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JFK50 Rundown

Cross my Hoka laces and hope to trip, I’ve already started drafting my race report for JFK! Don’t stone me yet!

BUT until it’s done (because 50 miles, guys, it takes a few minutes to digest and write about!), here’s a quick rundown of the race:


7th place for women


A few highlights:

-My (unpublished) goal going into this race was to crack the Top 10 for women. JFK50 was BY FAR the most competitive ultra I’ve run and placing 7th is a much bigger deal (for me) than most, if not all, of my other races.

-My most conservative of estimates for the STUPID ROCKY Appalachian Trail was still too fast. I was not prepared for the terrain and my pace/place coming off the trail reflected it. I was in 26th place at Mile 16 when we FINALLY came off the trail and worked my way up to 7th by the time I was off the C&O Towpath (Mile 42) and held onto that place until the finish.

-While I was 26th fastest on the trail, I had the 2nd fastest split on the marathon distance towpath (yes, I did the math while I was incapable of anything but sitting on my friend’s couch after the race). This says a lot about where my strengths/weaknesses lie and very accurately reflects which portions of the race I was well prepared for.

-For as great as this race seems on the surface, I’ve been having a lot of mixed emotions about it since Saturday night. I can’t decide if these feelings are genuine or the result of exhaustion/post-goal race depression. More on that fun later!

THANK YOU for all of the online/in person/text/twitter/instagram/facebook/phone cheers/love this weekend! You guys kept me smiling even when I was ready to eat my arm off after the race because someone decided they needed to raise and kill a cow before turning it into my burger. <3

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  1. Huge congrats! You killed it. 7th place women is freaking fantastic!

  2. That’s absolutely awesome in such a stacked field.

  3. don’t have mixed emotions! you rocked it. the end.

  4. Congratulations on a great race and meeting your goal of cracking the top 10! Second fastest split on the C&O!? You killed it!

  5. Congrats! Just enjoy it! A 7th place finish is awesome. Can’t wait to hear the full report.

  6. You know what the great thing is about doing this well in your second 50 miler EVER? It’s that this is just the beginning, if you want it to be. I know how it is to want EVERYTHING AWESOME RIGHT NOW… but keep on reflecting on all the awesome that has happened up to this point. (Go re-read a few of your taper posts! It’s all there!) And is it going to stop being awesome now? Of course not! There is plenty more awesome waiting down the road for you.

    Oh, and congratulations on TOTALLY KILLING IT. I was hitting “refresh” on my Twitter feed compuslively, waiting to see how you did!

  7. Awesome job!

  8. Way to go; 7th place is amazing! You are such an inspiration. Can’t wait to read the report! Congrats again.

  9. CONGRATS! I knew you would rock the race :) Can’t wait to read the recap!

  10. Awesome! Congrats on a super impressive finish.

  11. Congrats!! That is an impressive time, trail or not! As an even newer trail runner than you, I definitely can attest to skills on the trails translating to faster times – I am not the most agile! You are already doing great so I can’t imagine how you’ll do when you master those trail running techniques!

  12. Congrats! That’s amazing.

  13. Congratulations. Great job on the strong finish.

  14. You did GREAT! No question. No doubt! Fantastic! Be proud.

  15. Great job E! We should discuss your 4th bullet, as I think I am finally coming down from my race high and am having all sorts of weird emotions as well. Honestly, I feel a little “lost” if that makes any sense.

  16. CONGRATS!!! That is so awesome and impressive and you deserve lots of good food, good beers and R&R this week!!

  17. Way to rock it by training and racing smart! Can’t wait to read the details (soon?!) and I know you will be back with a plan of attack and continued dramatic improvement! Hope you will also share the post-race rehydration details I.e. What did Emily sample in DC!

  18. wow you are so awesome

  19. Wow, that’s so impressive! Congratulations on a strong race and top 10 finish!

  20. Congrats again! It was super exciting following Sarah OUAL’s tweets – especially on the 26th and then the next tweet being 7th!

  21. Time to bust out the TRIPLE PISGAH SUMMITS!

    You did an INCREDIBLE job. And if you wait a year to recap this amazingness, we will have a beer embargo put in place for Eugene.

    Looking forward to watching you enjoy this and whatever comes next :)

  22. I have been waiting on a recap and this just leaves me more hungry for it! Congrats on your great finish and hope recovery goes well!!!!

  23. You are INCREDIBLE, can’t wait to hear the recap.

  24. Other than training on the actual course, how do you think you could have been better prepared for the trail section? Don’t you think all your Eugene mountain runs helped? Can you imagine if you raced while still living in DC?

  25. This is amazing! Can’t wait to read the recap:)

  26. Congratulations Emily! I can’t wait to read your recap and hear more of your mixed emotions. It sounds to me like you kicked this race’s ass.

  27. Congrats, freaking awesome placing- cant wait to read more about it

  28. wow – that’s awesome! congrats!

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  30. I only know approx 3 people who have run 50 miles….straight….like consecutively…in one day! So I tip my hat to you regardless, but sub 8 hours?? 7th place?? Amazing. Congrats.