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Cat Sock Spinning Mix

Most of you know, through mentions on the blog, twitter or daily mile (big news people, I am actually still using daily mile. Logging my workouts for more than a week= a BIG first in my sweat career), that I teach a spin class every Friday morning. While the 25 dollars I earn per class is basically all I need to get by in life, I really teach because it’s fun, because I am uber picky about who I take spin classes from (and I happen to be rather fond of my own workouts), and for the free gym membership that includes a pool. As long as I’m living in DC, I will never give up my precious Friday morning slot. I secured it before I even had a residence in the city and miraculously wound up with an apartment super close to my gym. And by “miraculously wound up”, I really mean, chose my apartment based on the surrounding fitness offerings and access to running/biking trails. Priorities, people.

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With my girl Meredith. We both blog about our passions, me-sweat, Mer-Nachos and Gluten Free eats in DC.

As much as I love teaching and kicking some sweaty spinn-ee ass, I have a tendency to get into a bit of a song rut. I’m pretty sure LMFAO “Sexy and I know it” is on its 20th consecutive week on my playlist. (And that might be underestimating by approximately 10 weeks…) I only take partial responsibility for being so repetitive with my mixes, I mean, have you heard their musical masterpiece? It’s like they made it with a spin class in mind. They actually say “I WORK OUT” in the song. It would be unreasonable to expect me not to play it every Friday morning for 52 straight weeks.

But, because I think even my most loyal class attendees are ready to walk out the next time they hear “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle” I am challenging myself to keep it fresh in the coming weeks by posting my mix each Friday. Bonus: I get to provide you all with some workout ideas. If you don’t have a spin bike available, you can mimic the workout on the elliptical or with a good pool running session and still do similar intervals. Singing aloud and having a solo dance party on exercise equipment of choice is totally encouraged.

So, today’s list, brought to you by the cat socks I accidentally wore to class


Keeping it hot and stylish since 1984.

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree-KT Tunstall (shout out to a fellow Vermont lover!) Warm up

Stronger– Kelly Clarkson – Moderate hill, working the choruses at a fast pace in a standing climb with more resistance

Your Love is My Drug – Ke$ha – Same thing but light resistance, flat road and then working the choruses in a fast pace in hand position 2

Memories- David Guetta – Start at a moderate climb and a steady pace, add resistance every 30 seconds without letting the pace fall

Sexy and I know it – LMFAO – (SEE. It’s just SO good.) Standing climb with 20 second pickups in two stages of speed x 3

Don’t Cha –PCDs-Jumps, increasing pedal speed every minute

Blow-Ke$ha – Power/acceleration, Start on flat road, accelerate pace, add heavy resistance for the chorus, all out effort, back to flat road x 3

Good feeling– Flo Rida –30 seconds off/30 seconds on x 4

Wild One-Sia/Flo Rida (Flo is my boy) Standing climb steady pace, add resistance and work it in the saddle for 20 second intervals during fast parts x 3

More-Usher – Standing climb, start at steady pace, increase pace and hold faster speed at every chorus until at all out effort by last one

What the Hell-Avril Lavigne 3 X all out sprints at chorus with added resistance for each sprint

New Divide-Linkin Park –Power/acceleration again but this time on a hill the whole time

Someone Like You/Rumor Has it-Glee Mash Up- cool down

And there you go, if you have any questions about the instructions, or where I get my awesome footwear, ask away in the comments section. And please, share away. What is the best spin-worthy workout song you’ve been jamming to?siteанализ сайта на посещаемостьвзлом skype бесплатные звонки

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  1. Hi! I don’t think I’ve commented before (maybe once..) but I’ve been following for a while and if I were in DC I would totally come to your spin class! I’ve never even taken once before. :(

  2. I love the cat socks! and it looks like a good mix to me :)

    I have been a pandora addict on the cardio dance mix station to help get me through my trainer sessions.

  3. As your gay, I am sad that there is a serious lack of Robyn, Beyonce, and Rih-Rih.

  4. I kind of like the socks… :)

  5. I have been reading for a while and never even knew that you taught spinning! I took my first class yesterday in probably a year and it was pretty great! Good mix though, I am a fan.

  6. I don’t go to spin class but I do my at home spinning. I love Paradise by Coldplay and Shake it Out by Florence + the Machine as warmup and cool down songs.

  7. I love this. I went to FlyWheel class last night. I hadn’t been to spin in so long and that class and this list has reinvigorated my love affair with spin. Thanks!

  8. Hi! I love reading your blog! I was just thinking about Sexy and I Know it as a killer spin song, but my boyfriend said it might offend the old ladies at my gym. My spin instructors play disco and classic rock. everyday. It sucks. This is why I’m getting my ass spin certified, so I can teach classes and pick my own damn music.

  9. “Breakn’ a Sweat” – Skrillex is another good one with sweaty workout lyrics

  10. I teach spinning too and my surefire songs to get people in the “Yay! We’re spinning and we love it!” mode are: Cobrastyle (Teddybears), Thunderstruck (AC/DC), Hallelujah Dance Remix (Anno Domini), James Bond Remix (Paul Oakenfold), and absolutely anything by Girl Talk.

