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Day 1 in Track Town

After three weeks of counting down the seconds until the start of our #TotallyTrials trip, and 6 days of watching edge-of-your-seat televised coverage and reading in-your-face tweets from oiselle about how OMGSOFUN Eugene is, that left us regretting our decision to not abandon all real life/professional/social obligations to fly to Oregon for the full 8 days of track trials, WE ARE FINALLY HERE.


And it feels so fucking good.

We landed in Eugene with very few minutes to spare to get to the track in time to see the men kick off the qualifying rounds of the 1500.


We laced up our running shoes in the cab, dashed into our house to throw our bags on the closest horizontal surface, and literally ran to Hayward to make sure we didn’t miss a second of the excitement. Pretty sure if the USOC had seen our sprint, they would have granted us a last minute entry into the trials.

From the second we walked into Hayward, to the moment they pushed us out the gate and forced us to go home for the night, our first day of #TotallyTrials was Totally Amazing.


Watching the 5,000m finals was obviously the highlight of last night’s races. Hearing the crowd gasp and then cheer as Kim Conley busted her ass on the final stretch, took 5 seconds off her PR, and edge her way into the third place spot was incredible. And being front and center for her subsequent celebration was the kind of tear-jerking, silly-grinning, heart-warming, goose-bumping moment that makes you fall even more in love with this sport.


One of the best parts about watching the track trials live and in person is that instead of sitting through commercials breaks, you walk to the beer garden and take craft brew breaks.


And I’m due for another session of this in about half a second, so peace out, and more in-depth coverage on track trials later!

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10 Responses to Day 1 in Track Town

  1. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Thanks for the update! Glad you chicks made it there safe and can now share the glorious experience that is #TotallyTrials!

  3. I cried last night watching Galen Rupp beat Pre’s record. Did you get to see that? Talk about AMAZING, I’m so jealous you are there!!!

  4. I would totally cry if I were there watching. Sports make me cry like nothing else! Have fun!!!

  5. So. Jealous.

  6. Are you guys watching all the events or just a selected few? The atmosphere there must be electrifying!

  7. man, those commercial breaks sucked! wish i was having a beer too. so awesome you get to partake (in both the beer and the trials)

  8. Yay! It sounds amazing! Have fun!

    P.S. I’m 89% sure that all of the athletes are encouraged by your national pride sunglasses.

  9. Looks like an amazing time. It’s been great watching on TV, so I can only imagine what a blast it is in person (and with a beer!). :)

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