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What’s Beautiful Campaign: The Goal

As someone who runs 75 miles in a week, has trained for an Ironman, and races way more than once a month every month of the calendar year, you’d probably expect me to be rail thin. But I’m not.


And you know what? I love that about myself.

And I love that I love that about myself.

I love that when I wake up in the morning, I don’t think about how many calories are in my breakfast (or my second or my third breakfast) but about how long my run is going to be, or how fast I’m going to aim for on my track repeats.


I love that when I shop for clothes, I don’t obsess over how small the size is, but how much fun it will be to pass some dude wearing hot pink from head to toe.


I love that my refrigerator is not plastered with pictures of models taunting me not to eat another cookie, but with my marathon goal times, challenging me to work harder every day.

I love that I don’t own a scale, but I do own enough running clothes to not do laundry for a month (or three).

I love that my body is strong.


I love that my body just carried me to a 3:08.01 marathon, more than an hour and a half faster than the first marathon I ran.


I love that my body not only trained for an Ironman, but finished it, even when the race threw me obstacle after obstacle.


I love that my body lets me push it to its limits, and performs, day after day, race after race. To me, beauty is all of these things, not a pair of size zero pants.


When I got asked to participate in the new Under Armour, “What’s Beautiful” goal-setting challenge, I did not hesitate to say yes because this campaign is based on the premise that beauty is strength. The competition strives to “show the world what beauty really is” by challenging women to set goals and kick all kinds of ass to achieve them. The campaign is built around words that define me and my approach to endurance sports: tenacity, competitive spirit, drive. The hardest part for me, was not deciding whether to participate, but to narrow down the best goal to push me to my limits.

Since recovering from the broken foot that sidelined me from running last Fall, I have already pushed myself to my limits and beyond. I’ve raced nearly every distance this year, proving at first that I could return from a broken foot by being smart and listening to my body and later by showing that I can work hard, train my butt off, and perform. I set PRs in short distances and knocked 20 minutes off my marathon time last week. The obvious question after these last, amazing four months, is what will push me even harder and challenge me to go farther?

Well, I’m taking this challenge literally. I am going to go farther.

On May 20th, I’ll be walking to the start of my first ultra-distance race: the Dirty German 50k in Pennsylvania.

Because it’s so close to my goal marathon, this goal is going to challenge me to balance the two things that have made my year so successful. I am going to need to be smart about recovering from my last race, by listening to my body, and not risking an injury. And, I am going to need to perform, by running longer than I ever have before.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that it’s rare for me to get involved with brands, and that I only do it when it’s something I really believe in. Well, this campaign without question meets that need. I mean, goals, challenging women to be the best they can be, defining beauty by strength and physical accomplishment? Sign me up.

And also, sign yourselves up. Click over, set a goal, and then achieve it. And maybe win some sweet prizes along the way.

And while you’re doing that, how about a chance to win $500 worth of Under Armour gear? Personally, I am digging their commitment to some flashy colors and bold patterns. I wouldn’t mind chicking some dude at my ultra sporting these…

And the official rules for entry:

No duplicate comments.

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

a) Leave a comment letting me know what Under Armour item you want to try.

b) Tweet about this promotion, including exactly the following unique terms in your tweet message: “#whatsbeautiful” “#sweepstakes”; and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post

c) Blog about this promotion and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post. To comply with FTC Guidelines (see http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm), entrants’ blog posts must disclose that they are receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post.

d) For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 5/10-5/21.

Be sure to visit the Under Armour page on BlogHer.com where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

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  1. i love this post, definitely inspiring. i want to try the Armour bra I’ve been hearing about, sounds awesome!

  2. Size zero pants rarely have room for leg muscles, which you need to actually, like, bike up hills. And run.

    Also I need new sports bras, so I’d give some of those a try, but it seems like NOTHING on the market is strong enough for me.

  3. I want a super lightweight tech singlet that won’t chafe under my hydration pack on my super long trail runs this summer!

  4. what a fantastically motivating campaign! when i went to sign-up, it brings you to facebook, which i dont have a profile for – sad i cant partake. in any event, i actually ordered 4 things from UA yesterday – the coldgear hoody, moxie sports bra, the armour sports bra, and the escape running tshirt!

  5. Do you know what I love? YOU! <3

  6. I love all those things about you too Emily, it is why I keep reading your blog! You are definitely an inspiration to all of us wanna-be athletes out there!!

