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What Do YOU Want?

You may have noticed that Sweat Once a Day looks a little different this week.


This is less because I’ve been working for months on a big redesign or a “blog facelift” and more because Monday decided to break my blog.

Super rude. Especially since I already had enough on my plate this week without needing to rescue all of my babbling posts about sweat from the depths of the internet.


This dude and I had very similar feelings about this week.

But, I choose to believe that everything happens for a reason. And the reason that my blog broke down is because it was in desperate need of a little TLC. The old version was very pink and a little heavy on the triathlon considering my retirement from that sport (clearly I still need a new and improved header).

I wish I had more time in life to focus on things like which buttons are on my sidebar or how updated my race page is, but as it is, I can’t even post as much as I’d like to. Blogging is absolutely one of my favorite things to do. I love that moment when you’re out on a run and you’re all “THIS. THIS THING. I want to know how my friends on internet feel about this!” Lately those moments have not been happening while I’m actually running, but they’re still happening. High fives all around for all of your reassuring comments that I’m not the only member of Team Bikram Hate! (And apologies to those of you on Team Bikram Love, SWEAR I’ll try it again this weekend to give it another chance). But as much as I love to chat with all of you about anything and everything running , blogging tends to take more than 30 seconds and sometimes it’s tough to fit it in during a day that is already jam-packed with training/working/socializing/eating/hydrating/dehydrating/planking/napping before repeating it all over again.

photo (21)


But Monday’s meltdown motivated me to finally carve out some time to make some big (and some not-so-big) changes on SOaD.

I’ve already started to update a few things:

New PRs!


And by “new” I really just mean I deleted all distances less than a half marathon.  Given the relative effort and care that I put into shorter distance racing, it didn’t seem like they deserve a place on my PR list. I  figure posting about my 5k PR is a little like posting about my PR in the kitchen (Which I actually think I nailed last night when I made a veggie burger in a PAN on the STOVE. And the smoke alarm did NOT go off! Big W, kids.)

An updated About Me section (I actually did this a few weeks ago since my old page contained a lot of talk about training for my first Ironman and my “undying love” for triathlon.)


Functioning Twitter/Facebook/Instagram links




I had this up before but it was a little hidden. Also, sometimes I suck a lot at checking my blog’s email account. But I pinky promise that I’m getting better! So feel free to email me, especially if it’s to set me up with your Olympian BFF.


Raise your hand if you also want to see this happen!

As I’ve started to update and overhaul my blog, I’ve thought a lot about what I enjoy in the blogs that I read. But I want to hear from you guys: what do YOU want to read? Or see? What do you love about running blogs that you follow? Reflections on daily runs? Reflections on daily beer? Training tips? Gear reviews? 50 miler race reports? (I’m up to mile 15!) Recipes? (Sneak preview of how that would go: “Order your takeout salad. Put in bag. Walk home.”) Stories about what happens in life outside of the Hokas? Future race plans? Running crushes? (Yes, plural.)

Ready, set, go!как взломать mail ru почту зная логин

40 Responses to What Do YOU Want?

  1. Love the look so far! The kiwi green is a nice touch!

    More training tips! More recipes! (Haha yea right). More about your hokas! Seriously, what are those things?!

  2. I really just enjoy your style of writing and your wit. You’re fun to read, you tell great stories, and you sound like someone I’d totally get along with IRL. That’s why I keep coming back! I love reading race recaps. Also enjoy you mixing running life with real life and seeing how you (and other bloggers) balance everything. Love the new look!

    • Thanks for the super sweet comment! I would love to find a way for us all to hang out IRL, get sweaty IRL and then drink some IRL beer. THAT would be super fun. For now, we’ll have to settle with hanging out on the internet.

  3. Gear reviews! I also like reading about how your plans evolve as you find different distances you’re more excited about.

  4. More photos of single friends that may be interested in your little brother. In all seriousness-love the race reports mixed with the humor and life outside of running.

  5. I’m not big on gear reviews unless it’s something new you’re using that you really think EVERYONE should be using, but I would like to know more about the hokas though.

    I would like there to be a like so I can subscribe to your blog by email. Sometimes I forget to come and check for a new post and then I discover I’m three long-winded posts behind.

