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Grandma’s Marathon

A lot has happened since the last time we chatted.

I ran a lot of training miles last week.


82 in a seven day period, to be exact.

I flew to the paydayadvanceusca.com/ land of 10,000 lakes and saw at least 4 of project payday scam them.


First, by spending Friday afternoon biking around a few of the aquatic gems in Minneapolis.


I didn’t think I needed to get an Ironman tat, because payday when you see pictures like this, you just know I’m in the club.

And then, I traveled north with my fantastic friend Margaret to run 26.2 miles along a really, really, really big lake.


Some might even call it Superior in size to many other lakes.

Before and after the run, I http://paydayloansonlinecaus.com decided to compensate for missing out on the other 9,996 lakes in Minnesota by sampling some other forms of state liquid.


Both in the form of local craft brew paired with cheese curds, and served in signature Grandma’s Marathon test tube shot glasses at local Duluth watering holes.


And I most definitely, without a payday loans las vegas doubt PR-d in race eve beverage consumption.


Time stamp: 2:30 am race morning. Location: UMD dorms.

I ran my 16th marathon in my 10th state and had an absolute blast.


There is a reason people are obsessed with Grandma’s Marathon. The race is well run, full of crazy enthusiastic marathon junkies, spectacularly scenic and weaves through several Minnesota towns jampacked with cheering spectators and run fans.


I finished the race in 3:29.27 with a negative split and accelerated pace through the final 6 miles (and with my favorite Vermont beer in hand within moments of finishing. Margs may have missed seeing me an impressive 7 times online payday loan during the race, but she wins spectator of the year for carrying a cooler full of the best Green Mountain craft brews to the finish line).


My only goal going into the marathon was to finish the distance on extremely tired legs. By the end of the race I had hit my 82nd http://paydayloansnearmeus.com mile of the week and I ran 17 miles less than two days before the gun went off. So tired legs got a big old check mark on my list of pre-race requirements. From step one of the race, I was feeling the weight of my training volume. 

But finishing my fourth fastest marathon ever, running less than two minutes off of the marathon PR I broke in Eugene six weeks ago, and maintaining a payday 2 masks pace I was very happy with for the entire distance, left me extremely satisfied with the race as a quality training run and makes me excited register for a goal 50k to race this summer.

We celebrated a successful day of marathon running with a long night of dancing to some stellar bands at the post-race tents.


And I managed http://onlinepaydayloansusca.com/ to destroy my knee by getting up close and personal with a horizontal spread of gravel…yet again.


But for once, it was not my fault. I got pushed, and I got pushed hard.


Luckily, Margs twilights as a knee bandaging expert, and cleaned me up well before I headed home to no credit check payday loans DC.

And I think that gets us all caught up after a whirlwind weekend of marathoning in Minnesota. Now I’m left with a tragic 26.2less calendar for the next 4+ months and freaking out a little bit because ALL I WANT http://paydayloansonlinecaus.com TO DO is travel around the country, visiting friends, and running marathons. I am going paydayadvanceusca.com/ to spend instant payday loans my week identifying new races to run and strategizing ways to win several different lottery jackpots.

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49 Responses to Grandma’s Marathon

  1. You’re so speedy! I’m glad you had a great marathon! I <3 Minnesota!!!

  2. Nice work, Emily!!

  3. Congrats on another great race Emily! You may not be travelling to run a marathon in the next few months, but at least you’ve got the USA trials to look forward to. That will probably be marathon-level excitement (and drinking).

  4. Someone pushed you? Yikes!

  5. Great job! Clearly you are in the tri club with that bike, way to represent! Ouch, sorry you got pushed…no fun.

    You are so speedy, way to go!

  6. Partying til closing time and then running a super speedy marathon? I’m in awe. You are such a rockstar! :)

  7. I almost bought that dress yesterday!! We’re so twins! :) Congrats on the high mileage!

  8. Congratulations – you’ve had such a fantastic running streak since you broke your foot, haven’t you!!! That’s so exciting! I’m also v jealous of the amount of traveling you get to do!

  9. Congrats on an impressive marathon time on tired legs!

    I ran the marathon too and saw you out on the course–maybe around mile 7 (??). I was going to say hi but you were busy talking to some guy who (by the looks of his shirt) had run a marathon in every state.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Minnesota. I think it is a pretty great state–although I am probably biased since I grew up here.

    • I did make a lot of friends along the course, it was a very friendly group of runners! You should have said hi! How did the race go for you?

