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Carlsbad Training-Week 1

I hope everyone is waking up to minimal storm damage this morning. From what I can tell, short of some downed power lines and flooded streets, DC emerged remarkably unscathed. I feel very fortunate that my biggest concern yesterday was how to get my workouts in with every gym and pilates studio participating in the city-wide lockdown. (The answer was I couldn’t. And that’s just fine. Big hugs and wishes for a quick recovery to my friends in the regions that got the worst of Sandy.)

In an effort to be more disciplined this marathon training cycle (more on that later), I am attempting to diligently track my workouts. With my pathetic Daily Mile track record and 13 weeks between me and race day, the odds are definitely against me, but I’m going to give this Type A thing my best shot.

Monday: 45 minute spin. After Army 10 Miler, I needed a day of easy cross training to give my legs a break from pounding the pavement. A spinning class with more Coldplay than Rihanna did just the trick.

45 minutes upper body strength. Please join me in welcoming weights back to my workout regime (more on that later too).


Tuesday: Track Party. Hot damn I missed the track. But also holy shit, it’s a little terrifying to go back after months away from it. With the 50 miler only two weeks ago, I wasn’t entirely sure I could even make it through a workout, let alone one with splits that didn’t make me want to stick a pair of spikes through my garmin.


Before I could force my legs out the door, I spent an hour in bed googling “track workouts for marathon training”, desperately searching for some expert to tell me that a low number of 400s is the perfect workout. But shockingly, I found no such expert. So I headed over with a plan to run 6 x 800s. 

All 6 of the 800s dinged in between 2:58-3:01 with my last one being the fastest one. Not what I was running before Eugene, but much closer than I was expecting. After the 800s were run and done, I sprinted a few 200s to practice fast finishes, cooled down and headed home for 8.8 total miles.

30 minutes lower body strength.


Wednesday: 10 mile recovery run in the morning. With ATM, a track workout, and my first lower body strength session in…a decade? weighing down my legs, this was a slow, brutal slog of a recovery run.

30 minutes upper body/core strength. Yeah. Three days of lifting in a row. I would demand a medal, but you’ll see that the back half of my week was not so heavy on the weights.

9 miles with a much faster friend. I wasn’t intending to run this much on Wednesday. And no need to remind me that I’m not longer ultra training…I get it. But I’m trying to find (/hire/bribe) new scary fast running partners to push me through this training cycle and I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to run with a particularly strong candidate for the job. 

Thursday: Pilates

30 minutes Elliptical (hate, hate, hate the elliptical, but needed to give my legs a day off after the killer combo of Tuesday/Wednesday track/lifting/chasing)

Friday: 1 hour spin

6 mile lunch run

Saturday: 6.5 miles

Theodora was in town to crush her PR at MCM and invited me to join her at the Runner’s World shakeout run.


(picture stolen from this girl)

I never turn down a good run date, so I ran down to the Mall on Saturday morning to meet up with Theodora and Anne.

mall ru

(And another stolen picture, this one compliments of this girl)

3.5 totally scenic, totally fun miles around the monuments, ending with a high five and hello from Bart Yasso.


Any morning that involves marathon excitement, running friends, and Bart is obviously a morning well spent.

Sunday: Marine Corps Marathon

Marathon #19




Best birthday party ever.

Totals for the week:

67 miles of running

2.5 hours of cardio cross training

3 pilates classes

3 strength sessions

13 weeks to Carlsbad.

wireshark portable rus

12 Responses to Carlsbad Training-Week 1

  1. Sweet outfit and nice work on the bday marathon to end a big week of training! Followed you and Dietitian on the Run getting text updates from the marathon tracker throughout the race.

  2. Love your outfit! You just amaze me with your running talent!

  3. LOVE THE GOLD SKIRT!! Where did you find that??? Happy birthday!!

  4. awesome! I am glad to hear you are OK

  5. Love your birthday marathon outfit! I’m looking forward to following along on your training — though you’re WAY more experienced than I am, I’m running my first full on February 3! eep! Thanks for the regular motivation. :)

  6. Great marathon outfit. How much you love running comes out in what you write and its so inspiring and motivating to me. Happy Golden Birthday!

  7. Whew! You are an inspiration girl! What a fantastic week for you and finishing it up with a marathon on your birthday!

    I’m training for a half right now and I’m only at 6 miles, can you give me some of your magic please?

  8. Happy belated!!!

  9. Good call on the golden outfit for the golden birthday. I had an awesome time running with you this weekend and can’t wait to cheer you on at NYCM!

  10. Your Golden Birthday outfit was AMAZING! You are so awesome, running so fast just weeks after your 50 miler! Woohoo!
    Can’t wait to see what you do at Carlsbad.

  11. Welcome back weights! Am on a 14-Day Challenge (4-5 times of strength training + daily yoga) since I can’t run (strained my hip flexor about 2 weeks ago). Need lots of prayers and love sent my way. Pretty pretty please.

  12. I love your Golden Birthday outfit! Very snazzy!!!!

    P.S. I need to know your secret..what kind of work schedule do you have and how the heck do you fit all those workouts in one day???
    I work an office job from 8-5 with a 35-40 min commute, I typically workout after work when I get home or run direclty after work in the neighborhood behind work. Please let me know how you do it!