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The Injury Update

So, in a not uncommon move, I was maybe a tad bit dramatic in yesterday’s post.

It turns out, I do not have a season-ending injury that will require me to take several months off, or several weeks payday loans off, or even several days off.


It also turns out, sometimes google is wrong when it comes to doling out medical advice. SHOCKING. I know.

I don’t have a strained oblique.

I do however, have payday 2 a very how do payday loans work fucked up rib cage and some inflamed cartilage that is making life very painful. Seriously, if you only learn one thing from this blog, let it be this: do not injure your rib area. Ever. Unless you want to be in the worst pain of your life with every step, laugh, breath and movement. In which case, have at it.

So, remember this guy?


Mr. payday Charleston. Real tall. Salt and Pepper on top. Likes to go fast on the first date.

Well, that steep bastard is to blame for my current misery.

I wish I could tell you exactly why, but I don’t really speak doctor talk or anatomy. (Case in point: I nailed the online payday loans “What state is the Great American Beer Festival in” question at trivia last night but failed miserably at providing an answer beyond “dangly thing” to “what is the thing on a throat of a turkey called?”)

But something about the force of running downhill and the speed and the length of the run and maybe something about my breathing and bam. Injured ribs and inflamed cartilage.

The good news is she promises it will heal quickly. The bad news is it is going to continue to be really payday advance painful for a few more days.

The VERY good news is I can run. Slowly. And probably not downhill. She said I can’t really do any further damage to it by running so green-lighted me for a pretty normal payday loans amount of miles as long as I abstain from speed work for at least a week (and yes, we did discuss what my definition of “normal amount of miles” is). I’m not allowed to do pilates or lift weights at this point in time…which is fine, since the thought of instant approval payday loans doing either exercise in my current state of pain sounds downright miserable.

She gave me a super strong drug that I get to take twice a day. After three doses, I can already feel a difference. And she recommended that I continue to ice and use e-stim and do whatever else will help provide some pain relief.

As far as goal races go, Rehoboth certainly will not be the fast half I wanted it to be and Carlsbad is a big fat TBD. I am trying very hard to play it by ear and see how I feel in a week payday loans direct lender before I make any drastic decisions about my race schedule but I mysteriously keep finding myself on the marathonguide.com race calendar, identifying races to fit every possible recovery timeline.

So that’s the update folks. Thank you SO MUCH for all of the comments and tweets and texts and good fast healing vibes that you sent me yesterday. Scares like this make me so thankful for blogging and the community of runners its connected me with. You guys get it and for that, I <3 you all big time.

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30 Responses to The Injury Update

  1. Ugh, painful. I broke a rib coughing once and it was so annoying. Glad to hear this is a short term injury and you’ll quickly be back!

  2. Thanks for the update, Emily! No injury is ideal obviously, but it sounds like your current state is relatively better than anticipated, which is good news. Hope you have a speedy recovery, which I’m sure you will because you’re so fast anyway. ;)

  3. Get well quickly!

    I had costochondritis (sp?) last year around this time from doing something way less intense, and while it hurt and I felt a million years old, I also continued training, etc., for as much as I could stand the pain. And it went away in ~2 weeks.

  4. Whoop Whoop! such good news! did your doc recommend running inside to avoid too much intake of cold air when running. I know treadmill=gross but might be worth it if its more comfortable!

  5. Glad it won’t be a big deal in the long-term. Now, stop googling your own diagnosis;-)

  6. Intercostal pain is a bitch, too. I hope it heals up quickly.

    Myrtle Beach 2/16. Just saying…

  7. That is great news! You’ll be back to normal in no time!

  8. Yippee! Glad it isn’t anything to serious and that you have been green lighted for getting your sweat on. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Ribs are super painful. Do you see a chiro? One session would probably help a lot.

  10. I was diagnosed as w/costocondritis as well, but really I ended up having pneumonia. It started merely as an annoying pain that hurt when I was breathing, but if you exp. and “sick” symptoms, go to the ER or a walk in place.

  11. Glad you’ve got some news to work with :)

  12. GLad to hear it wasn’t too serious. Some rest and turkey eating will do you good! And of course some miles for sanity!

  13. Woohoo! Great to hear! Been thinking of you!

  14. Glad it’s not life-threatening! HA… The fleshy, wrinkled, often brightly red colored fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat of turkeys is called a wattle. It is used for sexual display and is larger in males than females. In life it can be engorged with blood to make it larger and more brightly colored.

  15. Ouch, puppy. Heal quickly and enjoy those miles. Silly downhills. I really have nothing of value to say, just wanted to drop a HI and FEEL BETTER your way. xx.

  16. So glad to hear it is nothing too serious! But does sound super painful!

  17. Great to hear!! You can always run Carlsbad just for fun, with your experience, you can at least finish it, no matter how much you train until then.

  18. SUCH GOOD NEWS!!!! Congrats!!

  19. Glad to hear it will heal quickly, still an annoying injury to get though. I wonder if the cold air/breathing hard had anything to do with it as well?

    Maybe it will be a blessing in disguise, and you’ll be able to get back into training after having just enough rest – and be able to train harder and stronger than before? :)

  20. Ouch. Well, glad that you’ll still be at Rehoboth.

  21. Well that is flipping good news for Thanksgiving!!!

  22. I’m glad it’s not serious and you’ll be just fine soon! I’m sorry you’re in so much pain at the moment though. Sounds bad! Rest up and take care of yourself!

  23. Thank goodness! Yay Em!

    Can you re-direct those good healing recovery vibes my way? Pretty please.

  24. Happy Thanksgiving Emily!
    So glad to hear that it’s not an injured oblique! I know that a rib injury is not fun either, but your good news that you will heal quickly and I know you were thrilled to hear that!
    I was thinking about you this morning while I was Turkey Trotting, I had laryngitis and a sinus infection last week so I am slowly getting back into running and ran 2 minutes, walked 1 minute today. It was killing me to walk but I know that I have to to get my stamina back up!

  25. sounds promising!

  26. Hope you’re feeling better. Was diagnosed with costochondritis myself after an embarrasing fall last weekend in the middle of Rockefeller Center. Never walk and read your smartphone at the same time! Doing ice and anti-inflammatories.

  27. Hope that heals quickly. Nothing like feeling crappy when the weather is so nice to run hard/fast!

  28. GAH! I’m glad it’s nothing that will sideline you for a long time…. although it’s always annoying when you can’t do all the things you normally take for granted.

    Also… there’s a chance I might be at Rehoboth! I know! Random. But hopefully I’ll see you there!

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