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My 2013 Goal

Every Christmas morning, my brother and I head out for a run together. For the past four years, I’ve been on one of my (or straight up the) first run back after recovering from an injury.


This year was no different. Thanks, bitch ribs.

While not every injury I’ve suffered from has been the result of running or overtraining, it’s probably not just a coincidence that I’ve found myself in a boot or on crutches at the end of nearly every year since I started racing.

These injuries are probably also not totally unrelated to the gianormous number of goals I set at the beginning of every year and the speed at which I try and achieve them (pun intended).

My MO tends to be: run race (usually at least 26.2 miles long), don’t allow myself time to recover, register for my next big race on my smart phone on the drive home, immediately race again, either to try and be faster, run longer or to redeem a poor performance. Then repeat all year long until I get booted with a stress fracture or five.


50 miler, 2 marathons and an ultra relay all in a month. Is anyone else downright SHOCKED that I ended up injured?

You would think I would learn my lesson after cycling through 4 or 5 years of this. But no. Clearly not. (See: aforementioned bitch ribs.)

When I quit triathlons after my ironman to focus on running, I thought I had finally identified a cure for my severe case of Wants-To-Do-Too-Much-Endurance-Sportzitis. Stop swim, bike, running, just run.

But then I found ultras. And longer ultras. And faster ultras. And ultra relays.

When I finished my 50 miler, which was supposed to be my final big race for the year, I waited a whopping week before I tried a tempo run and significantly less time before I was signed up for my next goal marathon. My original plan for 2013 involved PRing in a marathon, racing a 50 miler, and maybe even attempting a 100…all before the end of July. Basically, I wanted a VIP ticket for the express train to Injury Town.

And then I got injured. Realized I was setting myself up for another one mile long Christmas Morning recovery run in December 2013 and took my rib injury as a cue that I need to slow the fuck down and focus on what I really want from racing.


During my terribly depressing weeks away from running, I made a list of goals. When I started it, I thought it would be my 2013 list. But then I stopped being an idiot and realized that I can’t healthily tackle such a ridiculous volume of running goals in 12 short months. And  also that I don’t need to. My running career is not ending on December 31, 2013.

So now I have a list of lifetime goals. It’s exciting. And ridiculous. And hilariously ambitious. I’ll share it with you all when you need a good laugh.

But for 2013, I only have one.

And after hours and hours and miles and miles of thinking about it, I know what I want the most:


(In case you aren’t fluent in finish line clock, that’d be a sub 3 hour marathon)

Game on, 2013. Game fucking on.

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34 Responses to My 2013 Goal

  1. Go get it. That’ll be f’ing spectacular.

  2. This is a great post! One of favorite parts about reading your blog is watching you conquer incredibly crazy feats such as multiple marathons and 50 milers in a month (sometimes on little sleep, etc) BUT I’d rather see you healthy and uninjured! My boyfriend always tells me that most people over estimate what they can do in 1 year and underestimate what they can do in a lifetime. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your 1 lofty goal for 2013 and your gargantuan list for your lifetime. I bet you will get further down that lifetime list than you anticipate.

    Looking forward to reading the race recap for your sub 3 hour!

  3. Game on indeed. Your sub-3 is going to be stellar! Happy lucky 13!

    I took a step the other way and decided instead of running a billion races, I wanted to focus on triathlon season. So I will start racing in April, and stop racing in October. And the rest of the year will be dedicated to straight training. Feels weird, man.

  4. Wow! Badass!!! Get after it, girl!!!!!

  5. You can totally rock that goal!

  6. We’re both on a 1 goal year…mine to finish IMAZ with a smile—yours to be scary fast and chick as many guys as possible running your way to a sub-3 marathon!

    Question is, which lovely marathon will be the go-to bitch to cross the line under 3:00:00?????!?!?!?!?!!?! Inquiring minds (aka me) want to know if it’s going to be in my state and if that means I get to sherpa!?)

    • TBD based on recovery! But I will 100 percent be back in HugeEug this year! And I CAN’T WAIT for your IM. You are going to have a blast training for that baby!

  7. Awesome. Cannot WAIT to follow this journey! Any thoughts yet on what your goal marathon will be?

  8. Tears sprung to my eyes reading 2:59. I am so excited to see that happen for you.

  9. you just got me so jacked up i could punch someone in the face. get it girl.
    ps lets meet up for coffee sometime.

  10. Woohoo–bring it, 2013! :)

  11. You got this girl! You have the strength, determination and definitely the speed. Good luck!

  12. I cannot wait to follow your journey to a sub 3 marathon!!!

  13. Yep, perfect goal. I believe in you. Go get it!!!

  14. BAMF!

  15. You got it!! Heal up!! Are you going back to Eugene??

    • I am 100 percent going back to Eugene but probably just to race the half and see if the PR City magic applies to all race distances!

      • You guys did so awesome at Eugene last year…I remember reading all of yours, SarahOUal, and Faster Bunny’s re-caps…totally motivated me and had an awesome PR at the OC 1/2 the next weekend! Keep the motivation coming!

  16. Go for it Em. And in Chinese “Jia You”. You can do it – you’re my inspiration.

  17. Awesome. My husband was reading this over my shoulder and was asking all kinds of questions and amazed by your best of the best stats. He’s ran 3 miles with me once in 7 years, was faster than me and then couldn’t walk for a week.

  18. You can do it!! Do you have a race in mind yet?? It will be hard to focus on only 1 goal (especially after accomplishing your dozen or so goals last year), but you will forever be a sub-3 hour marathoner!!

  19. Wow…that’s so exciting. You got me so fired up I had to go for a run myself! It’ll be SO exciting when you do it.

  20. What an amazing goal! And very feasible when only focusing on one goal :)

    let’s stay injury free!!!

  21. Yeaaah!! You’ll get it. I’m running Eugene, too, this year, but I’m just going for a BQ ;)

  22. I am SO glad this is the post you wrote – I’ve been working on my 2013 goals…and coming up empty-handed. I just want to run! I don’t want to get injured. That seems like enough of a goal for me…YOU GO GIRL!

  23. Can’t wait to hear where you’re going to do this :)

    Focused and determined…you will do this!

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