    I would love to try UA’s HeatGear Capri’s.

  7. Great post! Since you’re making me choose (I would try any of their running gear!) I would like to try the Escape Knit Skort. Shorts give me the chafie-chafes.

  8. One of the girls I know recently said that she stopped playing soccer because of the leg muscles she got. The played soccer for most of her life, and stopping something you love just because you can’t have skinny legs makes me wonder why we girls are like that sometimes. If my legs let me do something awesome (like running a sub-2 halfmarathon, please!), I don’t mind if they don’t look like the legs of a supermodel (way to short anyways). Great campain! Good luck with the ultra!

  9. I love this post!

    I’m all about a new jacket – the Outer Limits Full Zip.

  10. I want to try the cold black line.

  11. Would you mind if I sharred this post on my blog? I am a new reader and I love your attitude about your body. And you put it into words so beautifully! Thanks, I needed it this morning!

  12. Love this post! Seriously probably one of my favorites from you ever.

  13. Great post, more women need to feel this way too!

    I set my first (major) running goal last week by signing up for my first marathon, eek! So some more shorts would be nice, I especially love the rhythm escape printed shorts.

  14. You.freaking.rock! LOVE this post!!! I was thinking this morning during spin class (taking a much needed week off from running, holy moly this is difficult:)) that while running and working out does great things for my body, I really love my body NOT for how it looks, but rather for what it DOES.

    I’ve been searching for a new running rain jacket, so I’d really like to check out the UA Ultimate Rain Jacket.

  15. I’d love to try the new armour bras that people have been raving about. This is such a great campaign!

  16. I want to try their Play Up 3″ Shorts!

  17. Awesome post Miss Emily!

    I’m running my first 50K on June 2. I would love to try the UA sports bra or the capris.

  18. I just tweeted about this here: https://twitter.com/chanmeleon/status/200577913035300864

    P.S. You are a huge inspiration to me as a runner. Keep doing your thang and kick that ultra’s ass!

  19. Also – I forgot to enter!! I really want to try this skirt: http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/womens-escape-knit-skort/pid1220043-003

  20. Congrats on the ULTRA! Truly impressive. I love my UA compression long sleeve top in winter and would to try their long pants too. I ran in the sub 15 degrees weather in DC for inauguration weekend and could have used them back then :)

  21. As a Baltimore girl, I’ve always been a big fan of UA, my hometown athletics company. I’d like to try the new armour bra, and their new running skirts!

  22. This kind of campaign usually makes me roll my eyes with cynicism but coming from you it really seems honest and refreshing. I struggle a lot because people expect me to be thin, to look like a runner. And I don’t, which absolutely kills me. You are really an inspiration in the sense that although you’re still a lot smaller than me, you don’t obsess over being thin and losing body fat to be faster. I do get some evil satisfaction out of the fact that you’re faster than almost all of the uber-skinny running bloggers. Gracious, aren’t I?


  23. I was soo close to buying the storm charge shoes and armour bra last night. I love the bright colors.

  24. Love this post! Like you I run high mileage and race a lot, but I’m more ‘athletic’ looking than rail thin. Definitely important to be proud of what your body can DO!

    I’d love to try the UA ultimate rain jacket.

  25. Great post! I’ve recently started cycling again, so I would love to try the HeatGear capri tights.

  26. the new armour bra. DEFINITELY the new armour bra — i got girls to support!

  27. This post is awesome on many levels and you are very inspiring! I’d love to try Under Armour sports bras

  28. The new Under Armour bra! I’ve been buying sports bras left and right looking for the perfect one!

  29. Love this post!! I know I will never be rail thin either but I also love that about my body. I dont have any under armour gear so I would love any of it!

  30. i’m digging the great escape printed shorts… and they’ll match my pink running shoes. i know… i’m such a girl. a strong girl!

  31. I love this post and you are awesome. I would LOVE to try the new Under Armour bra. Even if I don’t win one, I am planning to buy it because it seems awesome. I just wish they allowed you to choose the accent color instead of having just one that corresponds to your size!

  32. Rachel Williams

    I want to try their running shorts!

  33. Seriously love this. I am so much stronger as a runner now than I was in my super skinny, disordered eating years. I would much rather be able to run a marathon than try to maintain an unhealthy body weight. I will be challenging my body and mind with my first marathon on May 27 and conveniently wearing the new Armour bra I just bought last week.

