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When Emily Got Her Mojo Back

First things first, drop what you’re doing and go watch the official nuun Hood to Coast video. It’s AMAZING and makes the fact that we had an extra man and his bike, video equipment and long board cramping up our van worth it.


Oh, Becker…you may take up more than your fair share of relay van real estate, but you do good work.

Secondly, I loved reading all of the comments on yesterday’s post about race fees for shorter distance events. It seems like a lot of you sweat addicts have a pretty low ceiling for smaller races while you’re willing to loosen up the purse strings for halfs and fulls. Some people pointed out that races like the one I was considering offer a lot of stuff for the money you pay, including a finish line party that they argued make the entry fee worth the cost. 

Obviously every runner has to decide for themselves if the amenities at a race are worth the cost. For me, all I really want at a short race, especially when I’m just using it for a workout, is a start line, an official timing system and a finish line. I’ve done races where they don’t even have bibs, nevermind chips, and I still have an absolutely sweatastic time.


When The Rocketship and I did our first race together, we may not have gotten bibs or t-shirts but we paid a grand total of 5 dollars for both our entries and had a blast of a sweaty morning. I’ll happily trade a cotton shirt I’ll never wear for 45 dollars I can spend on post-race mimosas.

And like I said yesterday, sometimes I deem the cost worth it.


I ran a 5k sponsored by the same running store putting on this weekend’s event back in February with a bunch of fellow running bloggers and I had a blast. I appreciated the long-sleeved American Apparel t-shirt with an adorable design, I actually attended the finish line party to pick up an award that I loved and I set my 5k PR at the race. For local races with good friends, I can often justify the higher cost of an event. If you don’t have to worry about travel or lodging, it’s easier to swallow high race fees.

Anyway, please continue to share your thoughts but for now that’s enough talk about $$$, let’s talk about yesterday.

Yesterday was one of those days when I felt like I really nailed the whole fitting it all in thing.

As you know, I’ve been struggling to get back in the training groove after a long recovery in the wake of IMLP.

This means that on certain weekend days (cough cough Sunday cough cough) I blow off my long run to sit on the couch all day watching Coach Taylor kick some football ass on Friday Night Lights.


It’s hard to motivate for a run when you’ve got the Dillon Panthers on the telly….

But blowing off my long run doesn’t excuse me from getting it done, it just pushes it back. Tuesday is kind of the last day of the week that I find it permissible to make up long run mileage before it becomes the “next week.” Don’t question my logic, it works for me…

But yesterday morning was my first day as a Girls on the Run coach, so instead of running, I headed to the pool and got a quick 1800 meters in before heading out to meet the girls.


Why yes, 1800 meters IS the furthest I have gone since crawling out of Mirror Lake on July 24th. You can congratulate me later.

After my brief rendezvous in the pool (which included a break to yell at the guy who thought it was a brilliant idea to jump in a lane of two people splitting the lane and just start swimming…not circle swimming…just swimming. I can understand when people don’t know pool etiquette but swimming headfirst at an oncoming swimmer is a common sense issue, people, he deserved a little screaming to wake him up and clue him in) I headed out to my first Girls on the Run practice!


I’ll talk a lot more about my love for this organization later, for now just know that it was an awesome first practice highlighted by the girls giving me their best guesses for what an Ironman is. Hands down, my favorite answer was: “isn’t it like, jumping over a big pole?”

8 year old girls are just great.

After running around like a kid again, I headed to my full time job, worked, then suited up for my long run.

16 miles at an 8:36 pace around my favorite trails in DC.

A perfect running route that took me straight from my office to Happy Hour with some of my favorite fellow sweaty bloggers.


Nothing like chasing a long run with long talks about running (and swimming and biking.)

And then it was home for quality time with the boy (read: more time on the couch watching Friday Night Lights. Yes, we’re addicts.)

So there you have it: swim, coach, full time job, run 16 miles, happy hour, home.

Boom. Mojo is coming back, kids.

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36 Responses to When Emily Got Her Mojo Back

  1. I would love to work with Girls on the Run someday! It seems like such a great and rewarding experience!

    Way to get your long run in! TV show marathons on Sundays are often better than training for one. ;)

  2. I love Coach Taylor.

  3. I absolutely love Girls on the Run and love that you are coaching! I start my ninth coaching season in a couple of weeks.

  4. And OMG I love the video. It made me tear up with happiness.

  5. I’ve been dying to work with girls on the run but their practices never work with my crazy work schedule. Bummer. Um, how many hours of sleep do you get a night?! You totally have mojo and then some I’d say!

  6. See? Totally worth it. But next year I’ll rent a helicopter. LOVE, BECKER

  7. I’m a GOTR coach, too and absolutely love the organization. Practice starts next week for us – and I can’t wait :) Totally bummed to miss the blogger dinner/HH and i can’t wait for the next one!!!

