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Can Lake 50 Results

Per usual, I haven’t had time to write a decent race report to be payday loans posted first thing on Monday morning. This is probably a little bit due to the fact that I instant payday network proceeded immediately from dropping off my rental car to the closest bar to payday loans near me begin celebrating the race.


In my defense, it was a slightly urgent matter to payday attend to since I was denied an actual post-race celebration after stupidly forgetting to bring my ID the restaurant. 


Cheersing with water payday loans direct lender is just not payday loans direct lenders only the same. Biggest post-race fail ever.

So for now, all you get payday payroll is this measly race results post. You know, apply now paydayadvanceusca.com in case you missed one of my several payday loan lenders tweets online payday loan or facebook posts. (I wasn’t exactly shy about the fact that I had a great race on Saturday and kind of sort of fell even more in love with this ultra running thing.)


Not to instant payday network totally spoil the end of the 50 miler story, but Saturday was pretty close apply now to race perfection. From the rainy start, to the seemingly endless hills, to the slightly painful finish, http://onlinepaydayloansusca.com/ it was an amazing day of running. And in some kind of sick way, I enjoyed every single one of the 50 miles.

payday 2 enb




1st Female Finisher

3rd Overall instant payday loans Runner


Runner’s high from the race: no end in sight.

One final and very important note before I get down and payday 2 enb dirty with the actual race report. A HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to both of my parents.


My mom crewed the race like a champ. Handing http://paydayadvanceusca.com/apply.html me project payday scam snickers, switching out my water bottle, and standing guard while I very publicly peed on the side of the race course.


And my dad drove FOURTEEN hours in one day just to be payday loans at the finish line. Yes, fourteen. One day. Ridiculous. And yes, I know, I’m an incredibly lucky girl to have such supportive parents.

Stay tuned payday the heist for the race report. You’re about to learn everything you never onlinepaydayloansusca.com applu now for cash wanted to payday advance know about my first 50 miler.

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58 Responses to Can Lake 50 Results

  1. Holy crap, girl, 1st female in your 1st 50-miler…beyond outstanding, congrats & cheers!!

  2. So awesome! 1st female and 3rd overall? Girl. You are a badass.

  3. This is very inspiring. You make me want to run trails.

  4. Congratulations! This is so freaking amazing. I’m so happy for you, and can’t wait to read the recap!

  5. You are incredible! I can’t wait to read about the race! Way to go Emily!

  6. That’s AMAZING. Congratulations on your great ultra- I can’t wait to read the recap:)

  7. Absolutely amazing. So fast, and way to blow away the field.

  8. I can’t even put words together right now.
    But like- u get a free 10KEGS worth of beer….

    Awesome. BADASS. UNreal…..

  9. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your awesome crazy is amazing.

    Maybe you get it from your parents…14 hours of driving yikes :). JK Having supportive parents is the best.

    So happy for you and these results, you earned them for sure! Don’t forget your ID when you come west, there are many more beers to consume.

  10. That’s incredible…someone should be sponsoring you! This is def. your SPORT!

  11. Amazing! Well done. You’re so cool!!! :)

  12. Congrats! You rocked the race! Glad the weather turned out ok. Did you enjoy Bopple Hill – I have only driven up it, it doesn’t seem like fun.

  13. Congrats on the 1st place!! How sweet of your dad!!

  14. Wow – what a great race! Congrats on 1st woman, and 3rd overall! Can’t wait to read the sweaty details!

  15. Congrats. I am officially adopting you as my ultra inspiration. Is that ok?

  16. I think you are freakin’ insane, and at the same time, I am so in awe! Congrats on the awesome, awesome race – 1st female AND 3rd overall? Killed it! Way to go Sweaty Emily!

  17. Great job on the race and that your parents were both there to support you.
    Big bummer on the post-race celebration. Did they turn you down or you didn’t try to order a drink? Unfortunately, I don’t have that issue when out. I look old enough.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  18. Congrats Emily! What an awesome first 50 miler experience!! Enjoy that runners high – I hope it lasts for a long time :)

  19. Congratulations again! When I saw the results I was amazed, but not shocked, that you had done so well. Just amazing!

  20. HUGE HUGE Congratulations, Emily! This is so amazing!

  21. Congratulations!!! LOVED your moms tweets, I was glued to my laptop all morning :)

  22. You are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your love of running, your posts always remind me of why I fell in love with this sport.

  23. SO impressed. Beyond words. Well done.

  24. Congrats!! You need to add your awesome ultra PR’s into your Best of the Best column.

  25. Congrats! So inspired by your performance. Dying to hear all about the race. No detail is too small. How wonderful that your parents could be there.

  26. AMAZING congrats lady!! On to 100milers now??

    BUMMER about the post-race celebration, UGH!

