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Garden of the Gods 10 Miler Results


25-29 AG Win


(yes, that IS Bart Yasso presenting me with my award. Best post-race moment ever.)


The fact that my time is nearly 10 minutes slower than my 10 miler PR is no accident, and certainly not indicative of slugging through the race (although there was a healthy dose of that). The jury is still deliberating, but there is a very good chance that this race will be declared the hardest in my sweaty race history.


The race started at 6,600 feet (read: us flatlanders struggle to get enough oxygen peanut buttering our bagel on race morning), there were monstrous headwinds that felt more-than-a-little like a brick wall was declaring war on your ability to continue moving in a forward direction, and the race course was an endless series of “hills”, though IMO, those beasts deserve a label much more terrifying than simply “hills.”


But obstacles aside, there is a reason Bart declared this his favorite non-marathon road race while we were all standing around the start line ready for our legs to meet their imminent death-by-hills.


The course offers stunning views from start to finish (which, at altitude, really gave a whole new meaning to the word “breathtaking”) and the race is a blast, well organized, well executed, and filled with runners who think getting their asses handed to them by some serious inclines is a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.


Runners including three other fine members of Team Halnon (+). 


Full race report to come after I’ve caught my breath.

It looked like there were a lot of stellar race performances this weekend. Congrats to everyone who ran (and tri-d) hard!

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30 Responses to Garden of the Gods 10 Miler Results

  1. WOW! That looks like an awesome (but hard) race! Congrats on placing! And yay to the picture with Bart…how awesome is that??!!

  2. Look at you racking up those podium finishes :) I need to say that I am impressed with anyone who got past the peanut–buttering on race morning, but a win=super impressed. It looks like a gorgeous course, but I bet your fav pic will be the one with Bart…hehehe

  3. GREAT ending shot!

  4. Looks like a beautiful race! Congrats on the AG win!

  5. The race looks amazing!!! I’m itching to go to Colorado. But congratulations on the win, that is so amazing!!! Can’t wait to see more photos.

  6. Great job!! As far as marathons go,have you done one in Texas yet? We are doing the Seabrook Lucky Trails marathon next year. Can’t wait! Plus, the medals have glitter in them! Think about doing that one.


  7. That’s got to be one of the coolest awards I’ve seen. Congrats! And the elevation…ahh, it used to help me so much to train in Colorado during the summer and return to college in the fall. But going back…so hard. Love your photo with Bart.

  8. That picture with Bart is frame-worthy… definitely computer background worthy ;).

  9. Awesome. Well done!

  10. You’re so awesome. Congratulations!

  11. YASSO???? How did you not pass out when you were getting that award? Between Bart and the altitude…

  12. you are a stud, my friend. one heck of a speedy stud.

  13. Awesome pics! Congrats on you win! Just a little FYI, I came to this post, because Bart Yasso is tweeting about you. Very cool.

  14. wow congratulations! Sounds like a tough race! Great pix too!

  15. Wow. Amazing run. Those hills look killer.

  16. Congrats on an awesome race! And you got a picture with Bart Yasso? Total race-envy!

    I’m really impressed with your performance at altitude. I tried to run at Lake Tahoe once and basically ended up, hands on knees, gasping after a mile. You are hardcore!

  17. My dream would be to get an award handed to me by Yasso. Super jealous right now.

  18. Not only is it super cool that you got the award from Bart Yasso, that’s also a really fun looking trophy! Congrats!

  19. pic with bart = framer

  20. congratulations!

  21. I had no idea you won your age group! So awesome – congrats!! I loved that Bart was there too – so exciting you got to meet him. It was great meeting you too (twice!) – hope you can make it back out to Colorado for some more races. :)

    • Sorry this is so delayed, but so nice meeting you twice too! I will DEF be back to CO for more races!

  22. Super duper Em! Congrats! Had a great weekend running in Phuket myself.

  23. Wow, I’m so impressed!! It’s really hard to run there! I know, because I lived in Manitou Springs for six years. I love it there, and I’m glad you did, too! We moved to Reston, VA last year, which I love, but I really miss the Garden of the Gods. Congrats to you for your win!

  24. good lord. when I ran at that altitude it had to be called walking. and even then I needed a break. you’re ridiculous, congrats.

  25. How awesome that Bart gave you your award! Congrats on the win! I’m jealous of those awesome views!

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  27. Ask Bart if he’s still planning on an attempt at the “up run” in Comrades next June. Maybe he’ll run with you?? It’s the biggest ultra in the world. Bart raved about his experience on the “down run” in 2010. The race is 89km which is just ~6 miles over your 50-miler goal.

  28. Congrats!!! You rock!!

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