About Sweaty Emily

This page is currently under construction since the old “About Me” was a little out of date. I’m not actually still “training to race at my first Ironman in Lake Placid this July.” Been there, done that…in 2011. 

For now, here are the things that you should know about me:

Name: Sweaty Emily, will answer to “Sweaty” 

Stats: Female. Runner. Retired triathlete. 25-29 Age Group. Born and raced in Vermont. Just moved from DC to Eugene, Oregon to pursue better trails and better beer. Travels with a salt shaker. 

Likes: miles, sweat (duh), craft beer, #trailporn, dirty martinis, the west coast, Eminem, making friends on the internet, beach cruisers, and chocolate donut holes at the finish line. 

Dislikes: showers, reptiles, people biking on the sidewalk, cooking and 5ks.

Race history: 20+ marathons, a slew of 50ks, and two 50 milers, and too many shorter distance races to count. If it’s a weekend, there's a good chance I've got a bib pinned to my shirt.


Relevant skills: Spontaneous travel (usually involving a start line), enabling (usually involving a start line), falling on any and all types of terrain, and cheerleading for Olympians.

Stick around for my sweaty adventures and misadventures and feel free to contact me at sweatonceaday@gmail.com to chat!

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  2. I definitely sweat once a day! I’ve done 5 marathons (one in VT that was GREAT!!) and tons of other “smaller” races. I’ve starting broadening my horizons to TRIs and Duathlons since I have limited training time with 4 year-old twin boys!! I’m training to race in the National Duathlon Champ. in Tuscon this Oct. I haven’t raced too many of these so any advice you can bestow on me, I would be eternally grateful for!!
    Great site! Glad I found it!!

  3. i am nowhere near your level (haven’t even gotten to my first 10K yet, and about 5 minutes per mile behind you in pace) but this – “Currently resides in DC during the week and whatever town is hosting the best race on the weekend.” – kinda my goal life. i’ve got the first part (hello fellow DC-er) – now i just need the money and your holyshityoudidafullironman strength for the last part. MAD props, girl.

  4. I just found your blog and I’m loving it! Don’t be scared if I start stalking your blog. I’m in DC too so I’m loving the local inspiration.

  5. Hi Emily! I just found your blog and got so excited when I recognized all the places in your header image ha :)(and the beer..oooh ninkasi how i miss you…). I grew up in Portland, spent the last few years in Eugene and am currently going through some Oregon withdrawal down here in California so I am excited to start following!

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  7. Ahah I love the name of your blog!And your ‘About Me’ made me smile. Kudos from a fellow runner (:

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  9. where is that picture taken on the top left

  10. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I’m also a girl around your age who runs and works in the craft beer industry. Nice choice moving out to Oregon, I love it out there so much and the beer is top notch.

  11. Came across your blog, and I am happy to discover another person living in the beautiful state of Oregon.! and who loves to run :) Look forward to reading some more

  12. Hey! Stumbled across your blog while googling “ironman while taking antibiotics”. Looks like we did IM Lake Placid together in 2011! Cool. :-)

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