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CB 10 Miler Preppin’

This weekend, DC is a little bit sweatier.


Blurry photo unavoidable thanks to angry mob of cotton T-shirt seeking racers waiting for us to stop picture taking.

Because my sweat loving mother is in town for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.


Look Ali! She hearts sweat!

(Ali actually already got this picture signed sealed and emailed to her, but it’s so good it deserves some blog love too.)

My mom entered the lottery for the race back in December, and you’d have thought she won the MegaMillions jackpot based on how excited she was when she received the email confirming her bib for the race.


The Cherry Blossoms may not be in peak shape anymore, but we’re both excited to get our race on tomorrow morning.

I’ve spent the last three weekends at races, but not really racing anything.

First, I tempo ran the St Patricks Day 8k after running 19 miles the day before.


Then, there was the whole National Half show up and race on extraordinarily tired legs.


And last weekend, I ran 11.4 miles before trying to race the Hot Chocolate 15k at Marathon Goal Pace for a total of 20.7 miles for the day.


Three weekends later, and I’m itching to let me adrenaline actually tackle a race without qualifying it as “well I’m just tempo/long running/recovery jogging/insert running workout of choice here”.

So I’m kind of, sort of prepared to actually do that. At least, in my slightly less than normal cocky asshole kind of way.

First, I got my long run miles in on Thursday evening-16 of them, super slow like, to check the long run off the weekly run to-do list and give myself a couple of days to take it easy before the race.

Next, I took two active recovery days in a row to rest up. Yesterday, I stuck to teaching my regularly scheduled spin class, nothing else.


Unless you count the pint glass curls. The Halnon women wanted to log a few of those to celebrate the start of our weekend together.


And this morning, I went for a super easy 5 miler before pilates class while my mom toured DC in her running shoes.


We rendezvoused after our workouts at my favorite local bagel place. I can think of no better meeting spot on race weekend.


Excellent choice also because I finally realized how magical salt bagels are. I salt EVERYTHING I eat. And not just a dash of salt. A shaker of salt. I can’t believe it took me 27 years to discover the beauty in pairing my addiction to bagels and salt for post-workout refueling. Consider me a salt bagel convert.


Speaking of bagels and all things carbs, that’s pretty much the rest of our plans until the gun goes off tomorrow morning. I don’t know if 10 miles really necessitates carbo loading, but I do know that I am happy to use any distance of racing to justify carbohydrate consumption.

Catch you on the other side of some pretty amazing pizza.

Good luck to everyone else racing tomorrow! Judging by the crowds at bib pickup for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, pretty much everyone and their cousin/brother/dog walker/frozen yogurt consultant (ps- don’t you want to be a frozen yogurt consultant?? I don’t think it’s a real thing, but I think we should work at making it a real thing) will be at the starting line tomorrow. If you’re one of them, go kill some miles.

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24 Responses to CB 10 Miler Preppin’

  1. 3 years of bar mitzvah parties taught this mensch early on the magic of salty bagels and schmear. Welcome to the club.

  2. salt bagels??! where have you been!!!

    see ya tomorrow!

  3. I am mad jealous. I ran the cherry blossoms last year and loved it. Was so sad that I didn’t get in this year. I’ll have to try again next year!

  4. Good luck racing tomorrow!!!

  5. Have an awesome weekend! :) Looks like a ton of fun.
    And screw the salt natzis! I love SALT!

  6. Your Mum’s totally awesome. I love that she loves to race so much and she always puts in with her workouts. And she’s prepared to do new things that are out of her comfort zone. And she plays a pretty mean game of Words With Friends too.


  8. Good luck to you both tomorrow! I didn’t get into the race this year, but am a volunteer, so it’s possible you may hear a shrill “GO SWEATY EMILY!” as you zoom by.

    • I hope so! If you yell and I don’t respond, blame it on my racing zone and my deafening ipod, but I’ll be on the look out!

  9. you and your mom are so cute

  10. Oh em gee – I LOVE salt bagels!! Enjoy the race tomorrow – kill it!

  11. Salt bagels were my favorite. Yum. Please have one and think of me when you eat it…send me the ‘yum’ thoughts.

    Have fun with your mom…so cool you are racing the same race :) And go fast!

  12. Good luck tomorrow! I’m racing a 5 miler in Cleveland, OH tomorrow morning. Hoping for a dry start – I can deal with 45 degree temps as long as the rain stays away!

  13. Whoo-hoo! Sounds like you’re pumped and I’m excited for you to toe a start line on fresh legs.

    Maybe I’ll see you after the race again, but if not, good luck to you and your mom!

    • I totally saw you during the race! I yelled but you were clearly in the zone. Congrats on the PR and let’s get some kind of social and/or running scheduled for this week!

  14. Kill it tomorrow (or today, since it’s I’m 3 hours behind)!

  15. My excuse for crisps as a side for my lunch today! I finished a 10km in the morning!

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  17. You mom is so cute! I hope you two have a blast together and at the race!

  18. Salt bagels??!! I love salt (like looooove it) and bagels! And apparently I live in a place devoid of this wonder:(

  19. […] more on the actual race later. I’ve got a little more mom time left before she flies back to […]

  20. Looking forward to hearing about the race from you and your mom!

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