  8. Friday Night Lights is the best show ever!
    And I totally want to be a GOTR coach :)

  9. I applied for GOTR NYC but never heard back :( They were probably like “oh sorry, we have coaches in DC who are IRONMEN, and well, if word gets out to the NYC gals that they got stuck with over SweatyEmily, well…”
    Awesome job on your day though…I am IMPRESSED and now inspired to squeeze more into my own!

  10. Super impressed with your mojo- definitely a sweatastic performance. I too am totally addicted to FNL- I think I’ll cry when it’s over at the end of this season. Apparently I channeled some of your mojo across the pond and managed 8.5 miles along a river here in Norway- beautiful and perfect weather! :)

  11. For me, you epitomize that saying “Someone busier than you is running right now.” So awesome!

    GOTR is such an amazing organization! Due to my hectic travel schedule for work, I can’t coach but I have found other ways to volunteer and I absolutely love it. I signed up for 3 different GOTR-DC events yesterday and already registered for December’s 5K. Maybe I’ll see you at some of the events!

    By the way, I was obsessed with FNL last winter (definitely fell off the wagon because of it) and I’m patiently waiting for the final season to show up on Netflix. The suspense of what happens and trying to avoid spoilers are killing me!

  12. Holy toledo girl…that is one seriously productive day! Props to you! I would love to coach a GOTR team, but their aren’t any around here. I used to coach girls high school lacrosse and that was a lot of fun. Hanging out with kids makes you feel younger.

  13. Brent and I discovered FNL over the summer and started season 3 last night. I’m envisioning serious sleep deprivation in my future…

  14. Plans for Saturday? My money’s on you: http://dcvegfest.com/2011/update/sticky-fingers-cupcake-eating-contest

    ps – I am that creeper that said hello after the Nation’s expo. Let me know if you ever want to go for a bike ride!! (Sadly, there’s no way I could keep up on a run.)

    • Ahhhh! I SO want to do this contest! I would dominate, obviously. And yes, definitely a bike ride! Though I haven’t exactly been doing much of that recently…

  15. Wow, what an awesome video! Made me want to go running right now =)

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  16. Love FNL! I’ve been interested in coaching Girls on the Run, but the times are always in the middle of the day and I can’t skip work. :(

  17. I’m glad you’re getting your mojo back and it was nice to finally meet you last night! I definitely would like to help out with the Girls on the Run race.

  18. Loved everything about that video. I’m trying to get some of my friends to sign up for a relay with me!

  19. Now THAT is how it’s done!!! You are going to have so much fun with the girls and I know you’ll make a great coach!

  20. I’ve never heard of Girls on the Run before, but I looked into it and it looks like a lot of fun! I wouldn’t have time to be a coach but I would definitely be a 5K running buddy for someone.

    I’m glad you found your mojo again!

  21. As a fellow leg 5’er from H2C, I feel our leg does not get enough video coverage! Did you watch the documentary? There is one shot of leg 29 at the top of the hill and that is it.

    Have you ever done a mud run? I think you should do a Spartan race (THE BEAST) so I can live vicariously through you. (they don’t have them in Portland yet.) You could even make it a family affair since their headquarters are in VERMONT!!

    Happy running!


  23. OK, I need some kind of calendar or chart or something, because I feel like I counted approximately 26 hours in your day — BEFORE happy hour! Dang.

    I want Tami Taylor to be my aunt/older sister/best friend. Or just to be Tami Taylor. Either would be cool.

  24. Wow, I can’t believe you packed all of that into your day! Sounds like such an awesome day though! You are going to LOVE LOVE girls on the run. I have coached a team the past three years and all have been absolutely amazing experiences. Just as much as it is an empowering experience for the girls, it is an amazing experience for the coaches too! I cannot say enough about what a positive experience I think the program is for young girls and how much I believe in the things that program stands for.

  25. I am a GOTR coach too! We just finished week 2!!

  26. 8 year old girls are the best!

  27. My son is 9 and we ran 2 miles together tonight. Running with kids is the absolute BEST.

  28. How many hours do you have in your day? How do I get more than 24?

  29. Jennifer Barker Lyday

    Hey, Emily! Think back to your high school political days when you were trekking all over the country representing your home state and remember your old friend from the great state of WV! I just wanted to say that I love your blog, and I will be a faithful reader. I have been running for the last two years, and it is so great to hear about your adventures. Right now, I am training for my second half-marathon (Richmond on November 12th). Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Jenn! So glad you found me! I ran the Richmond full two years ago, it’s a great day and a really fun course. Let me know how it goes and good luck!

  30. So excited that you get to be a GOTR coach! I’m wearing my spring GOTR shirt. I’ll be a running buddy at the end of this semester and hopefully a assistant coach next semester. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!!!

  31. Man, I feel lazy now! That is seriously one very productive day! I’m doing my LR tomorrow (2 hrs) and its already stressing me out fitting that in and then packing/getting ready for a wedding I’m in this weekend. You go girl! I’ll try to channel your productivity.

  32. it IS easy to get derailed from the best plans when FLN is on tv. my hubs and i are hooked and midway through season 2… so good. so inspiring. must. go. run. now. ;)