 10k. wow! WOW! Now I feel like . . .Ok, I got this handled!

  15. Love it! I will be doing two races this month with my husband, a 10 miler and our first half marathon!

  16. I love racing and feel incomplete when I go a while without a race. However, I am temporarily living somewhere without a ton of races super-close by and I am trying to save money by racing less and making the ones that I do race count. It’s crazy how the costs add up!

  17. Sounds like an awesome plan! I raced a half today and will be racing one next weekend and then it’s taper time till MCM! But I’ve got a few races lined up for November starting the week after MCM!

  18. I’m running the Race for the Parks 10K tomorrow too! I’ll keep an eye out for you.

  19. Agreed – I much prefer racing than doing a long run! Even though I hate the pre-race dread!

    Anyways, I think today was my last race before the NYC marathon. Kind of sad.

    Hope your race went well! Or goes well, rather!

  20. I love the idea of RACEtober! I’m having a similar month crammed with races and I love it! :)

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  22. Happy Racetober!! It’s my birth month too (13th!) BUT I’ll be celebrating with a big ol’ marathon instead of a multitude of races. Let’s have some fun!!!

  23. totally unrelated but I really wanted to do that 10K bc of the SWEET hoodie. much better than UM FLIP FLOPS.

  24. love it! i might have to borrow (ahem, steal) the idea for February (my birth month)- you know when it’s actually cool enough to not die racing in TX. :) i hear you about aging up- i thought it might get better when i hit 35-39, but nope, it got worse! it makes me push myself though so that’s good :)

  25. Will be taper-tober for me as doing my 3rd half ironman at the end of the month… not going to get too much sympathy on the “approaching the more competitive 30-34 age group as I am all to quickly approaching the 40-44 OUCH! How did that happen? A race every weekend of your Birth- month sounds liek a great way to celebrate. Wish we got better race-swag down here… so tired of adding to the cheap cotton t-shirt collection in my draws! Happy birthday racing!

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