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Race Week (again)

So, it’s race week (again). And it kind of feels like we were just here, because, well, we were.


But this time, it’s much different.

For Eugene, I was in full-on taper mode. Every part of race week was about resting my body, running super low mileage, doing no cross training whatsoever, and staying off my feet as much as possible. I hated it.


Well, I hated everything except the eating every carb in sight part.

For this 50k, I am not in target race mode. I’m just barely getting back up in mileage from the marathon, and I don’t want to spend another week tapering instead of training for future races.

So, instead of a super duper taper schedule, I gave myself a mileage allowance for the week of 30-35 miles. This should ensure that I’m fairly rested for the race, while still giving me a decent seven day total after I (hopefully) finish the 50k on Sunday. 

Additionally, I’m keeping cross training on the table. Low-impact, easy cross training like pilates and swimming=totally fair game.


I kicked off this morning with a super easy, super slow, super struggle (since it’s been kind of a ridiculous while) of a swim to stretch out my body. An easy mile later and I feel stretched out and relaxed. It may not be total rest, but it’s restful. 

While I hate that I can’t do as much as I normally would (like when I blew a third of my mileage allowance on last night’s run), I hate it less than full on taper.

To help approach race weekend in the best physical shape, while refusing to enter total rest mode, I’m focusing on treating my body well. I’m living in compression gear, I’ve been in bed by 8:30pm the last two nights (try not to be jealous of my crazy social life), I’ve cut out drinking for the week, or at least cut back, let’s not get too crazy here, and I’m eating clean. Or, at least not housing entire platters of mini corn dogs.


Not that I did that on Saturday night…

Lastly, I’m trying to mentally and physically prepare for the unique challenges of a 50k.

Like mud.


Apparently when it rains all week, mud forms, and it’s harder to run in. Crazy.

So last night, I hit a trail for like .1 miles and practiced sliding around in the mud, because that’s clearly enough preparation for 31 full miles of mud.

I’m hoping that Philly truly does just have one more day of rain for the week and then 4 straight days of sun to dry it all out.


Come on, sunnnn. Do your thang.

Otherwise, I’m prepared to get really dirty and maybe fall a few times.

Luckily, I’m a total champ at falling while engaging in endurance sports.

And because it wouldn’t be race week without a little race registering. I did this this morning:


I’m such a sucker for race registrations that are filling up at record speed. I hadn’t intended to register for the race, but I did put a reminder about opening day on my Outlook calendar and I figure I need to do it at least once while I’m living in DC.


29980 participants already registered when I clicked the R button. 30,100 and full when I was done.

Some economics class could definitely do a case study on my inability to resist these situations.

Who else registered for ATM this morning? Any other race weekers out there in need of some group therapy?

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24 Responses to Race Week (again)

  1. 31 miles in the mud! That sounds torturous, (but like a great photo-op). You are so hardcore it blows my mind!

  2. So jealous of your race! Granted I’m nowhere near fit enough for an ultra at this point, and I’ve kind of sworn off trails after last year’s “mother ass mountain eff hill eff mountain actually dying” event. Buuut I am running a half this weekend, and while my training has been all over the map the last few weeks, I both know I’m fit enough, AND am freaking out over the fact that I signed up … Sunday night… for a race 6 days away… and my legs feel weird, and tired, and useless. Um… BAH! Pass me some carbs.

  3. Aww, I got to the website too late to register for ATM. But I’m thinking if I still reeeeeally want to do it, I’m sure I can transfer in.

  4. Woot! Can’t wait to hear your recap of the 50K. And yes, hopefully it dries out before Sunday. SLipping and sliding along 31 miles would bring a whole other set of challenges (that I know you’d be ready and willing to take on).

  5. Keep on, keepin’ on! You can do it!

  6. Hopefully it’ll dry out a bit. I’m running a 50k this weekend again and have been having the same thoughts since it never stopped raining here yesterday! Have a great time at your race!

  7. Apparently the Army 10 miler was sold out before I even knew it opened. Considering I don’t live in DC and had no intention of doing it, it wasn’t a huge loss. However it still disturbs me how quickly races sell out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I hate you. When I was getting ready for work it was open. When I got to work, it was full. I really hope I can get a transfer.

  9. Slipping on mud for 31 miles is a recipe for a groin pull, so I’m rooting for things to dry up by the weekend for you! Also registered for ATM! In fact, I looked for a half marathon training plan that would have me racing a 15K on Oct. 21. Heh.

  10. I signed up for the ATM this morning also…at 12:01am just to be sure I got in! :) Ridiculous how fast it fills up!

    • I’m impressed with your dedication! There was no way I was going to be awake at midnight for it.

  11. i did the ATM when i lived in DC. since i have only done 2 other 10 milers since and was out of shape for both of them, it remains my PR which ticks me off all the more in a way. it was 1997 which was before you would check everything on the internet (i realize you are too young to remember such a time) which is important in my sad story. i picked up my bib and shirt the night before at some hotel near pentagon city and asked what time the race started and was told 830a. so next morning i was a little slow getting going and the cab i called was 10 or 15 min late, no problem i thought, i still have plenty of time, i got out of the cab at 8am to hear the starting gun go off as i stepped out of the door, i sprinted over to the race (good warm up technique) and jumped in with a million back of the pock runners that i would be weaving through and cursing for much of the next 10 miles. afterwards i went looking for that volunteer who lied to me but was never able to find her, good thing that i didnt since i was planning to kill or at least maim her and since we were on the pentagon parking lot i surely would have been caught and might have been tried in a military court which i dont think would have turned out well for me.

  12. Muddy trail running sounds like fun! Looking forward to the race recap! Amazing how fast some of those 10 milers fill up!

  13. The ATM filled up before I had a chance to check it today. Gutted! Good luck in the mud this weekend!

  14. Love the Army Ten!!! I registered as soon as it opened at midnight! This will be my 3rd ATM in a row. Last year, a month before the race I spent 2 weeks hiking in the Alps. So on race day I was fit & full of alpine hemoglobin…& totally shocked myself by PRing. Managed to also fracture my foot & had to sit out the next 2 months (miserable), but it was a great day to run & a great race, totally worth it. ;) Love reading your blogs…love the intensity & your quirky sense of humor. Congrats on Eugene!

  15. Hmm, I have never done the army 10 miler and i live in the area now! I will have to look into this whole “transfer in” thing. Wow, I didn’t realize your 50K would be so soon!!!! Good luck, it sounds like so much fun, just don’t slip in the mud!!!

  16. What’s so amazing about the Army 10-miler? I’m intrigued…

    And, .1 miles of mud sliding is better preparation than 0, so way to go!