    I would love to know about upcoming races and I would love to see you do more trail running/ultras (after you PR the shit out of the marathon with a sub-3, of course).

    Your posts are hilarious and I love all the pictures. Don’t change much because even if your site was broken your blogging isn’t (and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it).

    Do you ever run with a heart rate monitor, or did you use one when you first started running? What was your pace when you first got into running? I need a little motivation that if I keep at it I WILL get faster.

    • Totally working on the subscribe by email thing. I will let you know when I figure it out! Thanks for all of the suggestions and don’t you worry, I am coming back for WAY MORE trails and ultra.

  6. Hey “Sweaty!”
    I used to be a blog-whore — not in keeping up my own, but in being obsessed with reading about a billion of them! I’ve since minimized – and yours is the only running blog that I currently have bookmarked!
    I think your blog is great the way it is… you share awesome stuff all around!
    Next time you’re in Wisconsin – I’ll buy you a beer and we should talk running crushes!! Haha.
    Sweat on!! (And Go Team Bikram Hate!!)

    • DONE. You will be the first to know next time I book travel to Wisconsin. Have your list ready!

  7. 50 mile race recap! I’ve always wanted to hear more about your experience with that one. Also, more training tips and reflections on daily runs. Though, no matter what you write about, I’ll keep reading. I love your style of writing.

  8. The #1 thing I want more than anything is to read that Can Lake recap (aka The Most Anticipated Race Recap of the Decade)!

  9. I love reading about everything. All the different posts keep me motivated and competitive. I do look for training tips and gear review too. I think half my wardrobe is running gear.

  10. I’m a new reader (been reading for about a month) and I have to say that I really enjoy how YOU shine through in your posts. I love running and sweating. And I love reading blogs. I find, though, that I stick around blogs where I get to know the person behind the blog. And with you, I get that feeling. I also like the varied mix from race recaps, to i-word battle posts, to you day-in-the-life post (that was fun). So just keep being you! Such sage advice, I know.

    • Well welcome! Thank you for the very sweet comment. I guarantee there will continue to be a lot of running and sweating but hopefully I’ll be through with the I-word posts ASAP!

  11. I love your blog – the way you write allows us to see who you really are (or in my case, since I haven’t met you IRL, who I imagine you to be… since that’s all made up based on your sarcasm aind what’s in my head… great job!) :)

    I’m curious to know about your sans-Hokas life – what do you do for work? A day-in-the-life post would be awesome and really eye-opening too!

  12. Agreed with the peanut gallery. Like your writing style and race recaps, the decimation of delicious carbs of all varieties, and even the other daily life stuff. Face it, you’re interesting, so that’s why we’re here! :)

    My pages are horribly out of date too, and I’m lucky to get to post once a week, so I feel ya.

  13. Love everything about you blog, but just like someone commented above I would love to follow you by e-mail or be notified of a new post on Facebook. I sometimes forget to check your page and I can be a couple posts behind.

    • Working on it! I think even my technologically-challenged self can figure out email subscribe. I’ll also try to be more diligent about posting on facebook. I’m usually on top of twitter but tend to neglect the ‘book. Thanks for the suggestions!

  14. Another vote your blog is great the way it is now. I love just reading about workouts, race recaps, random life happenings. SO many blogs that I used to LOVE I no longer even read because they are FILLED with pure junk. Ooo look at this product….and this one…and this one…and this one! That’s when a blog becomes unreal and annoying. Keep up the great work!

  15. I agree with the more race plans and race recaps! Also would love reading a bit more into the mental aspect – how you stay tough in training and racing, what tips you employ, etc.

    • I can talk about race plans ALL DAY LONG. Race recaps are obviously a little challenging for me. But I’ll work on it! Thanks for the input!

  16. I’m here for the content, so all I can suggest is keep on blogging when you have the time (and don’t worry about it when you don’t), and above all keep being so genuine and interesting.

    About the blog email thing – if you use gmail for your personal email, you can add your blog email account to it as well, and then those emails will come to your inbox along with your personal ones.

  17. I’m currently training for my first ultra (North Face EC 50k) and I would love to hear more about yours – training, race, nutrition, etc.

