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MRTR 50k

I know haven’t exactly been quiet about the fact that the trails out here are kind of sort of decent to run on.


Because of this, and because I’m kind of sort of addicted to start lines, a big part of my JFK50 training plan is to load up my weekends with longer races so I can get in some quality miles exploring the local trails while surrounded by a few dozen (or a few hundred) enthusiastic and talented athletes.


Since the landscape was pretty spectacular for my long run last weekend, I’m kicking off my fall race schedule with a trip back to the same trail to run the McKenzie River Trail Run 50k tomorrow.

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It’s a good thing that I spent 4.5 hours soaking in the trail last weekend, otherwise it might be difficult to focus on the race and not get distracted by all of the shiny objects along the trail.


My plan for the race is to run strong, but not kill myself, since it is just a training run. And to appreciate that instead of hopping on a plane for 13 hours and a few layovers, I can just drive a few minute down the road and be running trails like the MRT.

IMG_20130906_093231 (1)

Good luck to everyone else racing this weekend! Especially to some of my favorite girls chasing down some BQs.

10 Responses to MRTR 50k

  1. Good luck and have fun!

  2. It’s awesome that you can just sign up for a 30K randomly and do it as a training run. Good luck! I’m jealous of your views!

  3. Spectacular! Have a great race.

  4. Two of my friends are doing the MRTR too (and for one of them it will be her first 50k!) I’ll be there to cheer and support them, and will cheer you on as well! Good luck and have fun :)

  5. Have a blast! I’m plotting my second 50K in 6 weeks. They’re habit forming!

  6. That trail looks INCREDIBLE! Have a blast! Good luck!

  7. Looks beautiful! Have a great race :)

  8. And to your mother sadly racing her last tri of the season.
    Have fun at your race!

  9. All the best Em!

  10. You run 50Ks as training runs?? (I’m new here. Obviously.)

    I’m suddenly feeling kind of wimpy for worrying about running 22 on Saturday. =/ And believe me, there will be NO follow-up long run on Sunday. =)

    Have a great run! I’m somewhat intrigued by the whole ultra idea, so I’m looking forward to hearing what a real training routine for one is like.