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Diamond Peak Runaround

This is Diamond Peak.

IMG_20140705_172910 (1)

Diamond Peak is an 8,743’ mountain in the Cascades.

Yesterday, a group of six of us drove out to a trail in the Diamond Peak Wilderness and ran a big circle around the entire thing.


It was my first time circumnavigating a mountain, and I’ve gotta say, I’m a fan. It’s crazy to go from admiring it as a distant peak, to getting all up close and personal with the top of it, to ending the run with it back in the distance and being able to gaze up at it and think “gee, I just ran around that thing.”

The trail itself was stupid pretty.


It offered a little bit of everything: sweet singletrack through the woods


Peekaboo views of snow-capped peaks

IMG_20140706_074021 (1)

Sections above the tree line with ridiculous views of the Cascades


Mountain lakes


And also snow.


Lots and lots of snow.

We ran into our first bit of the white stuff after we climbed a couple of thousand feet up the mountain to an elevation around 7k’


After that we were in and out of snow for the next 6 or 7 miles.


But mostly in.

Between trying to ski our way through the drifts and constantly playing hide and seek with the buried trail, this section ended up taking us a long ass time.


And also trashed our legs.


By the time we were back on dirt, we’d been “running” on “trail” for 3.5 hours. Between the initial climb, all of the fun in snow, and the altitude, I was feeling way more fatigued than I normally would at mile 10 of a run. But it felt so good to be back on runnable stuff, you kind of forgot how tired your legs were.


Per usual, I got dropped by the majority of the boys during the second half of the run and had some solo time in the middle of the backcountry wilderness.


I spent the majority of it getting really excited for my 100 and reminding my legs that they could keep running uphill, even when they were a little tired (a la Greg).


The 23 miles took us around 6 hours and were definitely among the harder 23 miles I’ve ever run. The run wiped me out way more than I thought it would, but I still don’t regret doing it so close to my 50.


If I end up running 15 minutes, or an hour, or even two hours slower next weekend because I did a hard long run 7 days out, it was worth it.

11 Responses to Diamond Peak Runaround

  1. I cannot even imagine going so far and hiking so hard on a random day!!!!! I wish I could do that! I am so frustrated with my training and lack of progress. My last run (still just a little baby with the 5k’s over here, but I’m okay with that!) felt good, but I actually added FOUR MINUTES to my time. I feel like I’m not improving, and not building the requisite muscle and it’s frustrating at this point after working at it for so long. We raced in Bend on the 4th, and it was a good trail, but I just bombed it. :/ I’m going to do some more serious reading and see what I can come up with.

    BTW: I was in TJ Max this morning on Coburg, and saw a girl in running clothes wandering around and couldn’t figure out how I recognized her or from where… After I left I realized I think that was you! Celebrity siting! lmao

    • Personally, I think 5ks are WAY harder than the shit I run! Don’t get too frustrated over one silly race (especially if you got to enjoy Bend!), and be patient with your improvement. And yes, I was over on Coburg yesterday, buying really thrilling things like shower curtains. Next time say hi!

  2. This looks so crazy pretty! Also, I hope you enhanced the color on the one picture of you, otherwise it looks like you got one hell of a burn!

  3. Stunning views. BTW how do you capture the views? Phone camera or do you have a PNS? And have you ever used trekking poles for trail runs?

  4. Amazing! Do you have the route you used? Looks like a great run or back packing trip!

    • I can try and get it from one of the guys! I know we were on the PCT for a bit, but we definitely used local trails to connect to it.

  5. Sorry you are stuck dealing with such ugly terrain. ;P

    Sounds like and awesome time.

  6. Beautiful run! It’s really fun to follow your training to your first 100 miler. I am hoping to jump into ultras and complete my first 100 next year. Good luck next weekend with your race!

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