  34. This is awesome! I’ve been following you since the CUCB in April and have appreciated your focus. This post just kicks up your awesomeness. (Also, I linked to this post in my own journal, as an FYI)

    I’m contemplating what I want to do for the challenge, as I’m a relatively new runner. But, my favourite running capris are caput-ing out, so I am anxious to try a pair of the UA ones!

  35. Never thought I’d say it… but booty shorts!

  36. I love the victory tank top!

  37. Can’t wait to hear about your 50K!! Those printed shorts are pretty cute, but I’d like to try out some compression socks. I’ve never worn them. I laid down seven pretty fast (for me) miles early this morning, and now I’m sitting here at my desk wishing I had some ibuprofen for my aching legs. I wonder if those socks would make a difference?

  38. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, but never commented before (hi!). Reading running blogs and running more seriously myself has made me fall in love with my body for the first time in my life. Super corny, but I love seeing evidence of my own power in a long run or a really great spin session. That being said, I love their flashy running shorts!

  39. I really needed to read this post today! Thank you for reminding me that the number on the scale or the tag is not the most important thing. You have definitely inspired me! You ROCK!

  40. I would love to try any of their sport bras!

  41. This sounds like an amazing campaign. I would really like a pair of compression capris. I have long compression pants, but those are too hot for summer running.

  42. Would love to try their capri’s this summer.

  43. I love the campaign and the focus on all the strong, sweaty women! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do in the 50k!
    I’m actually loving UA’s bathing suits! (I’m from Canada, so no entry for me. I just wanted to share what I like!)

  44. I’d love to try the new UA sports bras! I’m also signed up for the dirty german – not the 50k though. Good luck :)

  45. I think I would love to try the Rivalry racerback. In RED. :-) It doesn’t look like it would ride up, which is a problem that I tend to have when I am running!

  46. Great post, you have such a positive &healthy body image! I would love to try the new UA perfect capri’s.

  47. I want to try the women’s coldback ua run tank!!

  48. Here’s the link to my tweet: http://www.sweatonceaday.com/2012/05/whats-beautiful-campaign-the-goal.html

    The UA gear I’d most like to try are the UA Women Shatter Gear Capris and the Womens UA Charge RC Storm Running shoe.

    Here’s the long shot hope I win :)

  49. okay woops, here’s the real link to my tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/ErickaAndersen/statuses/200602483674972160

  50. The UA printed running shorts are so cute! Would love to try them!

    Good luck on the 50k!!

  51. Amazing. I love everything about this post!

  52. This post BEYOND rocks and I love everything about it. I’m SO excited for you to rock that 50K! I love UA, especially their jackets.

  53. What a beautiful message!!! Love it, what an inspiration you are….now if I could even make it through a half marathon I would be giddy!

    I would love love love some UA printed Escape shorts!!!! ♥♥♥

  54. I LOVE your attitude!! Everything that’s been put in your way you have kicked (or run, or swam, etc) right through!!
    I love Under Armour and have loved checking out the What’s Beautiful campaign site and watching so many women’s inspirational videos on what they’re doing to become better and stronger.
    I would LOOOVE to try the Women’s coldblack UA Run Tank. Running a marathon next weekend and in October. That means lots of summer sweating!! This would be awesome to have!!

  55. Fun post, Emily!

    I love the UA Victory tank :)

  56. I want some more fitted long sleeve UA shirts…the one that I have is my favorite long sleeved running shirt by far! I love the way it fits.

  57. That is amazing that you are running a 50k! After reading about your dedication to your training I know you will do great!
    I would love to try the new Under Armour Sports Bra. I never replace sports bras or spend more than $30 on them, but I have heard such great things about this one that I really want to try it out!

  58. I want an Under Armour sports bra! I heard that they are the best.

  59. Love this post! I want to try some of their shorts… and shirts… and shoes… oh wait, all of it! I have some of their warm gear and I love it.

  60. Love this post!

    I am a big fan of under armour built-in bra tanks, so I would get more of those. You can never have too many good tanks!

  61. I’m on an endless quest for a good sports bra. Maybe Under Armour will be the one!

  62. Posts like this are why I love to follow your blog. As someone who does admittedly obsess about calories, sizes, etc it is soooo refreshing to see how normal your relationship with food and fitness is!

    I checked out the Under Armour gear, and I love the Women’s UA Charm Full Zip……you can never have enough zipped jackets!

