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Easter Weekend Marathoning

Good morning, peeps.

Apparently it’s April Fools Day. And also Monday. Which I think must be the joke, right? Last I checked it was Friday at 3pm. Pretty sure there is no way 60 some-odd hours have passed since then.

This weekend was absolutely crazy.

You may remember that I had a marathon on my race schedule for Saturday.


The Two Rivers Race Festival in Lackawaxen, PA.

My original plan was to drive up to Pennsylvania on Friday night and stay at a hotel 30 minutes from the race start. But last week was kind of insane and kind of derailed my plan to start my “race” weekend with a nice, leisurely drive north.

So instead of battling Easter weekend traffic during rush hour, I stayed home, ate a lot of carbs, and woke up at 2 on Saturday morning to make the 5ish hour drive to the race.


Spending several hours on the highway before dawn is not the most relaxing way to kick off a race morning, but it was surprisingly not that terrible. I kept myself awake by blasting Eminem and David Guetta at full volume and regaling the steering wheel with several stories about other marathons that I’ve run. I think it was particularly entertained by the time I tried to run fast the day after biking the IMLP bike course for the first time.

My plan for this race was to not race it. I signed up for it because I’ve been missing the heck out of marathons since I got injured last November and I wanted a chance to spend a few hours reveling in good health and thinking about some running stuff.

I actually have a lot of things to say about this race and the things that were on my mind before, during and after the 26.2 miles of running through PA. But for now, I’ll just report that as a training run, this marathon delivered exactly what I was looking for: a solid long run pace at a comfortable effort.


I started out nice and easy, chatting with some of the other runners (including the wonderful man in a tutu in the background of the above picture), and holding about an 8 minute pace. When I crossed the halfway point, I was somewhere in the 1:43 range and I crossed the finish in 3:20.44 for a 7:40 overall pace. My garmin died before the end of the race, but based on my 20 mile split and my finish time, I think my last 6.2 miles were about a 7:10 pace. In my-non-professional-runner-non-coached-athlete-non-expert opinion, this is exactly where I want to be for a long run 8 weeks out from my goal race.

After the marathon I drove a few hours south to Philly to hang out with a friend for the night. It was a perfect evening of marathon recovery. We had a few good drinks, ate some bomb food, and I took advantage of the fact that he ran his first marathon last fall and has an apartment equipped with all of the best marathon recovery tools. I believe he realized exactly how much he misses living in the same city and having me as a part of his daily social life when I turned down drinks for his stretching strap around 2am.

The next morning, it was back into the car for a few more hours of driving to get back to DC. I think I spent approximately 12 hours in my rental car in the span of about 30 hours. I do not recommend doing this. Especially when half of the hours are immediately after running a marathon.

Once I got home, I took a quick dip in the pool to stretch out my legs and then headed straight to Easter dinner with a crew of my running friends.

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More good drinks, more good food, and more bottles than I can count in the host’s wine cellar.


Which we totally behaved around and did not attempt to steal for our own stashes.


And then it became Monday. Which I still don’t believe.

More later on running. And the marathon. And being halfway through a training cycle.

And a very special shout out to my baby brother who turns 26 today.


He owns his own house. He has a great job. And he is responsible enough to own and take care of a dog (that recently podiumed in good looks).


Second place for Jax! Congrats buddy!

Basically, Jameson may be younger than I am, but he’s way more of an adult.

Happy birthday, Jamo! Make your sister proud and do something totally irresponsible today to celebrate.

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18 Responses to Easter Weekend Marathoning

  1. I live in Pennsylvania & have never heard of where your marathon was. I’m guessing it was in the middle of nowhere?

    Your goal at the beginning of last year was a 3:20 marathon & now you’re running that as a training run?! You are going to SMASH sub 3:00 girl!

  2. All I have to say is you are ridiculously impressive! What a weekend! You are totally going to crush sub 3!

  3. 7:40 “easy” pace?! That’s awesome. Go you. And also, I can’t believe you drove for 5 hours before a marathon! Hahaha

  4. Pretty sure guy in tutu was at run for the red marathon in pa last may. Same outfit w a wand and English accent?

    • I’m sure he was! He runs them all the time and all over the place. He’s crazy impressive. And yes, accent!

  5. Uh, at the risk of being a little stalker-ish, it kinda looks like you forgot to mention that you WON the marathon. Congratulations!

  6. Your mom already announced that you WON it! Congrats.

  7. You are allowed to brag! Great job with the win!!!

  8. You won??? It’s your blog, you get to brag!!!!

  9. you rock

  10. That’s an awesome pace for a training run marathon! All that yoga is paying off:)

  11. Happy Birthday Jameson!

    And Em, I dunno how you can drive out and run a race at 2am! I’ll probably give in to zzz monsters. But hey, I bet it was totally worth it.

    Hmmm…how many bottles of wine are there?

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  13. Wow, that wine cellar is impressive! Looks like you had a lot of fun :)


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