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An Injury Update

With all of the birthday excitement (ps THANKS everyone for the birthday wishes, you guys made me smile all day long, even when I was tripping on my own crutches and breaking my fall with my broken foot. true story.) and all of the mom excitement, I haven’t really let you guys know what’s up with the whole broken foot thing.


So, let’s talk broken feet.

The week I broke my foot, I went to see an orthopedic surgeon and I really, really didn’t like him. If you follow my tweets, you know that the guy could give McDreamy and McSteamy a run for their money, but when it came to providing me with information on my foot, his doctoring didn’t really live up to his looks. He basically handed me a sheet on ankle exercises, told me I could start ditching the crutches in a couple of days and ignored my desperate pleas to talk to me about running, even though he advertises himself as being focused on helping athletes recover as quickly and safely as possible. Clearly I should have followed through on my plan to show up for the appointment decked out in my Boston Marathon jacket and Ironman Lake Placid finishers medal.


So, I began soliciting recommendations for another doctor from fellow runners and ended up getting a second opinion from a podiatrist who ran Boston last year in 2:57. Not that I judge the quality of my medical professionals from their race results, but hot damn, doc.

So I spent my birthday trekking to his office, and while he didn’t give me the good news I hoped for, I did really like him and am extremely grateful I sought a second opinion from him.


First, he told me the third different thing about my broken foot in as many doctors. The first doctor I saw told me it was a Jones Fracture, after googling this injury for .5 seconds, I immediately freaked out as it seems to be among the worst breaks your body can suffer.

The second doctor told me I have an avulsion fracture. Google told me this was a much better thing though obviously still not great.

And the third doctor, the one from Friday, told me the break is none of the above and is just a straight up 5th metatarsal break with low enough separation of boneage to not require surgery and a screw. You don’t have to tell me that my medical knowledge and vocabulary is spectacular.

The best part about my third doctor, after my 3 minute appointment with the ortho, was that he gave me the impression that he had all of the time in the world to entertain my bazillion questions about the healing process, how I can stay active and when I might run again. He also told me that he thinks my bone stimulator will certainly not hurt the healing time and totally supported me buying it and using it as often as possible.


As far as staying active and returning to running, he told me I can stay active by swim/pulling, doing pilates and working my upper body strength. He is making me stay on the crutches for at least another month. I knew the first doctor I saw was wrong about when I’d be able to bear weight…


He was optimistic about my return to running and kept telling me to not be discouraged, because the break is not as awful as it could be and he thinks I will heal quickly and proceed to make the epic comeback I’m plotting in my head on a daily basis.

Oh, and ICYMI, I started the weekend with a killer ear infection so I can now officially do zero kinds of cardio for 10 very long days.  It looks like there will be a lot of pilates and pushups going on in this sweaty world for the next week.контекстная реклама в гуглраскрутить сайт недорогоанонимайзер вконтакте моя страница

18 Responses to An Injury Update

  1. Glad you found a better doctor. It amazes me how three different doctors can say three different things. UGH!!! That bone stim is awesome. My friend Maria who I have been telling you about (who broke her foot falling down stairs) is now doing some very light running after not nearly as long of a layoff as they had originally predicted.

  2. I’ve had some terrible experiences with sports med docs and some great ones. Glad to hear you found a doc who’s actually willing to listen and help you figure out the best way to get you healthy.

    (And happy belated!)

  3. Remember bad luck comes in 3s: breakup, broken foot, ear infection. YOU’RE DONE!!!

    BTW: I broke the 5th metatarsal on my right foot too. That was when I was playing tennis (a week before the state finals) and before running. They said 2-6 weeks but it was about 8 (but I was alot older than you!!)

    Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  4. That was 4-6 wks not 2 (sorry)

  5. Let’s hope you get all of this crap out of the way in one fell swoop and start 2012 with a clean bill of health to tackle the world.

  6. Can you send the info on the doctor you liked to Mrs. Lufkin? From what Kim told me, we had bad experiences with the same doctor, and I’m not sure I feel like going back to him after my last visit.

  7. I am so happy that you found a doc that is so much more optimistic and helping you figure out how you can get your sweat on NOW until you are able to run again. You are going to be ridiculously strong after all of this and it will make you even love running more (thats what happened to me, except for the stronger part:). HAPPY BIRTHDAY last week and boo to an ear infection!

  8. OK I may have misunderstood what you said about the 3rd doctor’s opinion…did he say that you need SURGERY to heal?!
    I certainly hope that’s not the case….we need to get you back to sweating via running ASAP!
    Cheers to a speedy recovery :)

  9. I’m glad you got another opinion! Even though it wasn’t the news you wanted at least you have a medical professional who appears to care about your recovery. You will be back out there in no time!

  10. Wow! Bad luck with the break, good to hear it won’t be as long as you thought. My friend had an ankle issue that took her out of running for a while, but when she started back up she got into it quickly with no problems. You’ll be back out there soon. And think of how tight that core will be after all the pilates you’re gonna do!

  11. So glad you found a doc you like and who seems to be more runner focused- SO IMPORTANT! hate to hear about the ear infection (yeah, no pun intended, but crap it happened anyway)- the good news about focusing so much time on your upper body strength and core is that you’ll be a much faster runner on the backside of this injury. i’m running faster now than i ever have and i’m convinced it’s at least partially due to my functional PT exercises (i.e. core and balance). cheers to b-day weekends and fast healing bones!

  12. Well, when it rains I guess it pours. Just think, getting all of the bad stuff out of the way now means LOTS of good karma soon! You will have a rockin’ core to go with the marathon PR!

  13. emily, hope you had a happy birthday! would you mind emailing me your doctor’s info – I’ve gone through 2 orthopedists in DC/Arlington and am heading to a DC podiatrist tomorrow (unclear if he’s runner-friendly). Was in boot for a month, a walking brace for another and now my pt/chiropractor has me in kinseo tape. Am entering month 2 with no running and though I’m trying to have half your attitude, it’s been tough. Thanks!

  14. So glad to hear that you found a doctor who would listen to you and give you all of the advice you needed. It sounds like you are in good hands now :) Hope that ear infection heals up quick and you can get back to your cardio! Hang in there, and keep smiling.

  15. I’m glad you had a doctor who listened to you and answered your questions. I hope people say that about me as a doctor one day.

    Anyways , some gyms have those sweet arm cycle things — old person cardio. I’m not sure which is more embarrasing to me – that or the pool. I don’t know why I have pool phobia.

  16. So sorry about your ear infection! Hope you feel better soon!

  17. It’s amazing that every doctor has a different opinion!! You did the right thing and got a second (third?) opinion, it seems he is very knowledge. Hang in there!!

  18. Hope you have recovered fully