    • Awesome! I loved the North Face Madison 50k. If you ever have specific questions, totally shoot me an email (not that I’m an expert, but I do love to talk about it!) and I will definitely keep talking ultras around here.

  18. I would love to see more of your training plan and how you decide on it to achieve your goal. I love the cross training element to your blog and that you are honest about how we all have bad runs and injuries sometimes. Some bloggers only ever talk about the good runs which is depressing!

    Sweatonceaday is one of my favourite running blogs so you rock and more of the same please!

    • Did my mom pay you to say that? But seriously, thank you! I will definitely talk plenty about my training plan as soon as I can train again!

  19. I love how hilariously candid you are! It cracks me up that you don’t take crap in life and are really honest about your runs! I do like hearing about what gear you use, and race reviews are fun to read for inspiration! I didn’t even KNOW what the heck Hokas were before I read your blog! Geeze Louise!!

  20. I love your blog! Please keep posting about lots of beer (especially good DC and NOVA beer opportunities), lots of running, and lots of travel!!! You really do have a great mix of stuff and your blog is always super motivating, good luck with your injury healing up all the way!
    Also, good luck with the VCM relay, I will be doing my second marathon up there, can’t wait!!

    • The beer posts will NEVER stop. Don’t you worry. I’m missing out on the whole VCM experience but GOOD LUCK. You will have a blast!

  21. I like the updates you made (PRs, About Me section, design, etc.), but please keep your content the same. I love your blog just the way it is!

    Also, I’m with you on hating Bikram yoga. You should try Power Yoga – I think you’ll like it much better!

  22. I want to hear how you and Tris are dating ;)

  23. I think variety does it for me – training details, reflections on training, race reports, a bit about daily life, things to do/see wherever you live/travel to, some food is fine, even whatever gear you happen to be loving. But focus on any SINGLE topic, especially with multiple posts every week, and I’m outta here. I mean, how unique and interesting could six weekly reflections on training be after 52 weeks?

    That being said, I’m already here, inertia is powerful, and I enjoy reading what you write. So the better question might be, “What could I write about that would cause you to go through the effort of unsubscribing?” Answer: Too much food obsessing. Too much pace obsessing. Too much whining (appropriate whining in modest amounts is FINE). Too much terrible grammar/spelling. Too many product plugs/giveaways/reviews/cheap traffic-generating tricks. I guess this sounds like a lot of rules, but I’m pretty liberal on “Too Much”. I’d say, as far as I’m concerned, you’re pretty safe!

  24. I love your content too. I’d also like to hear more about your progress as a runner! I went (way) back into the archives recently and was surprised at some of your old goals and how far you’ve come; I’d like to hear about that sometime.

    I’d be up for more non-running content as long as some sweat remains (which, duh). I always like your traveling posts; you inspire me to keep running no matter where I am or how hectic my schedule gets.

    Overall though, I agree with whomever said “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  25. +1 for the 50 miler race report!

  26. I enjoy your heavy amounts of sarcasm both here and IRL, but I don’t think that’s in danger of going anywhere. Also, I really loved the day-in-a-life post – I love seeing how people fit in training around a busy work day/social life.

    Also, beer. Maybe not full-fledged beer reviews, but maybe mentions of beers you’ve liked?

  27. Everything in your list…maybe except gear reviews and kitchen shennigans? Also more pics of the handsome dudes in your life! No kidding!

  28. No need to change anything, IMO – just add to what you already do, but keep it the same. Makes total sense, right? First thing that comes to my mind when I read that you’ve run 87 miles in one day, taken a pilates class and and done weight training is “What does this girl EAT???” Seriously, what do you eat? I get hungry just reading about all that activity… And seeing as cooking is not your favorite activity, I’m even more curious :-). Also, how much sleep do you actually get? A day in the life would be interesting… but a “week in the life…” post would give a more accurate picture to all of us who wonder how in the hell you manage to fit so much into each 24-hour period!

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  30. I think your blog is great! I love hearing about all your sweaty adventures. One thing I would like is to have easier access to your back posts. There’s the little archive drop down at the bottom but it only works one month at a time (and then one post at a time within a month). There’s no good way to just browse through old posts.

    (Also the 50 mile race report would be awesome! *kof*)

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