  63. love this!! and i definitely want to try UA’s super cute kilt skirt. love passing boys while running in a skirt!

  64. I would love to try their running shorts! I’m in the market for some new ones!

    Congratulations on your accomplishments. To me, beautiful is not an apperance at all… it’s an emotion, a vague construct.

  65. Wow! I want it all! :) I’d love to get new tanks for the summer.

  66. I love this post!
    I would try their compression capri tights.

  67. I want to try out the new UA sport bras

  68. Seriously awesome post! As someone new to distance running, this really is inspiring. I love that you define beauty in terms of strength. The compression shorts from UA look awesome. Would love to check that one out.

  69. That is awesome you are running the 50k. Your dedication and commitment to the sport is very inspiring. Best of luck!
    I have been wanting to try the UA Gotta Have It Sports Bra. I have been wearing the same brand for years (Champion from Target), until it chaffed my arms in my marathon this weekend. A friend wears the UA bra and recommended it to me.

  70. Awesome post, and I thought that before I got to the UA part. I really want to test out their Victory tank. The bright blue is absolutely my color.

  71. LOVE THIS POST!!! You are so inspiring!

    I would love to try the heat gear slash capri

  72. Slash running shoes!

  73. I love reading your blog every day but especially today!! You are an inspiration in so many ways. Thanks for this awesome post and congrats on your huge PR. I would love to try the new UA sports bra since they have a special one for DDs!!

  74. i absolutely love everything about this post!

    and id love to try the endure sports bra- just upped my milage alot (for me!) and need to find a sports bra that doesnt dig in as much.

    excited to read about your 50k adventure!

  75. You’re a rock star! I’m totally inspired and am excited to check out the contest :)

  76. I’d love to try the Armour sports bra!

  77. I’d love to try the sports bras! I have a few UA items and love them all. Love this campaign!

  78. Great message and post! LOVE it!

    I’d love to try the Under Armour Heatgear Slash Capris.

  79. Awesome! You’ll rock that ultra! What’s another 5 or so miles after a marathon, right? :)

    My underarmour bra is my best running bra ever – it’s my lucky race day one I always wear! Love this campaign (and I love that you love that about yourself – I’m also, um, not anywhere near rail thin, and I probably should be for the amount of training I put in).

  80. I want to try the UA Charm Seamless Tank – Love the colors, design and that’s it’s seamless!

  81. I would love to try the coldblack running tank and the Heatgear slash capri!

  82. Yay, ultra! I think I’d like to try some of the UA tanks for summer running fun.

  83. I would love to try one of their sports bras! My favorite sports bra is UA, and am dying for another one!!!

  84. I love UA gear; I wear it through all the weather changes New York State throws at me! I would love to try one of the new coldblack tanks.

  85. I would love some of those printed shorts. So fun!

  86. You are amazing! You’ll rock that 50K!

    I’d love to try the Armour Bra. I have a hard time finding sports bras that fit well so it’d be sweet to try that one!

  87. Alison Elizabeth

    This post totally resonated with me. Thank you for saying all of the above! And UA sports bras have become a necessary element of my race day wardrobe, I’m even more into them with this campaign!

  88. I’d love to try the Women’sUA Escape KnitSkortII . Super cute.

  89. Great post! I’d like to try the coldblack run tank. I have such a hard time running in the heat and humidity.

  90. Love this post!! I really want the slash capris!

  91. The Dirty German! That is a funny name for a race. I kind of like it.

    There is a crapload of stuff I’d try from UA. The compression shorts and leggings look cool but I find the RC storm running shoe intriguing. Looks like their shoes could feel fast.

  92. I really like that aqua tank dress, super cute and sporty! Have fun at your ultra, that is an awesome goal!

  93. Such a great post, following an inspiring race report. Would love to try the Block It 3″ shorts.

  94. I love all the fun tanks, the UA seamless comes in tons of great colors.

  95. Love this post! Running has definitely made me see my body differently. I don’t want to be skinny – I want to be strong!

    I’d love to try to the victory tank.

  96. First of all, I love this post. Second, I love UA. I have a neon orange UA tank I adore, and I’d love more of their neon gear. And socks. I can’t live without UA socks.

  97. I love UA! But I’d rather spend my money on races, so this is great! I want to try their bras! :)

  98. You are awesome and by far one of the best posts I read. Nice to know fellow runners out there that do NOT wear a size 0 :)

  99. any of the cold weather running gear…i need to stock up for the cold winters where i live!

