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Tuesday Things

So, I haven’t blogged in a few days. I am not going to apologize for my absence because I don’t think anyone was actually overly concerned with where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. But, now that I’m back in blogging action, you get to hear all about it whether you like it or not.

Also, I’m feeling a little surly this morning as I was up until the not so gentle hour of 2am working on the final touches of my application to earn a spot on Team Nuun for the Hood to Coast Relay.


Considering my normal bedtime is 9am and I want back on this team more than pretty much anything else in the running universe, the surliness is at a pretty sky high level. Apologies in advance.

So, since we last talked a lot of pretty fantastic things have happened.

1) I hit my highest mileage week ever. After the 65 miles in seven days achievement, I decided to shoot for 70 the next week, a number well within the whole 10 percent increase rule, and again, a number I never really thought my injury prone body would see.


And I hit it with 72 miles. I actually accidentally kind of sort of hit 75 because I decided to just ignore the whole Cherry Blossom 10 miler and start counting by the DailyMile week of Monday-Sunday instead of Sunday to Saturday. And then when I was out celebrating the engagement of two of my favorite people in the world, I realized I had hit 75. Some people drunk text, I drunk tally my miles.


2) I had one of the best long runs of this training cycle, and maybe ever. On Saturday, I met up with this girl (who is about to kill it at Boston so hard) and a few guys to get some miles in. We did 10 with Melody, which was awesome, since I do not see her nearly enough, dropped her off so she could taper like a smart person, and then kept going. When we kept going we dropped the pace down to my MGP and faster. 22 miles for the day with 8ish at MGP or lower. It was the perfect blend of old running friends, new running friends, and oh so much runners highing. (And maybe a little bit of questioning whether I am making the right decision.)


And then I refueled, Virginia winery style. I highly recommend it.

3) I added to my bike family.


I’m going to cruise so hard so much.

I was devastated by the lack of pink cruisers when I went bike shopping and had to get one RIGHT THAT SECOND, but it’s nothing some hot pink accessorizing can’t help.


I’m more concerned about people stealing my basket than my bike.

And that’s officially all of the time I have for the morning. Happy Tuesday, sweat hard and enjoy some miles!

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22 Responses to Tuesday Things

  1. LOVE the cruiser bike!! And yes, watch out for the basket :)

  2. hahah I loled at the drunk tallying miles part :)

  3. I might want a cruiser…where did you get yours? I also will need a bike rack.

  4. Better ziptie that basket on. Congrats on the new record!

  5. Not sure if I’ve seen that pic before. I love how yall are wearing a skirt and tshirt and I’m wearing a jacket and pants, I was FREEZING. Ha,you can def tell I’m from Texas.

  6. Sweet new ride. Isn’t Big Red going to be jealous of the new blue baby??

  7. Awesome week of running so much!! Do we get to see your H2C app??!!!

  8. Don’t we get to see it? You’re a bigger tease than I am.

  9. Let me know if you make the H2C team again this year – Seaside is my hometown – born and raised (although I live in PDX now), I can tell you where to get the really great pizza and the back roads to get to the finish line so you don’t have to deal with as much of the traffic hell. Good luck!

  10. Hey Emily! Found your blog from SR and OUAL, figured if you are buds with them you must be pretty awesome!
    Question…how do I follow or subscribe to your blog? I didn’t see a button. I would love to follow along for inspiration!

  11. I love that beach cruiser! I got a different Schwinn beach cruiser, and then the beautiful one you have came out 1 week after I got my less-adorable-but-still-cute-enough red version. (I swear, it was like the next WEEK, or maybe the next month, but I was so sad that I had the other one and couldn’t justify buying the one that you have. You’re going to look awesome on that thing!

    • And I was so upset they didn’t have a pink one but I am really loving my blue baby! And seriously, hot pink accessories totally enhance it’s beauty. Happy cruising!

      • Ha! Well, I love the one you chose…possibly more than I would have if it were pink! I moved to the Pacific Northwest about 7 months ago, so my poor cruiser has not seen the beach or any sort of pavement since before that, but here’s hoping that soon I might see the amazing sun! Actually, the weather’s getting better! Maybe this weekend would be a good time for a bike ride!!!

  12. LOL love your beach cruiser! and definitely the basket to carry all the essentials! I think that I want one now too! ;)

  13. UMMM, 75 miles. are ya for real girl?!?

    baby blue is pretty awesome.

  14. Congrats on the 75/72 mile week!!! I am highly impressed, especially knowing that there is no way you ONLY ran this week. You are going to crush 3:20!

    • I actually didn’t do a ton more than run! Pilates of course and a couple of light sessions in the pool but last week I was ALL about the running!

  15. LOVE the cruiser!
    I can’t wait to hear how we can help you score your spot back on Team Nuun.
    You are, like basically my sweaty idol. I’m coming back from this big-ol’ injury and you are my inspiration to finally suck it up, stop just pounding pavement, and try those try those tris, something I have been wanting to do forever and a day! So, thanks lady!

    • Thank you! So happy you’re finding a love for tris. They definitely helped me get over more than a couple injuries. Recover smart and happy tri-ing!

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