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Third and Final 50 Miler Peak Week

I am back from an insanely fun and insanely sleep-deprived weekend in Wisconsin.


We ran (a lot). We ate (a lot. Mostly cheese curds, both fresh and fried). And we drank (somewhere in the vicinity of all of the beer in Wisconsin).


And after approximately 17 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours, I think I might be feeling alive and normal again. Just in time for taper.

But before we kick off the taper fun, here is how my third and final peak week went down:

Monday: Pilates

Tuesday: 11 miles w/8 hill repeats

Evening workout: skipped. Instead, met Katie and Christy for cocktails and carbs after work.


Maybe showed up slightly anxious. Had some words about the fact that I was missing said evening workout but that I was FINE with it. Maybe didn’t convince my friends.


I’m working on it.

Wednesday: 6.5 easy miles in the am

11 easy miles in the pm

Thursday: 11.5 miles w/5 miles at HMP (half marathon pace)

Lunch run: 6 miles


Friday: 4 easy miles along the lake in Milwaukee


Saturday: North Face Madison Endurance Challenge 50k


Full race report later. I had SO MUCH FUN running this 50k. I met all of my goals for the race and had a blast doing it. I didn’t think I could be any more excited to toe the line at Can Lake in less than  three weeks, and then I spent four hours and forty five blissful minutes on 31 miles of gorgeous trails in Wisconsin with two hundred new friends, and my level of excitement quadrupled.

Sunday: 10 miles

By far, the worst run of the week. After one last champ night of beer and curds in Milwaukee, we flew back to DC on minimal sleep and in my opinion, looking absolutely fantastic and well rested.


After landing, I spent the majority of the day horizontal. Napping and texting “BUT I DON’T WANT TO RUN” to everyone in my phone book. Finally, around 6:30pm, I forced myself out the door.

My legs were on autopilot and carried me around my go-to 10 mile loop. They actually felt great. The rest of me, however, not so great. I obviously fell during the race, and my entire upper body feels bruised and sore. I was tired. I wanted to be back in bed. But I knew I needed to go for a decent run, so I didn’t spend the next 3 weeks kicking myself for allowing a shitty ending to my last peak week.

Total miles for the week: 91

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24 Responses to Third and Final 50 Miler Peak Week

  1. FYI, whenever I visit your page a shady java app from “www.369solutions.com” tries to run and then crashes my browser. Not cool.

  2. Congrats on your final peak week! I’m also training for my first 50 and everytime I read your blog I am blown away by your training. You are seriously kicking ass girl!

    • You’re doing JFK? That’s awesome! I seriously looked at that race, but decided to go with one earlier in the Fall. It looks like you are also kicking ass in your training! If you ever need to rant, panic, geek out with excitement about the race, I am here for you!

  3. You do look utterly fantastic on the flight home. Glamourous, smiley and medal-encrusted. Like it loads. Congrats on a fantastic week!!

  4. Emily! Thank you so much for making those first few miles go by like a breeze. And congrats on 2nd place…you are awesome!!! It was so nice to meet you.

    • Same thank you to you! I had a blast running with you! How did the rest of the race go? You looked so good! CONGRATS on your first 50k!! I hope there will be many more!

  5. Congrats on getting to the final peak week! You always amaze and inspire me with your mileage and speed. Now the hard part – resting and tapering!

  6. Holy crap, you did 10 miles after a 50k. Rock star material… or true dedication… or both!

  7. Another impressive week!

  8. Emily! Congrats on your race this weekend. Sounds like you did amazing!
    I just got home from my race out in Colorado. I wish I could come tell you all the secrets of how to finish a 50 miler! Unfortunately I got sick a few days before the event. I was in NO shape to run. Dehydrated, bad stomach virus, and a head cold= Did Not Start. I was totally bummed out but its just one race. I want to run my first 50 soon, but just not sure which to run now. Any suggestions?

  9. Mission successful! Yay, yay, yay Em!

  10. Thanks for making me feel like a failure at life Emily…
    I kid! You are so motivating! I always hit up your blog before I go on my runs so that I feel more jazzed and zazzly about gettin my sweat on. You’re good stuff.
    Way to go on the final peak week!

  11. So glad that you enjoyed your time in Milwaukee! It was awesome meeting you and Meredith. 2nd place, you are a rockstar. I’m guessing cheese, beer, and deep fried food is a good fuel for you, ha! Also, jealous of your Miller Park experience. I love that place.

  12. I hope you had some Leinenkugels while you were there! That’s the beer I miss the most from the midwest. Yum yum.

  13. ive been asking sarah if youre still alive. i miss your huge mileage postings.

    GOOD LUCK and rock your 50 miler!! (provided that youre still alive and reading this) :)

  14. Ah! Just found your blog and I LOVE it! Goooood luck with your amazing time goal! I’m looking forward to following along.

  15. Your blog isnt functioning keeps bringing me back to this post (about 90% of the time)

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  17. that is a lot of miles girl! i don’t know how you find time to fit it all in. i really struggle to find time and motivation to run after work. the mornings are easy but the afternoons i just can’t do it!

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