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2011 Goals Recap

2011. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

It was a year of setting too many goals, getting sidelined, and not achieving everything I set out to do.


I’m most definitely someone who does not do well with failing to meet my goals. But I’m also not someone that sets safe, easy goals. I don’t like to set out to PR a distance I know is in the bag, I like to set out to PR a distance by 45 minutes if I think it will challenge me…so I guess sometimes I have to learn to cope with the failure that comes with this mindset.

So let’s just rip this bandaid off and talk about what I did and (mostly) didn’t do in 2011.

Running Goals:

1) Crush a sub 3:20 marathon. Sigh…2012 2012 2012 epic comeback 2012 2012 2012

2) Complete 4 new marathons, including 3 new states for my 50 state list. I did three marathons (Boston, Vermont City and IMLP and did NO new states. whoops)


3) PR my 5k with a sub 20:30. The one running goal I achieved and the one I cared the least about: Love the Run You’re With 5k PR in February


Triathlon Goals:

1) Finish my first Ironman. CHECK! I actually think I should get 140.6 checks for this goal, definitely the defining achievement of 2011.


2) Race a 5:15 half ironman. Yeah, this is what I mean with the whole PR v PR by 45 minutes thing. I raced a 5:24 at Kinetic and was super proud of it. So fail, but a proud fail.

 kinetic finish

3) Race a sub 2:30 Olympic Distance Tri. Fail. I raced two olympics this year, one the day after a 100 mile ride/10 mile run triple brick and one a couple of weeks after the Ironman.


4) Get my swim pace down to a 1:30 for races. Fail.

5) Get my bike pace over 20mph for Olympic distance races. 19 mph for Halfs. (Ironman I’m just going to try and survive the distance without collapsing off Big Red) Fail, fail, win. I reached 18.57 for my half distance and I can’t even bring myself to look up my Olympic pace.

General racing goals:

1) Race once every calendar month. And by race I mean participate. As I continue to recover from the Stress Fractures From Hell I will be unable to really race. Another sigh. I did this until October. November and December became casualties of the whole broken foot thing.

340487_176327975779960_153894604689964_361394_1349615265_o (1)

2) Podium in both running and tri races. Tri fail, running win. I placed at more than a few running races. Can this count as achieving multiple goals?


3) Complete at least 5 races this year with friends or family. Convert as many friends as possible to become fellow sweat-ers. BIG WIN. I don’t think I did any races without friends or family.


Training Goals:

1) Recover from my current injury. ASAP.Well, I did recover from this specific injury ASAP…2012 is the year of no injuries (knock on wood times a billion).

2) Learn how to change a bike tire. I wish I was kidding. Check. Implement during a race? Fail.

3) Complete my first century ride. (During IMLP does not count) Check!


4) Become a yogi. (Ha. That’s so not happening. BUT I would like to attend one yoga or pilates class a week. That seems far more attainable.) Okay, so “yogi” maybe not. But I have become a pilates addict and go way more than once a week. Thank you, broken foot, for doing something productive for my life.

5) Become more involved in my local tri club. I say this all the time and I never actually do it. THIS is the year. Well, I might not be more involved with the actual club, but I befriended, trained with and hung out with a lot of club members. I think this counts as a big fat check.


6) Volunteer 4 times this year. Fail. Sorry, sport, I promise I’ll give back to you at some point. I personally think cheerleading in my sparkly best at three separate marathons this Fall (New York, Philly, and Vegas) counts as a service to runners…


7) Strength train three times a week. Definite improvement, definite work to be done.

8) Continue to make training and racing a social thing. At least once a week I want to swim, bike or run with friends. I want to increase my circle of athletic bffs and meet/see more of you all as I travel around the country to race and train. I am definitely counting this as a check, even if I didn’t do it EVERY week. I went to a lot of places around the country including NYC, Oregon, California and Lake Placid to race and train with my athletic besties.


9) Do not let Ironman training take over my life. Continue to work hard play hard like a champ. Half check. Ironman training finally showed this work hard/play hard girl, that sometimes there is such a thing as too much sweat to have energy left for fun in your life. Skipping my five year college reunion and many Friday nights on the couch would contest any claim I try to make to count this as a goal win.