  100. LOVE this post.

  101. I don’t really care about the contest. I just want to say I love your attitude! I’m an marathoner/ultrarunner who is definitely not a stick. My beautiful is when I’m fit, healthy, and happy. I’m also super inspired by your PR and am working my butt off NOT to lose weight but to get faster and go even farther :)

  102. I am such a big fan of Under Armour products! I love the Victory Tank and would stock up :)

  103. I’d like to try the moxie sport bra. I need some new oens!

  104. Great post!!! I want to try the escape shorts!

  105. Get ready for a long comment: I don’t follow many running blogs–but I started following you after SR mentioned your huge PR. And now I think you are awesome–what a great message! I live in Fairfax, so I plan on stalking you whenever possible. :)

    Also, I need some tech tank tops–for some reason I refuse to spend money on running clothes and I really could use some nice stuff to train for Chicago this summer!

  106. I would love to try the Charm Full Zip Jacket. It looks awesome. And I would really like my own UA Beanie, I’m sure my husband gets tired of me borrowing his UA hunting beanie for my early morning runs.
    Good luck on your ultra! You’ll kill it!

  107. This is an amazing post – truly inspiring, thoughtful, and well-written. It’s empowering how confident you are in your strength and that is such a beautiful thing. You’d be a perfect UA spokeswoman!

    PS, I can’t believe you are running an ultra! That is awesome… so awesome. You’re like the Energizer Running Bunny… will you share some of that willpower & motivation with me?!

  108. I would like to try the compression shorts and sport bras.

  109. I ♥ this post!! This competition sounds so cool! Did you upload your video yet? Also, I’m digging the HeatGear Slash Capris!

  110. Great inspirational post!

    I would love the escape shorts!

  111. i really want to try the new under armour sports bra.

  112. I desperately want to try the Escape compression capris. I have never owned any compression clothing and I just signed up for my 2nd marathon. I have a new goal and would love some great long run clothes to go with it. However, on my teacher’s salary exercise clothes take a back seat to bills. I know, boo, right!

  113. I would love to try out one of the super supportive armour bras!!! And while we’re at it, why not some new trail shoes?!

  114. I want to try the new Armour Bra since I have a ton of great things about it!

  115. I tweeted!

  116. I LOVE their Victory tanks… they’re so comfortable! I would love to try their new Armour bra.

    Love your post!

  117. I’ve heard so much about their new sport bras – i’d love to try one! Great post. I’m recovering from a stress fracture now and heard about the campaign a couple of weeks ago… so my goal was to recover & run a half mary in july!

  118. There are so many awesome under armour products! I love their sports bras and am interested in trying their new one, and the super bright shorts, and the slash capris, and … haha. I think this is a wonderful campaign and it is so important to realize that we can do anything, all we need is the determination and a positive mindset.

  119. It’s awesome that you have such a positive outlook on your body. Most women can’t say the same. I know I’m constantly trying to say a positive thought when I think a negative one toward myself.

    Anywho… I’d love to try the armour bra. I’m always on the search for a good sports bra since I seem to need to replace them so often.

  120. This is a great post – and so true!

    I would love to try the Women’s UA Escape Fitted Capri (in pink of course)! I would also love to try the Women’s Varsity Dip Dye Tank Top – looks so cool! There are lots of fun clothes on their website!

  121. Heat gear slash capris

  122. oh i just love this post!!
    i want to try everything- but if i had to pick, it’d be one of their sports bras. i always go cheap on those.

  123. I’ve always appreciated that you, contrary to our society, emphasize how much you eat (and how much you enjoy it) rather than how little. I’ve never tried compression items before, but the slash capris look like a fun way to start.

  124. Wow, the 50K is super exciting!!! Your posts and accomplishments inspire and amaze me, I have been nervously avoiding running a full marathon and I think that would be a great challenge for me. I would love to get my hands on some of those shorts with the neat designs on them and get a couple more skorts, and some more socks! Okay, I want all of it :)

  125. I have loved reading your blog for the last few months. This post is wonderful and what I love about your blog. You inspire me to become a stronger runner and not worry about what I can/cannot eat. I would love to try the armour bra or the frosty gear compression tights as I love me some compression!

  126. I would love to try any of the new gear. UA is my absolute favorite brand for running clothes because it keeps my ridiculous sweatiness under control. I actually don’t own any of their sports bras so maybe that would be a good thing to try!

