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Oiselle Totally Trials Application

The day Oiselle posted the announcement for their Totally Trials contest, it took me about one tenth of a second to decide that I wanted to apply and that I wanted to apply with my cross country running bestie SarahOUaL.


I mean, read the call for applicants and try to look me straight in the eye and tell me that the universe was not bellowing at us to immediately halt all work/social/family obligations and get right to work on our creative app.

First, the contest was designed for two running girlfriends, even if your running bud of choice lives more than a 5k away from your front door.


Check. Turns out, DC is not close to California.

OUaL and I have not only maintained a pretty amazing stranger danger-turned-bff friendship despite the many miles between us, but we also managed to overcome the terror of meeting for the first time over one of the worst race weekends in the history of racing (which we all know means we saw each other at the worst of our worst) to form our friendship.


Since that fateful weekend, we’ve become friends who harbor a critical need to hang out on the reg-always with some underlying purpose related to running/sweating/racing/or cheering on friends/strangers/olympic hopefuls as they do any/all of the above…and we act on these desires. Slightly problematic for husband/bank accounts/and the like but positively lovely for us.


We’ve endured and supported each other through some of the lowest of life and running lows: break ups, career changes, broken feet and PR fails that were backed up with death threats. And we’ve cheered each other on to the highest of running highs we never thought possible.

And as much fun as we inevitably have anywhere we travel for our running adventures, there are two indisputable highlights that rise above the rest.

First, there was Houston for the marathon trials.


Yeah, remember that time we decided a week before the trials to blow our grocery budgets for the next six months so we could be there to cheer for Desi, Kara, Meb and the gang live and in person?



And then, there was HugeEug.


Home of magic and marathon PRs.

Both experiences have fueled our obscene love for the sport and our friendship…probably not unrelated to the fact that all of our other friends are sick of hearing about track parties, Prefontaine and our undying love for Amy Hastings.

And now Oiselle (a brand that we both kind of sort of massively dig for both their clothes and their reputation in the running world) is giving two runners the chance to combine TRIALS and EUGENE.


Sign us up.

Pretty sure walking into Hayward for TRACK TRIALS in EUGENE would be the cause of the ultimate “OMG I’ve died and gone to running heaven” moment…especially if we were doing that walking in a pair of violet rogas, alongside some women who go fast and take chances.



So yeah, applying was a no brainer.

Clearly we won’t be giving up our running passion to pursue an Academy Award in cinematic production any time soon, but please enjoy our awkward-runnerd-dear-god-please-stop-the-camera video:

(Dear Oiselle, consider our willingness to share our extreme awkwardness on camera with the internet a sign of how much we want to join you for TRACK TRIALS in EUGENE. Promise we’ll be more normal IRL at the nest. No promises about sky high levels of giddyness/pants peeing.)

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32 Responses to Oiselle Totally Trials Application

  1. LOVE the video! You guys have to be picked! Good luck!!!!!

  2. Um. adorable. Hope to see you there!

  3. Good luck – awesome video! I love my violet rogas, and they are so comfy. I saw you & cheered for you on the beltline on Sunday. It was an awesome race, and I can’t wait to run it again next year.

    • Thanks! Violet rogas are amazing. I ran VCM in mine. How’d it go for you? I totally thought that was you on the beltway, so fun!

      • Well, I finished my first marathon, I had fun, and I got beer and ice cream at the end! It was much slower than anticipated, but that just means a big PR for next time.

  4. as if you would ever pack that little.

  5. If me and my buddy Amanda don’t win….then I hope you do :)

  6. You’re video is great. I think you and Sarah are definitely going to win.

  7. That would be such a memorable trip! Hope you guys win.

  8. This is very cool – you guys have to win!!

  9. Too cute!

  10. The 2 of you are super cute together :)

  11. Ummm…that’s sorta, kinda totally awesome! It’ll be a major crime if they don’t pick you guys. I should know, I’m a lawyer. :)

  12. OMG you guyz. Running romance! Runmance! I mean, apart from the whole Sarah’s husband thing of course!

  13. Super creative!

  14. That was awesome. Where can I vote??!

  15. you two were made for this! Hope you win!

  16. This is so great! You guys did an awesome job.

  17. Love the video!!

  18. This is freaking awesome! Keeping fingers crossed for you guys!

  19. Great video, Emily!

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  21. All the best Em & Sarah

  22. Love the video…you’re a shoo-in.

  23. OMG how could they NOT choose you guys. <3

  24. I LOVE your video!!! Fingers crossed you win!!

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