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Back in the Hokas

Lots of updates for all y’all.

First of all, that whole cooking goal

It hasn’t really been going so well.

Or at all.

I did help my girl Meredith prepare eggplant lasagna last Sunday night.


But to say I “cooked” the meal might be a bit of a stretch considering I was assigned one task (brushing the eggplant with an olive oil/spice mixture that Meredith prepared) and right after I completed my one task, this happened:

20121209_182122 (1)

That would be Meredith redoing my hard work…effectively erasing any claim I may have otherwise had to the production of the dish.


Whatever. As Meredith said, it was “the most I’ve ever done to help her put food on the table.”


She meant it as a compliment, but I think we can all agree that she really should be thanking me for keeping my culinary ineptness away from her food.

Second update: I am RUNNING again.


Clearly, this should have been the first update since all things running are way more important than anything involving a kitchen or a stovetop.

I still can’t tell you exactly what has been plaguing my rib cage for over a month, but I can tell you that I went from crippling pain last Friday to minimal pain on Monday.

When I walked into my Doctor’s office last Monday and excitedly reported that I’d gone from a 9 to a 2 on the pain index, he sat there smirking and shaking his head, still totally baffled about what’s wrong with my ribs. But this time, he was the happy kind of baffled, and not the “show up at my office one more time with inexplicable mystery symptoms and I’ll never let you run again, Sweaty” kind.

He was especially pleased with my progress since he’d just received results from a second set of x-rays confirming I don’t have a broken rib and was at a total loss for other tests to try and get to the bottom of the pain. (The lack of a broken rib also means I do not need to steer clear of all things sweaty until February, 2013. GREAT news for anyone who has to see me during 3 months.)

He thinks I probably had some muscle tears around the rib cage and a lot of inflammation in the area. He poked around for a few minutes and then let me skip gleefully out of his office with permission to try running again.

But before you get too excited and make plans to track me in a marathon next weekend, I should clarify that when I say I’m “running again”, I certainly don’t mean I’m back to double digit mileage, double workouts, and races every weekend. I am only running very short distances at a very slow pace.

At least I think I am. I have declared December a no-garmin zone and will be running blissfully data-free until 2013.

I still don’t know what caused this bizarre injury, but I’m embracing it as a sign that I need to slow way down for a bit. No speed workouts. No rushing to try and run a PR marathon ASAP. And no obsessing over weekly mileage on every run.

It’s time to recover (slowly), give myself a mental break from tough training, build my base back up, and then game the eff on with a totally healthy, totally rested body.

Until then, I’m going to enjoy every single mile that my ribs let me run.

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23 Responses to Back in the Hokas

  1. WAHOO!!!! That is such great news! Congrats on the mystery pain mysteriously disappearing. And, really, who needs to know how to cook? Honestly? I married someone who could cook. Reverse-1950’s style. It’s worked out well. :)

  2. Yippieeeee!!!

    wait… you hear that?? … all those trails are calling your name Emily!!

    • I saw you’re running again too…I think they’re actually calling “Emily and Erik…come run us!”

  3. Yay! welcome back to running. Now where can I get those leg warmers at???

  4. Yay!!!! RUNNING!

    Also, cooking is totally beneficial for your running. Healthier food = better fuel, cheaper cost = more $$ for hokas and race fees. YOU SHOULD KEEP IT UP!

  5. Woohoo!! Great news, Emily! :D

  6. Good to hear that your running again. I’m sure that you will be soon running double digits again. I was beginning to think you were turning into the phantom blogger that I do when I’m not running. Take it easy from a person much older and is who is not wiser when it comes to running too much to soon.

  7. Congrats on getting the OK to get back on the road/trails!!! You must be so excited :) And just in time for the holidays!!! Yay!

  8. Glad to hear you are ok again. Happy Running!

  9. Emily! So glad things are starting to look up for you on the injury. I think you’ve got the right mind set and only setting yourself up for success later on.

  10. Hooray! Great news! Bet that first run felt like heaven, and who needs to cook when microwaves can do it for you, eh? Have fun!

  11. Haha glad you’re back to sweating once a day…. didnt think the cooking was a good idea anyway!! love the zebra print leg warmers!

  12. That is great news! I think you (or any one of us running/fitness addicts) might go off the deep end if you couldn’t work out until February.

    PS When I quickly first read this post title I thought you had given up on athleticism and had decided to start smoking Hookah instead.

  13. Nice to hear about your recovery and you’re running again. :)
    Take it easy!

  14. Best Xmas present! Welcome back Em!

  15. That is great news! Congratulations on the newly mended mystery injury!!!

  16. YAY!!

  17. yay!! I’m so glad you’re back to running again!! Congrats!!

  18. Congrats on being back in the running shoes! I hear ya girl on the slow, garmin-less miles. I’m coming back from a stress fracture and it’s so important to build that base. I too am tempted to just jump back in but that would be no bueno. Rest up and congrats again!

  19. This is such cheery news AND means I can say what what I wanted to say but couldn’t (erm, injured runner = excessively cranky) SO when do we get to read The Much Anticipated Race Recap? You know the one we’re all talking about..:!!! ;) :)

  20. Sounds wonderful! Glad to read you are back into running again, must feel amazing!

  21. I remember you having rib pain last year and this year I am suddenly having rib pain. It’s horrible. I came back here to see how long it took for you to heal or if you had any tips. My doctor thinks it is costochondritis and says I can run if I want. I’m in so much pain I just want to lay with a heating pad on my ribs.

    • My doctor also greenlighted me to run, but I ended up resting after running through it in SO MUCH PAIN. I would say just listen to your body and HEAL FAST. Sorry you’re dealing with this. Rib pain is prettymuch the most excruciating thing EVER. Sending lots of healthy vibes over to you!