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The Vermont Indecision

The last three and a half weeks have been a little wild.

First, there was Eugene.


Big sigh.

And then there was my first 50k.


More sighing.

And in between there was a whole lot of life chaos, highs, lows, and everything in between. I’ve had a busy week at work, a social schedule that’s been keeping me out past my bedtime, and an apartment that is still  begging to be properly moved into (apparently plastic bins of denim and button up shirts don’t scream “settled”, I should probably just come to terms with the fact that I don’t wear real clothes ever and put them all in storage).

I could really use a weekend at home to deal with life and just chill out and I actually contemplated skipping the whole trip to Vermont and gifting myself the free long weekend that I’m craving.  And if I’d been going anywhere other than Vermont, I might have actually acted on that urge. But it’s Vermont. And if any place in the world can cure a few stresses and make me feel calm again, it’s the Green Mountain State.


Lakes, mountains, friends who will walk around Vermont’s biggest (slash only) city with my name plastered across their chests. What’s not to love?

I plan to spend the weekend in a whirlwind of my favorite local craft brews, good eats, and all of the best friends I made in my 25 years in the state.

Once I’d decided not to foolishly cancel my flight home, I was left with another big decision to make.


And if you’re looking for the actual decision, come back later, like maybe around 7am on Sunday morning.

My recovery from Sunday’s ultra is actually going extremely well. I spent the early part of the week easy swimming/spinning and pilatesing and waited until Wednesday to try my first post-ultra run.


3 super easy miles.

The only thing that really bothered me was a tight right quad that’s still a little angry from some slanted roads in the early miles of Eugene’s course.

20120523_145802 (1)

And yesterday I went out for a 5 mile jaunt with my lunchtime running partner, who was also coming off of a big race weekend, and things felt almost normal.

I’ve graduated from issuing death threats to my foam roller, to whispering sweet nothings to it as it does its thing with my quads, hips and glutes.

In an ideal world, I’ll still run the full marathon on Sunday. Slowly.

This is my absolute favorite race in the world and the idea of missing out on the 26.2 mile party through the streets of Burlington hurts me a little.

But, I’m also prepared to not start the race at all or DNF. I’ve got big plans for the coming months, BIG PLANS, and I don’t want to blow them all on a race that is a just for fun kind of run.

But, I would love to feel recovered enough to run the entire course with my brother and mother, who will be toeing the line as a two person relay, each one doing 13.1 miles of the course.


Jameson wants to PR his half, which means breaking a buck fitty and reaching the mid-point at 1:49.


And my sweaty mother expects to run somewhere between 2:05-2:10+.

If I can keep up with my speedy brother, I would love to help pace him to a PR and then finish at my mother’s slightly more manageable pace.

Three years ago, I was trying to break 4 hours in the marathon for the first time at VCM.

My mother and brother were also splitting the relay that year and had their own goal for the race: to beat me.


They did.

This year, we all hope we tie.

Stay tuned, marathon decision coming to a Vermont city near you.

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15 Responses to The Vermont Indecision

  1. I LOVE that this race is a family event for you. It’s so inspiring that your brother and mom are also going to be out there running-were they always runners or did they catch the “running bug” from you? (So contagious!) Whatever you decide, have fun and good luck (from what I’ve read on your blog, I’m fairly certain you’ll be at that starting line, haha), and enjoy the weekend!

  2. Have fun in Vermont! I also love that place and find it very calming and it just makes me feel good to be there – even if I do have more pressing things to do at home.

    Good luck with whatever race you decide to do – and best of luck to your brother and your mother! I hope they rock their races!

  3. Abby @ Change of Pace

    That’s awesome your family is running too! I can see why it would be tough to say no to running with them!
    When are you going to let us in on the plans you’ve alluded to?

  4. Do it Em! But be careful and go slow and above all, have fun with the fam!

  5. Have a great relaxing weekend! And I can’t wait to hear your big plans. :-)

  6. I love that the whole dang fam runs! You should absolutely do it, Emily, but listen to your bod and take it slow if need be (obvs you’ve got this figured out already;)). Have a fabulous Vermont weekend!

  7. Whattup Ali?

  8. Being able to run yet another marathon after what you’ve accomplished in the last couple of weeks is pretty spectacular. Good luck whatever you decide!

  9. So cool that your family is into with you! And can’t wait to hear about your BIG plans :)

  10. SO excited to run Sunday, especially since the weather looks absolutely perfect!

  11. I’ll be looking for you. At 32 weeks pregnant, I am not running this year, but I am so looking forward to cheering people on at my favorite race!

  12. How amazing that your family runs too. Mine think I’m crazy! Something about that is why we have cars, so you don’t have to run 26 miles. Little do they know. Have a great time!

  13. Hope you have fun, whatever it is you decide to do!

    And, it gives me hope that 3 years ago you were trying to break 4 and now you’ve run 3:08! If only I’d sign up for another one…

  14. You’ re a machine! I couldn’t walk for a week after my last marathon, let alone run (okay my IT band may have been angry with me for doing Battle Fitness Test and Marathon training at the same time, but still)

  15. Go for it, Emily! You are a champion. <3 TJ

    P.s. can I please have my nalgene back?
    P.p.s. I am a famous writer now, as you always knew I would be.