  11. My instructor busted out “Let Me Think About It” during Wednesday night’s class, which according to my iPod is “sung” by Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand (wtf). This song is a staple on all my running mixes, so I was pumped to hear it in class. Also, do you want to come teach at Equinox in Chicago so I can take your classes. Thanks in advance.

  12. Self plug here – but check out IntheGym.net for some awesome workout playlists!

  13. My favorite work out song is Going Insane by the Warp Brothers, it always keeps me moving.

  14. In spin class I loved Cascada’s “because the night”. Its a very upbeat version and I once listened to it on replay for an entire 5k.

  15. So cool that you teach a spin class. During one of my very first spin classes, the instructor played “Human” by The Killers. I remember getting really in the zone! Also, I love really bad (and by “bad” I mean awesome) pop music, more song lists please :)

  16. I just spun this morning to sexy and I know it. It’s the best workout song ever. I like to flex discreetly (or I’ve been told not so discreetly) when they say I work out.

  17. I was pretty excited to see this post because I too teach just a Friday morning spin class and therefore reap the benefits of a free gym membership…excellent strategy, lady. So I’ll be tuning in to shamelessly steal your tunes and choreography on a weekly basis – a fantastic addition to my lazy instructor plan! Thanks!
    That said, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. (Don’t block me for that…) I’m happy to share my playlists and moves too – just drop me a line!

  18. Love the song suggestions!!

  19. My favorite spinning song is Asereje by Las Ketchup.

  20. YES!! You have serioiusly made my day. I am in DESPERATE need of new songs as I kick up some training. thanks!

  21. My MOST favorite workout song/pump up song of late is Firework by Katy Perry. I’m half embarassed to admit to being SO in love with a Katy Perry song, but its AMAZING, and always makes me work harder.

  22. Question: I don’t spin, I’ve been to one spin class ever, but I love to bike and just bought one of those trainer things so I can ride my own bike indoors- do you know how that compares to spinning? I wanna play the game!

  23. My favorite teacher sometimes uses Proud Mary as a constantly increasing climb during the slow part, followed by a downhill sprint for the fast part and every single time I am singing along (I feel sorry for the people who sit next to me) and having the time of my life. Footloose is a close second and the 11 minute hill that sometimes comes with November Rain is a love/hate sort of thing. I love spin, and especially when the music is really good! Do you mind if I ask what the process was like to get certified as an instructor? I always think about how I would love to do that, but I’m not really sure how involved it is.

  24. Love the playlist, and I also can’t get enough of that song. I agree, like it was made to be a power workout song! Keep it on there!

  25. You should get old school with some Spice Girls, Thong Song, and like… Who Let the Dogs Out.


  27. Hey there, I’ve been a reader for awhile. Where do you teach spin? I live in DC and have been looking for a spin class to mix up my cardio (which is 99% running).

  28. I know you love dressing up – have you considered wearing a pair of gold shorty tights for your class with velcro for the quick rip-off to reveal another pair of gold shorty tights. My oldest son is desperate for me to make him a pair.

  29. Long time reader, first time poster… but just wanted to say I love the post and your playlist. SO.MUCH.FUN. Two of my favourite pump up songs are La Roux “Bulletproof” and (you might have to be Canadian for this one) Shawn Desman “Night Like This”. (I actually don’t know why the second one gets me, but it always does).
    Anyway, love the blog. Keep up the epic-ness :)

  30. Love the playlist, those sound like the perfect songs to make a class fly by. On of my favorite workout songs is The Cave by Mumford and Sons – it does have a few quiet parts, but it’s easy to get in the zone on the more intense sections. Hope 2012 has been treating you well so far!

  31. Love the playlist! I’ve been meaning to update my running playlist and will be adding some of these. Thanks for the ideas!

  32. I love that playlist. I got especially happy when I saw the Adele/Glee mashup because I’m choreographing to it this season! Ps if I’m in dc soon, sign me up for spinning!

    Xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  33. On occasion, I get to take an 8:30 am spin class with this guy who is AWESOME! I’m seriously obsessed with him. He plays a huge variety of stuff, and I must admit that the most recent hilarious song that made me want to crank it was by Sak Noel, the “Loca people” song which is R-rated because of language! He also plays ACDC and Motley Crue which seem to work well on hard climbs!

  34. Love it. p.s have you hear the elmo version of this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWF86D_UNxc

    In my mind it’s a must see.

  35. I just wanted to say I just started reading your blog and I am really enjoying it! Also, I am so jealous of those cat socks, I want some now.

  36. I’ve never been to a spin class but my go to running songs mostly involve Mayer Hawthorne, he knows how to get one in the groove!

    Also, those socks are awesome.

  37. Well if you are taking “I WORK OUT!” off the list, glad to see KE$HA is still holding strong. SPORTZ!

  38. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson – hands down. Sorry I’m not sorry for also playing it on repeat all the time.

  39. Sweat with Snoop. When we increase pedaling in the chorus the whole class is pulsing!

  40. Just wanted to say thanks or this outline. I was almost forced to choose between brunch with girlfriends and spin class . Luckily I saw this post! Great workout. Thanks!

  41. http://livefreeandrun.blogspot.com/

    I am also a spin instructor in DC, fitness blogger and Runner! Very cool! Nice to meet you…excited to follow. :-)