  127. really cool post. whenever I see rail thin people and think “why not me,” I always remind myself what my body can do. 5Ks, marathons, spin classes etc.

    I spun next to Katie Holmes who is rail thin and guess who was better – THE ONE WHO EATS! hahahaha [that would be me]

  128. I love that you aren’t rail thin. I love UA too. Good luck on your 50!

  129. LOVE this post and I LOVE UA bras! would love to stock up on those :)

  130. I’d love to try the UA charm seamless tank!

  131. Lately, I’ve been noticing some of my smaller clothes are a little snug in the bicep/tricep and calf muscle areas and it bugged me at first, but then I realized it’s just a sign of how much stronger I’ve gotten lately and it made me feel awesome!

    Oh, and I’ve been dying to try out the Armour sports bras!

  132. I would love to try the Women’s HeatGear Sleeveless Compression T-Shirt!

  133. I just received an UA wicking shirt for my b-day. I love it and can’t wait to try more items. A bra is first on my list to try.

    Love your blog, btw!

  134. What an inspiring post! I’d love to try UA’s Block It 3″ shorts or Kick It 3″ shorts. And socks!

  135. This post encompasses many things more girls should feel in their relationship with their body…

    Also, I want to try the Armour Bra so very desperately!

  136. <3 UA!!! And what a great campaign!
    I'd love to try the UA sneakers or rock out a pair of their new snazzy shorts…

  137. I would love to try the CG fierce tights.

  138. I’d just like to give you a big hug for writing this, that’s all…

  139. Like when I read through your miles of the marathon I almost got up and cheered for you while reading this!! You’re my hero. For real. When are they going to publish this where thousands of women can read it?????

  140. Amazing post! I, for one, would not be embarassed to be chicked by you. Awesome.

  141. I would love to try the Women’s UAEscape GetStarted TankTop! With the heat in Texas the less clothes the better! And thank you for writing this, over time I’ve learned to love my body for what it does for me and not what size it can’t fit into. Those thighs of mine? Yeah they can carry me 26.2 or 70.3, and for that I thank them.

  142. I’d like to try their Slash Capri’s a girl passed me (grumble) wearing a pair last weekend and I thought they looked sweet! I like a nice splash of color in otherwise black pants.

  143. Being fit is way hotter than being skinny. Rail thin does not equal fit.

  144. I would love to try the Armour Bra! And I love that you love your body the way it is. Too many women/girls nowadays think skinny = beautiful and how wrong they are!

  145. Thank you thank you tank you for advocating healthy over skinny!! There are times when I feel like I’m the only one who’s not either super skinny or super muscular. I like being right in the middle! I’m an average size and I’m healthy. So, again, THANK YOU for sharing this post today!!

    I’d love to try the new HeatGear tank! I’ve also tweeted about the sweepstakes. It’s on my page @AnchorsTraining https://twitter.com/#!/AnchorsTraining

    Happy Friday!!

  146. Loved this post! I too, will never be a rail-thin beauty. I’ve got the legs of an ox – but hey, it powers me through miles of running. I’ve grown to accept and appreciate this fact!

    That being said, I’d love a new sportsbra…. in a dire (and somewhat embarrassing) need for a new one!

  147. I want to try the armour bra!
    I just finished a half this past weekend when a girl came up to me and said that she recognized me from other races because I look so athletic and always keep such a steady pace. I took it as a compliment :)

  148. Homegirl needs a new sports bra in a bad way, and UA have the best!!! I love that you love your body because its strong, that is honestly inspiring. Thanks girl!

  149. You will crush the 50K distance! I’m so excited for you!

    I definitely want to try the Armour Bra. It looks so comfortable and I don’t mess around when it comes to exercise and bras!

    xo Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  150. I. LOVE. THIS. POST.

  151. You rock. Plain and simple. Thanks for keeping it real and reminding everyone how to shine in all ways :)

  152. The armour bra looks amazing to me, a nursing, running mama.

  153. This post is great (and not just the part of the giveaway) — your attitude is awesome.

    I have a long hot summer of marathon training ahead of me and have learned that the only shorts that don’t ride up and drive me crazy are of the black and tight variety — something like the Ultra 4″ Compression Short. Heatgear is non-negotiable for summertime running.

  154. I LOVE this post. I love everything about your perspective! Your inner and outer beauty is shown right on your face in each race – so inspiring! I would love to try some compression tights!

