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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s officially my favorite season.

Not because I’m about to fly home to Vermont to celebrate Christmas with my family and enjoy the balmy 20 degree weather in the Green Mountain State.

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And not because I can justify singing “All I Want for Christmas is You” into my hairbrush microphone around the clock.  Sorry, neighbors.


And shockingly not because one of my favorite bars added a festive bourbon cocktail to its menu that tastes like cinnamon candy on the rocks.


These things are nice and all…

But what’s really getting me going, especially after spending more than a month lusting after my Hokas:

Goal Season.

(No mom, I don’t actually like goals more than I like going home for the holidays. Promise.)

A couple of weeks ago, in a very uncharacteristic move, I bought a 2013 planner.


Bird theme inspired by two of my favorite running brands and their ability to remind me with every stride that it’s “Time to Fly” and get my “Head Up Wings Out.”

I immediately started to fill this notebook with my 2013 race schedule. I don’t really know what people who are not endurance athletes put in their planners…so far the only things I’m penning in come with a start and a finish line attached.

As I added race after race to my calendar, I obviously started scheming about my 2013 goals. But before I get ahead of myself with planning every weekend until January 2014, let’s get the obligatory recap of the last 12 months out of the way.

Or, more accurately, the last 6 months. Halfway through 2012, I reassessed the goals I’d set at the beginning of the year. After I got all hooked on ultras, it seemed dumb to leave things related to 5ks and similarly revolting distances on the list.  Some goals stayed, some goals got kicked up a notch, and some absolutely silly goals like “follow a training plan” got totally booted from the list.

Post-2012 goals overhaul, I was left with the following list:

Run a 50 miler.

686 2


And yeah, yeah. Race report. Consider it a supplemental goal for 2012. Don’t let me crack a beer on NYE unless that sucker is published.

Race a 50k on not-tired legs, PR, and also, win one for women.


Check. Three goals, one race.

Train with higher mileage and hit a 100 mile week.


Check (x3) Lots of <3 for triple digit weeks.

Run an ultra relay with a competitive group of gals.


Check. Thanks to the fast and fabulous ladies from Team #Undecided2 for one of the best race weekends of my life.

Continue racing at least once a month with the fam and running friends.


So many perfect checks. Minus December. But it’s okay, I’m ecstatic that I’m running at all this month.

Podium more times than I can count on one hand (“count on one hand” pulled verbatim from my goal list. Sorry that I’m a total asshole at times.)


Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.

PR the marathon again.

Big fat no check/big fat no second attempt post-Eugene.

And with that said, you can probably make an educated guess about what will be topping my list of 2013 goals.

‘Tis the season, folks. Do yourself a favor and ring in 2013 with some truly sweatastic goals. 

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22 Responses to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. Nice job on a kick ass year…I’m inspired by all your awesome goals. Can’t wait for 2013

  2. So happy you’re running again!

  3. A fantastic and great year hands down! Merry Xmas Em!

  4. You had one heck of an aaaaaaaahmazing 2012. wow!

  5. What a rockin 2012! Cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store for you !!!

  6. The sun never sets on a badass, you rock! Looking forward to following all of your badass-ness in 2013. Have a great holiday in the great state of VT!!!

  7. 1. I absolutely love your blog. You crack my shit up.
    2. I hate your blog. I can’t subscribe to it by email so I have to remember to come back and check for new posts.
    3. I hate your blog. I can’t easily go from one post to the next and lose myself for hours reading about all the running you did in 2012.
    4. I absolutely love your blog. You inspire me.
    5. Let me know if I’m an ass hole and the subscribe button isn’t really broken like I think it is, or that I really can cruise from post to post but can’t figure it out because I’m an idiot. Because…
    6. I absolutely love your blog.

  8. What a kick ass year for you lady! :) I can’t wait to see what your goals are for next year.

    (and I have my year planned out already and 2013 goal post ready to go, just waiting for the proper day… Type A+offseason+work vacation = planning overdrive…)

  9. Wow wow and wow again. What an amazing year!

    Me? Still can’t speak Spanish. No ‘check’ on my list :)

  10. How can you possibly improve on these next year???! looking forward to watching you smack PRs out of the park!

  11. Pretty incredible year in recap. Don’t underestimate the Marathon PR goal, that could easily be your only goal for 2013 (though I know you have plenty more im sure ). Maybe a 100k (such as the “UROC” in Virginia)? You could take a shot at JFK50 too, its supposed to be an awesome race!!

    So many check marks!!

  12. Pretty incredible year in recap. Don’t underestimate the Marathon PR goal, that could easily be your only goal for 2013 (though I know you have plenty more im sure ). Maybe a 100k? You could take a shot at JFK50 too, its supposed to be an awesome race!!

    So many check marks!!

  13. YOU ROCK EMILY! Go go go! 2012 was a huge success and I can’t wait to see what you bring for 2013. Also, huge congratulations on running again. You are an animal!

  14. I’ve been following you this past year, and you’ve had an AMAZING year. Rock on!

  15. Lots of running goals I am sure you can reach in 2013! I have a question I was outside a lululemon store in Chicago and their windows had a decal reading “sweat once a day” anyway related to your blog?

  16. I encourage you to make your long term goal a sub 3 marathon. A Sub 3 puts you in a club that is occupied by a very small, very selective group of people. I have trained with a couple of subers and believe me they are special.
    I can see you really getting off on joining that club. It will not be easy, the window of opportunity is only a couple of years wide, go get it while you can.

  17. Merry Christmas Emily! WIshing you and your family the best this holiday season. Thanks for the best running blog out there! Keep up the great work. Good luck with all your goals in 2013! :) Hope to meet you at a run one day!

  18. You are one tough cookie.
    I enjoy reading!

  19. This is the most wonderful time of the year! I get all giddy and excited in December when I get to plan my Spring race calendar! I am super excited to start training for my 7th half marathon this year, I have a new bad ass training plan and I plan to rock it out!

  20. you ROCK! Congrats on all your goals achieved! What a year for you – looking forward to reading about 2013!