10) Cook once a week twice a month. 2012 is the year I stop trying to pretend I’m even a little bit domestic.

Soooo 2011. Could have been better, but could have been a lot worse.

After all, in 2011 I became a mother effing Ironman. Have I mentioned that before?


And honestly, that alone makes it a win of a year.

Up next, 2012/Epic Comeback goals! Get excited, as my man Tony the Tiger would say, these are gonna be GRRRRREAT!

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21 Responses to 2011 Goals Recap

  1. I am new to your blog, an ironman is amazing! Congratulations!!!

  2. A few setbacks in 2011 but overall I’d say that was a heck of a year and many goals achieved. I’m sure 2012 will be amazing for you!

  3. Nice goals and I agree, I think you had a heck of an awesome year overall. I mean, you’re an Ironman, that freaking rocks! Can’t wait to see what’s up for 2012! :)

  4. I can so relate! This year I had so many goals and health issues got in the way, which was a tad depressing. Good luck with Epic Comeback 2012 and hopefully we will both be our best this coming year!

  5. Ironman counts for at least 140.6 check marks. And I agree that, IM alone makes the year a winner! Way to rock it. And I’m with everyone else, excited to see what 2012 holds!

  6. I have to agree with you.. Completing an IM is a definite WIN for the year!! I hope you get healed up quickly so 2012 can be just a great!!

  7. You’re amazing! And I wish you were here cheering at some of my runs/races!

  8. Go Emily! Can’t wait to hear about the epicness of 2012!

  9. Great year Em! Can’t wait to hear about your epic goals (other than the sub 3:20 marathon, which we obviously know about) for 2012!

  10. yeah, I have the same issue with the over-exuberance in goal setting. But there aren’t enough hours in the day to sweat it out and recover! Sounds like you had a heck of a year – awesome job!!!!!

  11. I love the new header! Also, I think IM pretty much trumps any other achievement or lack thereof. That’s what I’m going with, at least :)

  12. I just found your blog. It sounds like you had a great year. Congrats on the ironman.

  13. Hey, even though you didn’t accomplish all of your goals and had some setbacks, you still have a TON to be proud of! And there’s nothing wrong with aggressive goal setting – it looks like you’re still being just as aggressive in 2012, just a little more targeted. I’m sure 3:20 will fall in no time!

  14. Congrats on the IM accomplishment. That trumps everything else in my opinion! I’m signed up for my first one this August!! You set some crazy goals for 2011! I’m super impressed with the list =)

  15. Ironman. Nuff said!

  16. you are a rockstar! I would DEF say 2011 was a success you speedster! way to go girl!

  17. Looks like a few setbacks which overall you learned A TON from and a ton of huge accomplishments. Congrats again Ironwoman! I look forward to following you in 2012. Wishing you Happy Training (especially running!!!) and Happy New Year!

  18. Wow, you weren’t kidding! that was the biggest list of goals I have seen yet. and in mMY opinion….you kicked ASS! who cares if you didn’t get them all….you did amazing dude! seriously. Now I am sitting here thinking how I better sit down and right out my goals. it’s not enough just to have them in my head for 2012. and an iron man? wow. I DREAM of doing that someday but probably when my kids are older so I can have a bi more timeto train. how in the world do you train for3 diff events at once? i can’t even wrap my mind around it, but you are in credible!!! some day I will do this!!!! I love reading your blog b/c I always leave motivated! thanks !! and sorry for all the typos….it’s midnight, i’m sick and too lazy to go back and fix them;)! ha!

  19. Some huge accomplishments for 2011… I would love to meet you some time for a race in 2012… that would be really awesome! I am sure 2012 will bring new goals and some massive new accomplishments for you :)

  20. Emily, love the new header, looks fantastic! What an EPIC 2011, all I have to say is Ironman. I would be happy with completing that one thing not to mention all the other goals you accomplished! Woo-hoo, watch out 2012!!

  21. Love Tale of the Two Cities.

    And becoming an iron woman is such an amazing achievement. I wish I could say the same for 2011. But totally gonna go for my first marathon in the Spring.