  27. Are we going to read about a 100K and 100 miler next? You did AWESOME! I already stalked your Twitter all day yesterday.
    Also, you have the best parents! Congrats on that as well.


  29. EEEE HAH!!!!! Seriously, Unbelievably, Fantastic!!! And, congratulations on being the First Lady!!! No wait. That’s Michelle Obama. I meant the first woman!!!! There’s virtually nothing left which you haven’t already conquered. What could possibly be next? Forest Gumping back and forth across America?

  30. Congrats on coming in as 1st female! Can I beg you to write about how your marathon times went from 4-something to 3-something to winning 50 milers? Pretty please with a cherry on top.

  31. You are seriously awesome and inspiring! Id love 1/10 of your talent! Cant wait to read the report! Congrats!

  32. Congrats again on an amazing accomplishement! Your Mom was awesome tweeting the entire race and that is so amazing that your Dad made it there to see you at the finish line!
    My parents always try to come to my races and I am so thankful they take the time to support me when they can!

  33. Holy effing shit! Congrats! I want to be like you when I grow up.

  34. A huge congrats to you! You had such an awesome and badass time! I was with my husband while we were waiting to go out for the start and when I glanced back I saw you and your mom and said hello but I should have told you I was the girl that wrote on your blog, lol but I needed to get to the bathroom one last time! Congratulations again!! We had quite the start but the weather turned out pretty good! Btw I am so incredibly sore today from those climbs and “rolling roads”…I don’t think that elevation profile does that course justice, lol! Hope you have a fast and great recovery and good luck on your upcoming races! :))

  35. Wow. WOW! Wow! Congratulations – way to kick booty and show ’em who’s boss. I can barely drive 50 miles without getting cranky. I am just in awe. Hope you’re enjoying a well-deserved six pack to make up for Sunday’s lost beers.

  36. Can I just say, you’re my hero!! I mean I read about your race reports and that’s what gets me out the door in the morning. Hopefully someday I can run as awesome as you do – but until then, I’m going to keep cheering from the other side of this vast Internet expanse. Congratulations! (P.S. – The ID thing? Totally has happened to me and there does not exist a bigger bummer.)

  37. INCREDIBLE! Seriously. Can’t wait for the full report!

  38. You rock! You are so hardworking and deserved this WIN and that awesome time and all the success you are going to have in the future! Your parents are wonderful. Wish I could have met your dad too, but I know he is a great person based on the long drive just to see your finish!

  39. You are so hardcore. Congrats!

  40. You are my freakin hero!!! how awesome is it that you race 50 miles for the first time and take first??? I never had a doubt in my mind….great job girl!

  41. OMG Emily! OMG!!!!! Best news of the day!

  42. You are incredible – and your Mom has to be the best person ever!

  43. you’re an animal and i cant wait to read the race report

  44. That is so freakin’ awesome!!! I’m still pokin along at 30 minute + 5K times.. and to read what you do is so incredible!! I love reading your blog and find you to be very motivating and just so badass!!

  45. Ah.May.Zing. Looks like you’ve found your bliss with the ultras!

    Your 50-mile, wicked-hilly, snake-infested pace is what I dream of running for 26.2 to get the sub-4:00 marathon monkey off my back–wanna pace me at MCM in a couple weeks? I could pay you in tailgating beers at the U of MD home football game of your choice ;) Not the G-men, but still football.

    Truly, huge congrats. Your parents rock, too.

  46. Yippeee! You totally rock, girl! You’re such an inspiration. Has anyone contacted you from RW for a story yet? Soon, trust me: soon! Can’t wait for the race report.

  47. Wahoo!!! Amazing!! Those hills were killer and you rocked them! I was hoping to yell a HI as you ran past me but I didn’t see you as I puttered along *rocking out to the Beibs and Tone Logue*. You are a superstar!! Way to go!

  48. Amazing!!! One of my running buddies and I have been discussing doing the 50K at this race next year and reading this makes me really want to do it!

  49. Great job in the race Emily. Forest Park primed you nicely… You are definitely on a roll.

  50. Awesome!!! Thats a tough course, right in my backyard!!

  51. Congratulations, totally inspiring! Have you heard of The Comrades Marathon? It’s the biggest ultra in the world (us South Africans have a habit of calling ultra’s just marathons) – 55 miles, 18 000 runners. It’s sort of our version of Boston, if you haven’t run Comrades then you haven’t earned respect yet as a “real” runner.

    I think you would love this race – and who doesn’t love traveling? :)

    For interest, from an American’s point of view:

  52. Next year – http://www.jungfrau-marathon.ch/en/course.html :)

    Congrats on your amazing race. You are an inspiration!

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  54. for some weird reason i couldnt read any of your posts for like the last month until now when i went on twitter and pulled them. im dumb. you however are AMAZING. such an inspiration!!!

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