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The Internet Sweats

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m downright addicted to the internet. Between blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and playing on my smart phone for my entire 4 mile walk commute and every second of every elliptical session, I spend a disturbing amount of my time connected to the world wide web.


Some of this time is not exactly time well spent. Like, maybe I don’t need to look at every photo of my college roommate’s new puppy. But whatever, you would too if a dog that cute popped up on your facebook feed.

But some of the time I spend surfing the ‘net, is totally worthwhile and produces absolutely quality finds. But when that happens, you know what I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I hoard that shit for my personal entertainment and don’t spend a single second informing anyone else of its greatness.

And I feel kind of badly about that.

Especially when I see people like this girl dutifully tweeting the masses about critical and earth-shattering news at least once an hour:



So, in what I hope to make a semi-regular feature on Sweat Once a Day, I present you with my recommendations for my best sweaty finds from the internets this week. Please forgive that this week is a little brief since I just decided to be less selfish and actually share my finds with you like three days ago.

Good Reads:

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, check out this love story from two of my favorite pro athletes.

Galen Rupp’s 3:50.92 mile is old news, but this headline just doesn’t get old. I seriously can’t get enough of this guy.


His coach attributes a lot of his current success to the uninterrupted, injury free training he’s had for years. Noted. If I stop getting stress fractures, I’ll be able to run like Galen. WORKING ON IT.

Alternate theory, he’s so fast because he’s such a good hugger:





Speaking of Galen’s coach, he’s been known to experiment with innovative techniques to get his athletes running faster. His latest attempt includes a tool often used in horseback riding. Would you run around town in this? If I could run as fast as Mary Cain and Galen Rupp, I’d certainly give it a whirl.

As I mentioned/tweeted a couple of times this week, I’ve been battling a mild case of the plague since Monday. Reading this made me feel a little bit better about some arguably questionable choices I made regarding exercise over the past few days. At least I didn’t consume any alcohol. (PS: watch your back, Beer Runner, I want your job). And without getting into any specifics, this is one of those times you should do as I say, not as I do.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the rabbit and never be in it to win it for yourself? Get inside a professional’s head.

Good Follows:





I met Meaghan the Crasher at a Girls on the Run happy hour a few Sundays ago and I’m now positively obsessed with stalking her adventures on her blog as she crashes fitness classes all over DC. She tweets and facebooks a near-daily roundup of free fitness opportunities and her blog is a fantastic resource to scout out that studio you’ve been dying to sweat at.


My favorite thing I’ve seen so far: her barre crawl. Genius.



Two high school runners anonymously tweeting about miles, boys and the bad diet decisions they make before cross country practice.


Amen. Also, you’ll have to fight me for him, RGs.


You and me both.




Or maybe I just like them since we have the same taste in runner boys.

RunnersRambles on Instagram



But also don’t do it if you’re not willing to pack all of your stuff in a U-Haul, move to Northern California and run trails all day.


When she labeled this one “Friday Morning Meeting” I thought about sending her hate mail but then stopped myself when I realized that would ruin my plan to squat until the end of time in her guestroom.

The only time I really question my decision to put ultras on hold and focus on the marathon is when I scroll through Aron’s instragram feed (or read her blog) and see the miles of trail perfection that she’s gifted with on a daily basis.


Every image leaves me in a vicious cycle of “Are you for serious? JUST STOP YOU BITCH. Heyyyy Aron, how’s next Saturday for a surprise visit? Do you need a lawn girl? I could be your lawn girl. You don’t need to pay me. I’ll pay you. Just promise to let me run with you.”

YOU should all follow her while I temporarily unsubscribe so I don’t cancel my ticket to Vermont in exchange for a one-way flight to San Francisco.

And that’s it for now, kids. What’s the best thing YOU saw on the internet this week? Send me some links before you peace out for a weekend of long running and racing.бесплатный клавиатурный шпион для андроид

4 Responses to The Internet Sweats

  1. I follow Aron’s blog and her photos are ridiculous and can be the RW ‘Rave Run’ for every issue.

  2. Uh, yeah… every time I see one of Aron’s photos from a trail run I think “LUCKY!!” and dang, I know I live in a great running city, but those views she has just can’t be beat. I always love reading/seeing what the Flomas (fleshman/thomas) couple is up to. My most consistent local running fodder is a group of few hundred local “running peers” on facebook who through out run ideas, questions, gear recommendations, etc throughout the week.

  3. The best blogthing I saw was probably this: http://www.milfrunner.com/2013/02/is-oatmeal-supposed-to-be-stringy-like_7.html

    The worst thing was probably my stupid doctor’s diagnosis. Tell me x-rays lie. Please?

  4. I spend way too much on the Net too! Way way way too much! And now, I’m adding more from the links in your post.