  155. What a cool campaign! I would love to try the new UA bra or the Shatter II capris

  156. I really want to try the Heat Gear capris!

  157. So hard to pick just 1 thing, but the Armour Bra is at the top of my wish list. I love your blog- so happy to have found it!

  158. I want to try a pair of the HeatGear capris.

  159. UA’s sports bra!

  160. I really need to invest in more Heat Gear in preparation for the summer temps, great post Emily!

  161. Best campaign ever. What an awesome post, Emily. I love it all.

    I’d pick the 2″ compression shorts in Navy. Shorts never stay down on me anyway, might as well have them as short as possible to begin with :)

  162. I really want the women’s heat gear slash capris!!

  163. And I also tweeted from @lttlegrlbigwrld and here is the tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/lttlegrlbigwrld/status/201356989517930496

  164. Love this post! I need to take a hint from you! I would try the escape shorts as I am totally a shorts girl

  165. Lindsey Kontovich

    I cannot find any great tops for running. I would love to try their tanks that are loose at the bottom to hide my tummy!

    Also – I was walking around downtown Knoxville last night (where I live) and randomly saw “sweat once a day” on a window. I could not tell if it was a workout studio but I took a picture when I saw it and thought of your blog. Neat! Your blog name is everywhere!

  166. Really loved what you wrote about what’s important to you. That’s very inspiring and an outlook I hope to instill in my daughter. :-)

  167. I wanttttt the UA Escape Printed 3” shorts!! They look awesome.

    Also, I love your blog. I’ve had a foot injury for a long time (way longer than I care to admit) and have finally dealt with it. I’ve had a boot on for 5 weeks now and your blog gives me inspiration and makes me excited to kick some ass running!

  168. What a great campaign! I love the women’s heat gear slash capri’s

  169. You are inspirational and have such a positive outlook on keeping a healthy mind and body! I loved so many UA items, but if I had to choose one to try it would be the heat gear capris!

  170. I don’t need a bra, I need you to stop putting booty pictures on your blog. My wife walks in while reading and I get busted.

  171. This is my first time reading your blog.

    I haven’t read any other posts yet but I love this post. I wish my body was strong too – it’s not now but I am motivated by this post – it’s so cheery and happy.

    Good Luck with your ultra distance race!

  172. Just signed up the other day. Really excited to see how it goes. UA made a whole info-video about the Armour Bra, so if they care enough to tell me what went into it’s being made, then I care enough to try it. Looks amazing.

  173. The Armour bra!!

  174. LOVE your blog. You go girl! I would love to try th UA sports bra!

  175. The UA gear I want to try is the Slash Capri.

  176. I would love to try the new sports bra I have read so much about!

  177. […] Eugene yet, and the thought of tacking on another 12.5 miles to my total from Saturday to reach the 50k I’ll be racing this weekend is nothing short of […]

  178. I would REALLY like to try one of the COLDBACK tanks.. living and running in South Florida I need all the help I can get in the steamy hot summer!! Their ESCAPE shorts look cute too.. I have been looking for some running shorts of a decent length, seems like some ore super long and some are way too short! I like the patterns too!

  179. Oh and I would like to repeat what everyone else says… i LOVE that in running and triathlon there are women of ALL different shapes and sizes just doing their thing and doing GREAT! I struggled with an eating disorder as a teenager and unto my early 20’s and have often thought that they should have women like you, or all of us, go in to high schools and talk to young girls about what is beautiful.. it is certainly is not ONLY when you are a size 2 that’s for sure!

  180. I really would love some new UA I love their gear and pretty much wear it everyday! I really want to try their running skirt! I can’t wait to hear all about your 50k!

  181. I’d love to try the under armour sports bras. I love the flashy designs, but they’ve always been a little too much $$$ for me. Love the campaign, by the way! It’s great to see a blogger who doesn’t worry about their weight and is good feeling strong. I really admire you for that and for all your accomplishments!

  182. I like the slash capris too! http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/pid1230008-003 with pink slashes!

  183. […] my What’s Beautiful goal is to run my first ultra-distance event: the Dirty German 50k on May 20th. That’s Saturday, in case you don’t have a calendar nearby. Which, as I’m writing this post […]

  184. […] post would line up well for providing updates about my progress toward finishing my first ultra. Step one was to set the goal, step two was to train for the goal, and step three was to demolish the goal. Three posts. […]

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