  10. I have race envy! What you can do on tired legs is ridiculously impressive! Great job!

  11. Ugh, quit being so fast all the time! Nice work.

  12. Awesome race! Sounds like a great marathon!

  13. My favorite part of this is that shot of you in (I’m guessing) the dorm elevator at 2:30 am! hahahhahahahah….and you still ran sub 3:30! Pretty awesome :)

  14. wow, awesome time! that’s really impressive, especially on tired legs! congrats

  15. Great job at Grandma’s! Run the Maui Marathon in September- 17 miles of oceanfront racing!

    • I would LOVE to run the Maui marathon. Do any of your friends run personal jets between the continental states and HI? Regardless, I’m getting there at some point!

  16. Congrats on state number 10!

  17. WOW you finished right by my running partner!! She got a shiny new PR of 3:29:59 so right behind you!!
    Well done on your race.. after all your recent races, PR’s and no tapering that is awesome!

  18. The first annual Lululemon Sea Wheeze half is happening in Vancouver August 11th. Free Lulu gear for registering. Jussayin’.

    • I WANT TO DO THIS RACE. Like you wouldn’t believe!

      • DO IT!!!

        Top 3 reasons to come to Vancouver for the Lulu INAUGURAL Sea Wheeze Half:

        3. It’s Vancouver, baby. We invented Lululemon. You’re welcome, world!
        2. http://www.grousemountain.com/grousegrind
        1. http://gib.ca/#

        It’s so beautiful here. And we talk funny. And our beer actually has alcohol in it!!! No kidding!!
        Tell your mama you’ll be safe – nobody has guns here. For reals.
        You’d be my first blogger friend!
        If you do it I’ll do it!!! :) I just finished my first half marathon EVER a week ago and am itching to do another. This course is going to be stunning and will totally showcase our city.

        This race is expensive, but you get a free pair of Lulu shorts, so when you take that $58 off the entry fee it’s almost a normal entry fee. Yes, I can justify just about ANYTHING!

        Please come!!! :) If you find a way to get your butt up here you can crash with us. We’re totally safe. We’re Canadian. Did I mention we talk funny and nobody has guns???

  19. Let me know when you figure out the strategy to win some lotteries, I’d love to be in on that too and get to travel around to run races. I’ve been debating adding the 50 States Marathons to my bucket list, but don’t know if my wallet could handle that!

  20. Great race. And awesome on the beverage PR! I would not be walking the next day let alone running, you pretty much rock. Your knee looks like my chin. However, I can’t use the pushed excuse. The sidewalk jumped out at me- punk sidewalk.

  21. Congrats!!! After tackling each state, then you’ll have to take on the 10 Canadian Provinces :-)

    • Or while I am tackling each state…I totally want to do some marathons up north! Any suggestions?

  22. Hi from the random girl who stopped you on your way to the front of the start line @ Grandma’s! Glad to hear you had a great weekend in Duluth. I pretty much loved my first marathon and am plotting #2. Congrats on your race!

    • SO GLAD to hear you loved it and are planning number 2!! I just knew you were going to have a great race when I saw you! Let me know what number two ends up being and so fun to meet you on Saturday!

  23. Minnesota?? REALLY?
    I actually knew a bunch of peeps who ran there.

    Next one..foxvalley in Chicago area. It is Sept 16. Hurry and sign up! My 5 yr old is running his first kids marathon, and finishing on the 15th. You could come and cheer him on!

  24. Love the recap! This race is definitely on my “to run” list. I’m thinking I need get me a pair of Hokas… or maybe just fuel my races with liquid carbs… decisions, decisions.

    • Both are GREAT decisions. We can talk all about Hokas in August and also, do some liquid carboloading!

  25. Aw! Thanks for such a great review of MN! (You know – speaking on behalf of the entire state. I’m head of the welcome wagon.) That is amazing to me you ran a marathon on 80+ miles and bar close – let alone such a speedy time. But duh – you ARE an Ironman. Nice work!

    • MN was AMAZING! I want to go back for Twin Cities (or just Grandma’s again and again!)

  26. Congrats on another great race! I heard you met my triathlon coach, David. And you kicked his a$$ based on your time. I’ll have to give him a hard time that he was chicked. :)

    • I did meet David! He was super nice and threw me way off when he asked if I had a blog. Needless to say, he’s not in the typical demographic of most people I meet who read my sweaty blog. Wish him tons of luck in the next few months of training for IMAZ!

  27. Wow! Wow! Wow! Amazing!

  28. Congrats on completing another state! If I had a bucket list, Grandma’s would be on my list.

  29. Wow! Now that’s the way to run a marathon!

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